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1. To give a person or group of people the right to vote in elections: Women in Britain were first Enfranchised in 1918.

Elections, Enfranchised

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3. What does Enfranchised mean? Information and translations of Enfranchised in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


4. Enfranchise (third-person singular simple present enfranchises, present participle enfranchising, simple past and past participle Enfranchised) To grant the franchise to an entity, specifically: To grant the privilege of voting to a person or group of people

Enfranchise, Enfranchises, Enfranchising, Enfranchised, Entity

5. Translation for 'Enfranchised' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations.

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7. Synonyms for Enfranchised include liberated, freed, emancipated, released, unchained, unshackled, unyoked, discharged, disenthralled and manumitted

Enfranchised, Emancipated

8. What does Enfranchised mean? Simple past tense and past participle of enfranchise

Enfranchised, Enfranchise

9. For myself, there was one reward I promised myself from my detested toils—one consolation for my unparalleled sufferings; it was the prospect of that day when, Enfranchised from my miserable slavery, I might claim Elizabeth and forget the past in my union with her

Enfranchised, Elizabeth

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12. "American Women Enfranchised." Jus Suffragii: The International Woman Suffrage News 14, 11 (September 1920).


13. To give a group of people the right to vote OPP disenfranchise —enfranchisement /-tʃɪz- $ -tʃaɪz-/ noun [ uncountable] the enfranchisement of EU citizens —Enfranchised adjective newly Enfranchised shareholders → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus enfranchise • This legislation Enfranchised many thousands of people.

Enfranchisement, Eu, Enfranchised, Examples, Enfranchise

14. As an encouragement to abandon Indian status, an Enfranchised Indian would receive individual possession of up to 50 acres of land within the reserve and his per capita share in the principal of the treaty annuities and other band moneys

Encouragement, Enfranchised

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16. The young newly Enfranchised have seen their long-term fates decided by a generation of mainly English retainers, whose definition of foreigners (ie migrants) began at the Welsh and Scottish borders

Enfranchised, English

17. The slaves, who were liberated by a generous master, immediately entered into the middle class of libertines or freedmen; but they could never be Enfranchised from the duties of obedience and gratitude; whatever were the fruits of their industry, their patron and his family inherited the third part; or even the whole of their fortune, if they died without children and without a testament.

Entered, Enfranchised, Even

18. Enfranchise: 1 v grant freedom to; as from slavery or servitude “Slaves were Enfranchised in the mid-19th century” Synonyms: affranchise Type of: liberate , set free grant freedom to v grant voting rights Antonyms: disenfranchise , disfranchise deprive of voting rights Type of: …

Enfranchise, Enfranchised

19. After a dozen years of this the Enfranchised woman understands that eternal vigilance is the price of a republican form of government, and that most people grow weary in well-doing about the

Enfranchised, Eternal

20. To be an Asian woman in America means you can't just be what you are: a fully Enfranchised human being


21. Enfranchised: 1 adj endowed with the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote Antonyms: disEnfranchised , disfranchised , voiceless , voteless deprived of the …

Enfranchised, Endowed, Especially

22. Women in Britain were first Enfranchised in 1918


23. In Britain women were Enfranchised in 1918


24. She acted as if she were an Enfranchised male


25. South Africa's new constitution Enfranchised 28 million blacks


26. Enfranchises; Enfranchised; enfranchising

Enfranchises, Enfranchised, Enfranchising

27. Newly Enfranchised voters [+] more examples [-] hide examples [+] Example sentences [-] Hide examples — opposite disenfranchise — enfranchisement /ɪn ˈ

Enfranchised, Examples, Example, Enfranchisement

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29. 4 antonyms for Enfranchised: disEnfranchised, disfranchised, voteless, voiceless


30. In a ballot initiative, 1.4 million were Enfranchised, but the state found a way to thwart the will of the people.


31. Enfranchised: exempte: Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

Enfranchised, Exempte

32. Antonyms for Enfranchised include bound, bounden, confined, enchained, enslaved, fettered, restrained, held, holden and incarcerated

Enfranchised, Enchained, Enslaved

33. Only Enfranchised Indian veterans not living on reserves were entitled to the same benefits as non-Indian veterans."40 Finally, in 1936, some months after the Legion's protest, the Legion recommendations resulted in a revision of policy

Enfranchised, Entitled

34. In Saudi Arabia, women were Enfranchised in local elections in 2015; the country does not hold national elections

Enfranchised, Elections

35. Learn how to say Enfranchised with EmmaSaying free pronunciation tutorials.Definition and meaning can be found here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does enfranchised mean?

verb (used with object), en·fran·chised, en·fran·chis·ing. to grant a franchise to; admit to citizenship, especially to the right of voting. to grant the power of voting to, esp as a right of citizenship

What is the legal definition of enfranchise?

Legal Definition of enfranchise : to grant franchise to especially : to admit to the privileges of a citizen and especially to voting rights the Twenty-sixth Amendment enfranchised all citizens over 18 years of age — compare emancipate

What does the name enfranchise mean?

Enfranchise definition is - to set free (as from slavery). How to use enfranchise in a sentence.

What is the meaning of enfranchising?

Legal Definition of enfranchise. : to grant franchise to especially : to admit to the privileges of a citizen and especially to voting rights the Twenty-sixth Amendment enfranchised all citizens over 18 years of age — compare emancipate.

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