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1. Engulfed synonyms, Engulfed pronunciation, Engulfed translation, English dictionary definition of Engulfed

Engulfed, English

2. Envelope, bury, inundate, deluge, swamp; to swallow up in a gulf; submerge: The flood Engulfed all the low-lying houses.

Envelope, Engulfed

3. The valley was Engulfed in a thick fog


4. High waves from the hurricane Engulfed large areas of the coastal community Recent Examples on the Web The father of an intrepid youngster prepares her for the end of the world, when melting ice caps release fearsome beasts, called aurochs, and rising flood waters threaten to engulf

Engulfed, Examples, End, Engulf

5. Engulf definition, to swallow up in or as in a gulf; submerge: The overflowing river has Engulfed many small towns along its banks

Engulf, Engulfed

6. To surround and cover something or someone completely: The flames rapidly Engulfed the house


7. Northern areas of the country were Engulfed by/in a snowstorm last night


8. The three Taverneys were Engulfed in a dark courtyard where the door closed upon them


9. BALSAMO, THE MAGICIAN ALEXANDER DUMAS Scarcely had Frederick taken up his oars to row away from the ruins of the farmhouse, when the whole mass was Engulfed. THE SEVEN CARDINAL SINS: ENVY AND INDOLENCE EUGNE SUE

Engulfed, Envy, Eugne

10. / ɪnˈɡʌlf / to surround and cover something or someone completely: The flames rapidly Engulfed the house


11. Northern areas of the country were Engulfed by/in a snowstorm last night.


12. 10 synonyms of Engulfed from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 16 related words, definitions, and antonyms


13. Engulfed: to cover with a flood.


14. The word Engulfed is the past form of engulf in the first person singular.There are other translations for this conjugation.

Engulfed, Engulf

15. Engulfed 'Engulfed' is a 8 letter word starting with E and ending with D Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Engulfed We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Engulfed will help you to finish your crossword today

Engulfed, Ending

16. Engulfed is a beautiful and spacious Gulf front home that is the perfect spot for friends and family to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation

Engulfed, Enjoy

17. Death Metal domination straight from Kadıköy hell! Engulfed are eager and ready to pull your weakling soul into the sulphurous depths of fucking hell !!! Serkan - Vocal, bass Mustafa - Guitars Aberrant - Drums

Engulfed, Eager

18. Dictionary entry overview: What does Engulfed mean? • Engulfed (adjective) The adjective Engulfed has 1 sense:

Entry, Engulfed

19. Completely enclosed or swallowed up Familiarity information: Engulfed used as an adjective is very rare.

Enclosed, Engulfed

20. ‘The place was already Engulfed in flames when he and his roommate Jerome awoke.’ ‘Mr Swales said flames were coming out of the front door and the living room was Engulfed in fire.’ ‘All of a sudden the place was Engulfed in massive red and yellow flames.’ ‘This caused a catastrophic flood that Engulfed the whole island.’


21. Sounds like a stretch, but that is exactly what comprises Engulfed. The author, Kathleen Cosgrove, created a main character that goes to show that while getting older, we don't necessarily lose our sense of adventure and humor

Exactly, Engulfed

22. Examples from Classical Literature The Eddystone lurched over, fell from its soap-dish rock and was Engulfed in the quilty billows below

Examples, Eddystone, Engulfed

23. The convolutions of its spiral are filled with numerous starlike condensations, themselves Engulfed in nebulosity


24. The economic interests of the class may be Engulfed in the solidarity of the race.

Economic, Engulfed

25. Antonyms for Engulfed include unflooded, uninundated, drained, dried, neglected, uncovered and underwhelmed


26. Engulfed - Triumph Of The Impious Death Metal domination straight from Kadıköy, Istanbul! Engulfed's first EP "Through the Eternal Damnation" now available on cassette on Desiccated Productio Death …

Engulfed, Ep, Eternal

27. Definition of Engulfed in the dictionary


28. What does Engulfed mean? Information and translations of Engulfed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


29. Before they Engulfed her, she tucked her body into a ball and rolled


30. The hose was turned on and a high pressured jet of water Engulfed Jack


31. He watched in horror as the sludge slowly Engulfed the body of Mark Sox


32. Once your feet are Engulfed in the pops you stand fast at your position.


33. Vengeance of the Fallen by Engulfed, released 07 December 2020 1


34. Vengeance of the Fallen by Engulfed, released 07 December 2020 1


35. ME SACO UN OJO RECORDS and DARK DESCENT RECORDS are proud to present a new mini-album from Turkey's Engulfed, Vengeance of the Fallen, on 12" vinyl and CD formats, respectively.


