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ENCUMBRANCE [inˈkəmb(ə)rəns, enˈkəmb(ə)rəns]

encumbrance (noun) · encumbrances (plural noun)

  • a burden or impediment.
  • a mortgage or other charge on property or assets.
Synonyms: hindrance . obstruction . obstacle . impediment . restraint . constraint . handicap . inconvenience . nuisance . disadvantage . drawback . cumber . responsibility . obligation . liability . imposition . burden . weight . load . tax . stress . strain . pressure . trouble . worry . millstone . albatross . trammel . help . asset .

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1. Encumbrance definition is - something that encumbers : impediment, burden

2. How to use Encumbrance in a sentence.

3. An Encumbrance is a claim against a property by a party that is not the owner. An Encumbrance can impact the transferability of the property and restrict its …

4. Encumbrance definition, something that encumbers; something burdensome, useless, or superfluous; burden; hindrance: Poverty was a lifelong Encumbrance

5. An Encumbrance (also spelled incumbrance) is any right or interest that exists in someone other than the owner of an estate and that restricts or impairs the transfer of the estate or lowers its value. This might include an Easement, a lien, a mortgage, a mechanic's lien, or accrued and unpaid taxes

6. Encumbrance 1. A liability on real property. For example, a mortgage encumbers title to real estate because the lender has an interest in the property.

7. An Encumbrance is a burden or obstacle placed upon an item of real or personal property that can work to reduce its value. For example, an Encumbrance can be a lien or a mortgage

8. The term “Encumbrance” can also be used to refer to another person’s right to a property.

9. Encumbrances include liens, deed restrictions, easements, encroachments, and licenses. An Encumbrance can restrict the owner's ability to transfer title to the property or lessen its value

10. Technically, an Encumbrance is some type of condition or restriction put on money. But in government spending, it's often used to refer to money that …

11. Liens Are the Best-known Encumbrance

12. An Encumbrance is a type of transaction created on the General Ledger when a Purchase Order (PO), Travel Authorization (TA), or Pre-Encumbrance (PE) document is finalized. The Encumbrance transaction shows an outstanding commitment by an organization.

13. An Encumbrance is any legal thing that burdens or restricts usage or transfer of a property. A property free-and-clear of any Encumbrances is rare

14. An Encumbrance can be a mortgage, a lien (voluntary or involuntary), an easement, or a restriction limiting the transfer of a title

15. An Encumbrance can involve money, but not always.

16. An Encumbrance is a right to, interest in, or legal liability on property that does not prohibit passing title to the property but that may diminish its value

17. Encumbrances can be classified in several ways

18. 26 synonyms of Encumbrance from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related words, definitions, and antonyms

19. Find another word for Encumbrance

20. Encumbrance: something that …

21. An Encumbrance is a limit on how an owner can use real estate

22. Believe it or not, nearly every property in the United States has at least one Encumbrance, sometimes referred to …

23. An Encumbrance is a legal restriction on an asset, such as a piece of property in real estate, that may affect the transfer of the asset or restrict usage.

24. An Encumbrance is a claim against a property by a party that is not the owner

25. An Encumbrance can affect the transferability of the property and …

26. Encumbrance means any claim, lien, pledge, option, charge, easement, security interest, deed of trust, mortgage, right-of-way, encroachment, building or use restriction, conditional sales agreement, Encumbrance or other right of third parties, whether voluntarily incurred or arising by operation of law, and includes, without limitation, any agreement to give any of the foregoing in the future

27. An Encumbrance refers to restricted funds inside an account that are reserved for a specific debt or liability in the future

28. What is an Encumbrance? An Encumbrance is a restriction on the use of funds

29. Governments use Encumbrances to avoid overspending on their …

30. Encumbrance - an onerous or difficult concern; "the burden of responsibility"; "that's a load off my mind" burden , onus , incumbrance , load headache , worry , vexation , concern - something or someone that causes anxiety; a source of unhappiness; "New York traffic is a constant concern"; "it's a major worry"

31. Encumbrance: A burden, obstruction, or impediment on property that lessens its value or makes it less marketable

32. An Encumbrance (also spelled incumbrance) is any right or interest that exists in someone other than the owner of an estate and that restricts or impairs the transfer of the estate or lowers its value

