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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the kids definition of the word ensure?

Kids Definition of ensure : to make sure, certain, or safe : guarantee The crossing guard ensures our safety as we cross the street.

Is there a difference between insure and ensure?

The cynic would be mostly right, at least for much of the history of English, as for hundreds of years insure and ensure were simply spelling variants, and had no more difference between them than theatre and theater. It is not uncommmon to find them used in much the same manner, even within the same sentence.

What does assure mean in the English language?

"I can assure you that neither of our two goalkeepers will be leaving," O'Leary said. The government assured the public that there would be no increase in taxes. In British English, to ensure that something happens means to make certain that it happens. His reputation was enough to ensure that he was always welcome.

What is the meaning of the word ensuring?

1. ( may take a clause as object) to make certain or sure; guarantee: this victory will ensure his happiness. v.t. -sured, -sur•ing. 1. to secure or guarantee: This letter will ensure you a hearing. 2. to make sure or certain.

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