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ENGENDER [ənˈjendər]

engender (verb) · engenders (third person present) · engendered (past tense) · engendered (past participle) · engendering (present participle)

  • cause or give rise to (a feeling, situation, or condition).
  • (of a father) beget (offspring).
Synonyms: cause . bring about . produce . create . generate . arouse . rouse . provoke . incite . kindle . trigger . touch off . stir up . whip up . induce . inspire . instigate . foment . effect . occasion . promote . foster . beget . enkindle . effectuate .

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1. "Engender" comes from the Latin verb generare, which means "to generate" or "to beget." "Generate," "regenerate," "degenerate," and "generation" are of course related to the Latin verb as well

2. As you might suspect, the list of "Engender"

3. Verb (used with object) to produce, cause, or give rise to: Hatred Engenders violence.

4. Find 43 ways to say Engender, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

5. 12 rows · Engender - The Age of Minecraft

6. Engender, Inc., is a non profit organization in New Mexico providing individual and group counseling in a clinical setting

7. In addition to co-founding and serving on the Executive Board of Engender, Anna was an Executive Board Member for Unite against Sexual Assault Yale (USAY), from January to September 2017

8. Darryn Pegram is the Chief Executive of Engender Technologies

9. Engender is Scotland’s feminist policy and advocacy organisation. Engender has a vision for a Scotland in which women and men have equal opportunities in life, equal access to resources and power, and are equally safe and secure from harm

10. / ɪnˈdʒen.dɚ / to make people have a particular feeling or make a situation start to exist: Her latest book has Engendered a lot of controversy

11. The vice-president's speech did not Engender confidence in his …

12. Engender synonyms, Engender pronunciation, Engender translation, English dictionary definition of Engender

13. To bring into existence; give rise to: "Every cloud Engenders not a storm"

14. Changed how the Stat Checker (renamed to Engender Reader) looks - Complete GUI remake to make it tidy - New texture for the Engender Reader

15. Changed various Engendered mob skills - Some very laggy skills were removed or changed - Attributes were balanced for most mobs Changed 90% of the textures for each item and block Balanced some recipes

16. 37 synonyms of Engender from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 47 related words, definitions, and antonyms

17. To bring into existence; give rise to: "Every cloud Engenders not a storm" (Shakespeare)

18. Engender is a fancy way of saying "to make happen," like when you Engender the spirit of teamwork and cooperation by encouraging others and doing your share of the group's work

19. The verb Engender has nothing to do with being male or female, though originally, it did mean "beget, procreate." Today, Engender means "to produce or bring about."

20. The Engender project will support CC, DRR and environmental management interventions in the 9 Caribbean countries by leveraging sector-level entry points (e.g

21. Engender definition, to produce, cause, or give rise to: Hatred Engenders violence

22. Engender is based off of Enderman_Of_D00m's mod from Age of Mythology

23. The special mobs that are on your side are called Engendered Mobs, while the naturally spawned special mobs are called Wild Engendered Mobs.

24. Examples of Engender in a sentence

25. The restaurant hoped the act of giving out free ice cream would Engender customer loyalty

26. 🔊 By revealing the president’s secrets, the reporter hoped to Engender feelings of distrust among the public

27. To Engender is defined as to cause something to happen or come into being

28. An example of Engender is when you make a controversial remark that angers people.

29. Engender (third-person singular simple present Engenders, present participle Engendering, simple past and past participle Engendered) (critical theory) To endow with gender; to create gender or enhance the importance of gender

30. That’s what we’re trying to do at EngenderHealth.

31. Engender something to make a feeling or situation exist The issue Engendered controversy

32. Problems Engendered by the restructuring of the company The place Engendered immediate feelings of …

33. Engender: To bring into existence; give rise to

34. All they Engender is more ill-will, not faith in the coming technology

35. The statement is representative of much of the official rhetoric employed by the regime to Engender support.: In the spirit of the Kaminski Test, I have been burrowing into those social networking sites that seem to Engender creativity.: Moreover, it will Engender even greater dissatisfaction among the population.: However, what is most important now is to Engender confidence.

36. Engender (v.) early 14c., "beget, procreate," from Old French engendrer (12c.) "give birth to, beget, bear; cause, bring about," from Latin ingenerare "to implant, Engender, produce," from in-"in" (from PIE root *en "in") + generare "bring forth, beget, produce," from genus "race, kind" (from PIE root *gene-"give birth, beget," with derivatives referring to procreation and familial and tribal

37. Engender definition: If someone or something Engenders a particular feeling, atmosphere , or situation, they Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

38. Engender - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

39. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Engender [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat.": figurative (generate, lead to): engendrar⇒ vtr verbo transitivo: Verbo que requiere de un objeto directo ("[b]di[/b] la verdad", "[b]encontré[/b] una moneda").

40. * 1992 , Anne Cranny-Francis, Engendered Fictions , p

41. 2: As such they are an important way of understanding both how texts are Engendered' (how they articulate particular sex or gender role) and how they ' Engender their consumers

42. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Engender en‧gen‧der / ɪnˈdʒendə $ -ər / verb [transitive] formal CAUSE to be the cause of a situation or feeling the changes in society Engendered by the war Engender something in somebody relationships that Engender trust in children → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Engender

43. It is an illness like any other and should Engender the same feelings of sympathy, understanding and support

44. Times, Sunday Times (2011) He had always defended his players in public, which has Engendered a sense of trust, commitment and mutual respect

45. How to say Engender in English? Pronunciation of Engender with 3 audio pronunciations, 30 synonyms, 2 meanings, 1 antonym, 12 translations, 15 sentences and more for Engender.

46. See 3 authoritative translations of Engender in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

47. Engender's goals include increased public awareness of sexism and its detrimental effects on society, equal representation of women in government, and training women activists at the local level

48. Engender was founded in the early 1990s as a research and campaigning organisation

49. Synonyms for Engendered in Free Thesaurus

50. 54 synonyms for Engender: produce, make, cause, create, lead to, occasion, excite, result in

51. See examples of Engender in English

52. Real sentences showing how to use Engender correctly.

53. ‘Urging prospective fathers to take care that their seed is of the right temperature to Engender children of a good physical and psychological temper, Charron offers them some practical advice.’ ‘When, in turn, we biologically Engender a child with a partner, the two parents are equally invested and morally responsible for …

54. Engender is a transitive verb, which is a verb that takes an object

55. Related words are Engenders, Engendered, Engendering

56. It helps Engender a sense of common humanity

57. To Engender is defined as to cause something to happen or come into being

58. An example of Engender is when you make a controversial remark

59. Engender, New Haven, Connecticut

60. Engender was founded in fall 2016 to advocate for equity and inclusion in all social spaces at Yale

61. Engender, New Haven, Connecticut

62. Engender was founded in fall 2016 to advocate for equity and inclusion in all social spaces at Yale

63. Attacks on a society‘s culture Engender far-reaching ramifications whose transformations, having taken on a (systematic) life of its own, are oftentimes difficult to perceive or reverse, for that matter, unlike the destruction of that society‘s formal (or physical) institutions that are much easier to perceive.

64. Consequently, there is a very great need to "Engender" the institutional frameworks within which the processes of globalization are being elaborated

65. Synonyms for Engenders in Free Thesaurus

66. 54 synonyms for Engender: produce, make, cause, create, lead to, occasion, excite, result in, breed

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