33. The cargo of the sloop hoisted on to the deck by the capstan, compact as he had made it, was an Encumbrance

34. TOILERS OF THE SEA VICTOR HUGO So desperate had been the charge that our little craft was now actually a serious Encumbrance to the monster

35. Encumbrance is the legal control over the property of the legal owner and can be claimed if legal owner mortgaged the property, haven’t paid the statutory governmental dues against the property, haven’t repaid the loan against the property, haven’t paid an amount of purchase consideration to the previous owner of the property, breached the terms of contract related

36. An Encumbrance refers to anything that affects, limits, interrupts, or obstructs an insurance policy and its provisions

37. For instance, Encumbrances could include previous or outstanding claims for which the insurance company has already set aside funds.

38. An Encumbrance is a restriction on how an organization spends money

39. Governments use Encumbrances to avoid overspending

40. Encumbrance accounting reserves money committed to pay contracts or purchase orders, reducing the amount in appropriations

41. LEGALESE: "beneficiary" of an Encumbrance - English Only forum that is really rather extraordinary, because there’s no denying it’s an Encumbrance - English Only forum The umbrella will be an Encumbrance - English Only forum under Encumbrance - English Only forum

42. Pre-Encumbrance requests ask management to set up an Encumbrance

43. If for example, the IT department seeks to purchase $30,000 in new computer equipment, someone in the department will make a pre-Encumbrance request to approve the purchase

44. If management approves, the IT department writes the purchase order, which creates the Encumbrance.

45. Encumbrance (countable and uncountable, plural Encumbrances) Something that encumbers ; a burden that must be carried

46. Online Encumbrance is available for transaction post 01-01-1983 only

47. Hence if citizens require Encumbrance certificate prior to 01-01-1983, they should approach SRO office concern

48. Search for Encumbrance can be made on: Document Number and Year of Document (OR) Period of search is controlled as per the availability of data

49. Lien or Encumbrance and “Liens and Encumbrances” means any assignment as security, conditional sale for security purposes, grant in trust, lien, mortgage, pledge, security interest, title retention arrangement, other Encumbrance, or other interest or right securing the payment of money or the performance of any other liability or obligation, whether voluntarily or involuntarily created and

50. The last thing I wanted was the Encumbrance and stress of a long distance relationship as I wandered foreign lands

51. At the top of the list is the simple proposition that by adding a reference to the first mortgage as a prior Encumbrance the lease was encumbered.

52. An Encumbrance is a reservation of budget funds that are set aside to make sure that actual expenditures do not exceed the available budget

53. If the Encumbrance process is enabled, you can create purchase order Encumbrances that are recorded in the general ledger when a …

54. Encumbrance Accounting! Goods Received / Payment Approved! Journal Entries: Res

55. 7 … Encumbrance Accounting! Payroll Accounting! Encumbrances closed! Reserved Encumbrances

56. Encumbrance, a factor of the strength raw stat (NOT THE BONUS) and body weight, represents how weighed down a character is

57. At year-end, the Encumbrance account is closed out against fund balance

58. Dictionary of Banking Terms for: Encumbrance

59. An Encumbrance does not hinder transfer of ownership, though it may

60. A burden or serious concern is an Encumbrance

61. Your being five feet tall could be an Encumbrance when it comes to your dream of playing professional basketball.

62. The Encumbrance dictates that the owner of the property may not obstruct the right-of-way to the beach

63. An Encumbrance Certificate or (EC) is a certificate of assurance that the concerned property is free from any legal or financial liability such as a mortgage or pending loan

64. (a) Need for an Encumbrance Certificate 1

65. What are Encumbrances in real estate? What is the definition of an Encumbrance? Real estate Encumbrances are limitations and restrictions on a property

66. Encumbrance definition: An Encumbrance is something or someone that encumbers you

67. Encumbrance: One that encumbers; a burden or impediment

68. But at this stage Hitler wished to avoid the "Encumbrance" of the capital cities, with their huge and hungry populations, and believed that by dividing his strength between the north, where Leningrad was to beBarbarossa

69. Corcoran Dunn's congratulations on riddance from the "Encumbrance" shamed her and stilled the reproaches of her

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