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ENCUMBER [inˈkəmbər, enˈkəmbər]

encumber (verb) · encumbers (third person present) · encumbered (past tense) · encumbered (past participle) · encumbering (present participle)

  • restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.
  • saddle (a person or estate) with a debt or mortgage.
Synonyms: hamper . hinder . obstruct . impede . check . cramp . inhibit . restrict . limit . constrain . restrain . retard . slow . slow down . stall . delay . inconvenience . disadvantage . handicap . aid . facilitate .

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1. Encumber Has French Roots In Old French, the noun "combre" meant a defensive obstacle formed by felled trees with sharpened branches facing the enemy

2. Encumber synonyms, Encumber pronunciation, Encumber translation, English dictionary definition of Encumber

3. To cause to have difficulty in moving or in accomplishing something; burden: a hiker Encumbered with a

4. Encumber definition, to impede or hinder; hamper; retard: Red tape Encumbers all our attempts at action

5. / ɪnˈkʌm.bɚ / to weigh someone or something down, or to make it difficult for someone to do something: Today, thankfully, women tennis players are not Encumbered with/by long, heavy skirts and high …

6. Synonyms & Antonyms of Encumber 1 to create difficulty for the work or activity of the claim that all of these regulations Encumber doctors, taking time away from the actual practice of medicine

7. Encumber To burden property by way of a charge that must be removed before ownership is free and clear

8. Are present that would Encumber the subject property

9. 20D.140.10 Critical Areas criteria are present on or adjacent to the three subject parcels that might Encumber development opportunities of the subject parcels

10. What Does Encumbered Mean in Accounting?

11. (ii) sell, dispose of or Encumber any portion of the Property; 3.1.9 Maintenance of the Property

12. The Crossword Solver found 76 answers to the Encumber crossword clue

13. Encumber definition, to impede or hinder; hamper; retard: Red tape Encumbers all our attempts at action

14. Vb a less common spelling of Encumber inˈcumberingly adv inˈcumbrance n Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 ©

15. Encumber means to burden with debts or legal claims

16. For example, an interest in real property may be Encumbered by mortgages

17. When property is jointly owned, signatures of all owners is usually required to Encumber the property

18. In a broad sense, Encumber means to burben or impede.

19. Encumber To place a burden or a charge upon property.Commonly used to mean placing a mortgage, but may include other liens, easements, covenants, and restrictions

20. Definition of Encumber to restrict or burden in such a way that action is limited Examples of Encumber in a sentence The chaperon’s rules did not Encumber the female members of the swim team from sneaking out of their hotel at night

21. Find 56 ways to say Encumber, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

22. Encumbered Describing securities or assets that are subject to one or more liens

23. That is, Encumbered securities belong to one person or entity but are subject to a claim by another. Encumbered securities or assets may not be sold until the lien or debt on them is satisfied.

24. Bonds or other securities, and to sell, convey or Encumber any real or personal property

25. Nouns for Encumber include Encumberedness, Encumberer, Encumberers, Encumberment, Encumberments, encumbrance and encumbrances

26. Enkumbər, inkumbər To Encumber is defined as to restrain, weigh down, hinder or obstruct

27. When a heavy load makes it hard for a wagon to move, this is an example of Encumber.

28. ‘Why Encumber us with an expensive waste contract which will not allow us the benefit of embracing new and inventive ways of looking at and dealing with waste for twenty years to come.’ ‘This regimen nut only Encumbers the clinician, but it can also further distress the patient, especially at …

29. Encumber means, directly or indirectly, to pledge, Encumber, hypothecate or otherwise restrict (including any restriction with respect to voting), either voluntarily or involuntarily, or to enter into any Contract with respect to the pledge, encumbrance, hypothecation or other restriction of, any Equity Securities beneficially owned by a Person

30. To make it difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen be Encumbered by somebody/something The police operation was Encumbered by crowds of reporters

31. Be Encumbered with something The business is Encumbered with debt

32. Your organization can Encumber funds in multiple ways and for multiple reasons, such as: Creating a purchase order to buy goods or service; Signing a contract that commits to purchase something

33. Directly above the bar, it was huge, no walls to Encumber the wide expanse of the room.: The huge weight that should Encumber the use of police violence, especially lethal violence, against members of the public has been lessened.: It becomes clear why it was necessary not to Encumber the reader with foreshadowing the ending too soon.: Delaying litigation can Encumber our project should we

34. Definition of Encumber in the dictionary

35. What does Encumber mean? Information and translations of Encumber in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

36. Encumber: 1 v hold back Synonyms: constrain , cumber , restrain Types: show 4 types hide 4 types bridle put a bridle on curb keep to the curb clog impede the motion of, as with a chain or a burden snaffle fit or restrain with a snaffle Type of: bound , confine , limit , restrain , restrict , throttle , trammel place limits on (extent or

37. See 5 authoritative translations of Encumber in Spanish with example sentences, conjugations and audio pronunciations.