36. Serenity Engulfed (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Book 5) - Kindle edition by Hart, Craig A.

Engulfed, Edition

37. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Serenity Engulfed (The Shelby Alexander Thriller Series Book 5).


38. If you haven't solved the crossword clue Engulfed yet try to search our Crossword Dictionary by entering the letters you already know! (Enter a dot for each missing letters, e.g

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39. “P.ZZ..” will find “PUZZLE”.) Also look at the related clues for crossword clues with similar answers to “Engulfed


40. Synonyms for Engulfed in Free Thesaurus


41. Roads have been flooded, homes Engulfed


42. An Engulfed creature can attack the monster engulfing it, but only with unarmed attacks or with weapons of light Bulk or less

Engulfed, Engulfing

43. If the monster takes piercing or slashing damage equaling or exceeding the listed Rupture value from a single attack or spell, the Engulfed creature cuts itself

Equaling, Exceeding, Engulfed

44. Engulfed! You slide down into the tube, but get going a little too fast, and end up plunging deep beneath the surface of the Slime into a moist, claustrophobic little pocket of air

Engulfed, End

45. Engulfed The Lamb’s Reward Come Away “’Engulfed’ is a must-have for your worship CD collection


46. Desperation Engulfed her after her daughter's death


47. The fire Engulfed more that 70 stalls set up at in E and F sections of the bazaar, offering used clothes on cheap rates


48. Fire at weekly bazaar engulfs around 70 stalls The flames quickly Engulfed the whole hut in which Gul's five-year-old child was burnt to death while his …

Engulfs, Engulfed

49. The violence that Engulfed Lebanon in May demonstrated yet again the serious threat that armed groups outside the control of the State pose to the stability of Lebanon


50. 1 day ago · Ancient undersea middens offer clues about life before rising seas Engulfed the coast


51. • Fear Engulfed him as he approached the microphone


52. • These Engulfed some older villages, such as Gosforth, which are now smaller shopping centres within the conurbation


53. • She would willingly have Engulfed the baby


54. The flames rapidly Engulfed the house


55. The office block's uppermost floors were Engulfed with flames


56. The overflowing river has Engulfed many towns and villages along its banks


57. 1 day ago · Australia Engulfed in Once-in-a-Century Floods a Year After Monster Bushfires


58. Engulfed Fort Morgan Gulf Front Vacation House Rental


59. Any directional spell cast while Engulfed will always hit the engulfing monster ("The <spell> rips into the <monster>!")

Engulfed, Engulfing

60. You may not engrave while Engulfed, although trying may elicit a humourous reply.

Engrave, Engulfed, Elicit

61. The building, which is used for sports events, weddings and christenings, was Engulfed in flames upon arrival and, despite brave efforts to quell the fire, the club was destroyed

Events, Engulfed, Efforts

62. Mr Tatum said: "Two sides were totally Engulfed in fire.


63. For pmc's dark depth contest gl to everyone owo Download skin now! The Minecraft Skin, Engulfed, was posted by wqtermxlon.

Everyone, Engulfed

64. KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- Firefighters managed to control a fully Engulfed house fire in Kansas City, Kansas on Monday morning


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ENGULFED [inˈɡəlf, enˈɡəlf]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does engulfed mean?

transitive verb 1 : to flow over and enclose : overwhelm the mounting seas threatened to engulf the island 2 : to take in (food) by or as if by flowing over and enclosing 1 : to flow over and cover or surround The town was engulfed by the flood. 2 : to be overwhelmed by He was engulfed by fear.

What does engulf means?

Definition of engulf. transitive verb. 1 : to flow over and enclose : overwhelm the mounting seas threatened to engulf the island. 2 : to take in (food) by or as if by flowing over and enclosing.

What is a sentence with engulfed?

Engulfed in a sentence (1) The waves engulfed the boat. (2) The flames rapidly engulfed the house. (3) The office block's uppermost floors were engulfed with flames.

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