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1. Willful Endurers live in the “here and now” and believe there are m ore important things to focus on than improving their health for the future.


2. The personality attributes of Willful Endurers are not necessarily unhealthy, but they do what they like, when they like, and are less likely to change their habits.


3. Rewards for The Endurers! Posted on May 17, 2021 by Esther Hadassah May 17, 2021

Endurers, Esther

4. The Lord his love Endurers forever


5. They have laid hold of a faith that has made them “Endurers,” soldiers who do not draw back but walk in the full assurance of faith! “Therefore do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward


6. Endurers is a running & cycling group which encourages members of the church to be good stewards of the body which God has given us

Endurers, Encourages

7. What does Endurers mean? Plural form of endurer

Endurers, Endurer

8. The Endurers - Immortal warriors chosen to fight the evil that stalks humanity

Endurers, Evil

9. We’re Endurers We’re aware that there are no quick fixes and changes won’t happen overnight


10. Practical Forestry for Beginners in Forestry, Agricultural Students by John Clayton Gifford (1902) "Trees, in this respect, may be divided into three classes— light demanders, shade Endurers, and shade demand- ers

Endurers, Ers

11. Endurers are survivors who share many ofthe experiences victims, occupying a space in‐between the two and not easily understood as either

Endurers, Experiences, Easily, Either

12. Endurers experience redundancy of role yet retention of employment

Endurers, Experience, Employment

13. Identifying Endurers challenges the view that stayers, or survivors, are a homogenous group with undifferentiated needs


14. Future research into the impact of redeployment on Endurers would complement this policy agenda, developing a more intricate view of the challenges facing HR practitioners in the anticipation and management of restructuring.


15. Endurers are similar to Adventurers/Pioneer and include those swimmers who swim the longest and farthest in terms of absolute distance and/or time


16. Few embody the spirit of Endurers like the members of the 24-hour Club including Sarah Thomas for her four-way English Channel crossing and long lake crossings, and Martin Strel for his river stage

Embody, Endurers, English

17. Word Count: 69,477 The Endurers - Alpha, immortal men that have given their very lives to stand in between Hell and humanity


18. Plants are grouped as invaders, evaders, avoiders, resisters, and Endurers in order to examine presumed adaptive traits such as seeding from a distance, seed storage in 'banks', sprouting from protected tissues, and resistance to burning

Evaders, Endurers, Examine

19. Willful Endurers Read the PatientBond Blog for insights on how psychographics and technology can help reduce hospital readmissions, foster patient engagement and more

Endurers, Engagement

20. The company has grouped patients into five groups: direction takers, balance seekers, priority jugglers, self achievers, and willful Endurers


21. C2B Solutions, a healthcare researcher, segments its clients by the following; Self Achievers, Balance Seekers, Priority Jugglers, Direction Takers and Willful Endurers


22. They are well suited as invaders, Endurers, or resisters depending upon local environmental conditions

Endurers, Environmental

23. The Endurers were a stubborn bunch, resistant to love


24. The company has grouped patients into five groups: direction takers, balance seekers, priority jugglers, self achievers, and willful Endurers


25. Nouns for endure include endurability, endurableness, endurance, endurances, endurement, endurer, Endurers, enduring, enduringness and endurings

Endure, Endurability, Endurableness, Endurance, Endurances, Endurement, Endurer, Endurers, Enduring, Enduringness, Endurings

26. Solicitors & Endurers, Faridabad


27. Hie, Solicitors & Endurers is the Start-up legal firm that provides one stop solutions to all legal-Secretarial


28. The Endurers: a growing tribe Pakuo Vemai * 'The Endurers' is a running group in Delhi : The Endurers posing with their medals at the Dwarka Half marathon on 1st of September 2019 “The Endurers” is a running group in Delhi with members coming from all across the country from different walks of life such as professors, doctors, nurses, civil


29. This study sought to examine whether or not the avoidance-endurance model subgroups, FAR, distress-Endurers (DER), eustress-Endurers

Examine, Endurance, Endurers, Eustress

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ENDURERS [endurers]

  1. noun form of endure
[inˈd(y)o͝or, enˈd(y)o͝or]