38. Verb If you are Encumbered by something, it prevents you from moving freely or doing what you want

39. Lead weights and air cylinders Encumbered the divers as they walked to the shore.

40. According to an RBNZ bulletin, New Zealand banks are allowed to Encumber up to 10% of their assets as collateral for covered bonds as compared to Australian banks, which are allowed only up to 8%

41. I don't want to Encumber myself with unnecessary luggage

42. Red tape Encumbered all our attempts at action

43. He died in 1874, heavily Encumbered by debt

44. Lead weights and air cylinders Encumbered the divers as they wa

45. Encumber From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Encumber en‧cum‧ber / ɪnˈkʌmbə $ -ər / verb [ transitive ] formal SLOW to make it difficult for you to do something or for something to happen SYN burden He died in 1874, heavily Encumbered by debt

46. Be Encumbered with something The whole process was Encumbered with bureaucracy.

47. Definition of Encumber with in the Idioms Dictionary

48. What does Encumber with expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

49. Encumber (third-person singular simple present Encumbers, present participle Encumbering, simple past and past participle Encumbered) to load down something with a burden to restrict or block something with a hindrance or impediment

50. Specifically, the Tax Court concluded that a partnership exists when (1) the co-owners or their agent performs services that are more than customary (such as arranging financing, collecting rents, preparing statements and purchasing and leasing equipment), (2) the co-owners' ability to sell, lease or Encumber either their undivided fractional

51. We found 8 answers for “Encumber

52. This page shows answers to the clue Encumber, followed by 7 definitions like “Cumber hold back”, “To impede or hinder” and “To burden with legal claims”.Synonyms for Encumber are for example cover, fill and litter.More synonyms can …

53. The word Encumbered is the past form of Encumber in the first person singular

54. See the full Encumber conjugation

55. Learn the definition of 'Encumber a position'

56. Browse the use examples 'Encumber a position' in the great English corpus.

57. As verbs the difference between Encumber and incumber is that Encumber is to load down something with a burden while incumber is .

58. Another word for Encumber: burden, load, embarrass, saddle, oppress Collins English Thesaurus

59. Now, I could file a suit and Encumber this property indefinitely.: Ahora, podría demandarlos y gravar la propiedad eternamente.: Designated administrators may not sell or Encumber immovable property for which they are responsible.: Los administradores designados no podrán enajenar o gravar los inmuebles a su cargo.: Nothing supernatural or dark should Encumber such observations.

60. Definition of Encumber written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels.

61. Encumber Meaning: "burden, vex, inconvenience," from Old French encombrer "to block up, hinder, thwart," from Late Latin… See definitions of Encumber.

62. Crumbles and breaks, th 'Encumber'd lines must flow

63. Steering clear of any trap to pin oneself down into boxes of identity which so often Encumber films about marginalized communities Rees gracefully negotiates the line between heartbreak and hope to foreground the freedom found when we

64. UnEncumbered refers to an asset or property that is free and clear of any encumbrances, such as creditor claims or liens

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What is the meaning of encumbering?

Meaning of encumbering in English. encumber. › to weigh someone or something down, or to make it difficult for someone to do something: Today, thankfully, women tennis players are not encumbered with/by long, heavy skirts and high-necked blouses.

What is the noun for encumber?

encumber Has French Roots. In Old French, the noun "combre" meant a defensive obstacle formed by felled trees with sharpened branches facing the enemy. Later, in Middle French, "combre" referred to a barrier, similar to a dam or weir, constructed in the bed of a river to hold back fish or protect the banks.

What is the adjective for encumber?

en·cum·ber·ing·ly, adverb un·en·cum·bered, adjective Words nearby encumber encrustation , encrypt , encryption , enculturate , enculturation , encumber , encumbrance , encumbrancer , -ency , encyclical , encyclopedia

What is encumbered property?

Encumbered Property means the real property (including all improvements, buildings, fixtures, building equipment and personal property thereon and all additions, alterations and replacements made at any time with respect to the foregoing) and all other collateral securing repayment of the debt comprised in a Mortgage Loan, or, in the case of any ...

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