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1. Encourager synonyms, Encourager pronunciation, Encourager translation, English dictionary definition of Encourager

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2. Find 63 ways to say Encourager, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

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3. 33 synonyms and near synonyms of Encourager from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 9 antonyms and near antonyms


4. Find another word for Encourager.


5. Definition of Encourager in the dictionary


6. What does Encourager mean? Information and translations of Encourager in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


7. At Encourager, we believe that you were created to make an impact and here you will become equipped to bring

Encourager, Equipped

8. Encourager runs consistent campaigns and events aimed at encouraging, attracting and providing mentorship space as well as several social cohesion programmes

Encourager, Events, Encouraging

9. Donner du courage à quelqu'un, le réconforter ou l'inciter à persévérer, à faire mieux ; stimuler : Encourager quelqu'un d'un geste


10. Encourager Sentence Examples They came originally from Britain, and Ursula was the conductor and Encourager of the holy troop." The famous "pour Encourager les autres" (that the shooting of Byng …

Encourager, Examples

11. Encourager is a common french verb. Encourager is conjugated the same way that verbs that end in : -ger Encourager is conjugated with auxiliary avoir. Encourager verb is direct transitive.

Encourager, End

12. Quatrièmement, Encourager une relation équilibrée de coopération avec les États-Unis


13. Les Libanais ordinaires doivent désormais continuer à Encourager cette coexistence


14. People with the Is (Encourager) personality type tend to be warm, cheerful and light-hearted


15. Since they tend to be positive and joyful, Encouragers are likely to find a great deal to appreciate in others.


16. La conjugaison du verbe Encourager sa définition et ses synonymes

Encourager, Et

17. Conjuguer le verbe Encourager à indicatif, subjonctif, impératif, infinitif, conditionnel, participe, gérondif.


18. What Exactly is an Encourager? Paul shows by his example the character of a strong Encourager

Exactly, Encourager, Example

19. An Encourager is one who can: inspire others with their bravery create confidence in the cause trust the skills of others to help in the completion of the task promotes others an advocate for others These five characteristics describe the Apostle Paul.


20. Being An Encourager Encouragement is not a luxury; it’s a necessity

Encourager, Encouragement

21. It’s not hard to be an Encourager, and in this message, Dr


22. ‘Mum was that kind of woman - a big supporter and great Encourager of her three sons.’ ‘I will do what's best for the side and I'm a great Encourager of individual talent, believe it or not.’ ‘They operated as Encouragers, inspirers, and investors in the future.’ ‘He has been mentor and coach, Encourager and honest evaluator.’

Encourager, Encouragers, Evaluator

23. At The Encourager Agency, our priority is helping our customers find the best coverage in order to protect what matters most in life


24. Synonyms for Encourager include abettor, instigator, fomenter, inciter, prompter, patron, backer, sponsor, benefactor and friend


25. Encourager (plural Encouragers) One who provides encouragement.

Encourager, Encouragers, Encouragement

26. Encourager v inciter, stimuler, conforter, aiguillonner, exciter, favoriser, galvaniser, approuver, dissuader, blâmer, exhorter, donner courage, donner du coeur au ventre, donner du courage, pousser au cul, remonter le moral [antonyme] décourager, freiner, détourner, brider, contrarier

Encourager, Exciter, Exhorter

27. Encourager⇒ vtr verbe transitif: verbe qui s'utilise avec un complément d'objet direct (COD)


28. An Encourager knows that we are all wise and that sometimes we make choices that might not seem so wise


29. An extreme Encourager calls out our deepest desires and then helps us see the thoughts and fears that hold us back

Extreme, Encourager

30. • An extreme Encourager accepts miracles, grace and mystery as the deeper truth

Extreme, Encourager

31. Extreme Encouragers are often mystics of

Extreme, Encouragers

32. Encourager It is conjugated like: manger


33. Infinitif : participe présent : participe passé : forme pronominale : Encourager encourageant encouragé

Encourager, Encourageant, Encourag

34. Quatrièmement, Encourager une relation équilibrée de coopération avec les États-Unis


35. Les Libanais ordinaires doivent désormais continuer à Encourager cette coexistence.


36. What is the ENFP personality type (The Encourager)? People with an ENFP personality type tend to be energetic, adaptable, and inventive in their behavior

Enfp, Encourager, Energetic

37. Barnabas was also a great Encourager


38. This is part of the character of the Encourager.


39. We encourage the use of bicycles in the town centre.· To foster, give help or patronage The royal family has always encouraged the arts in word and deed·inflection of Encourager: first/third-person singular present

Encourage, Encouraged, Encourager

40. Encourager Defined in the context of fat fetishism, a person whose sexuoeroticism hinges on encouraging a partner to deliberately gain weight.

Encourager, Encouraging

41. La réduction des droits de péage pourrait Encourager le commerce et le tourisme

Encourager, Et

42. Encourager truly is a city-wide, multi-cultural church


43. English Translation of Encourager” The official Collins French-English Dictionary online

English, Encourager

44. No direct translation As an Encourager of the arts, the king provided salaries to many local artists.Como un patrón del arte, el rey garantizaba los sueldos de muchos artistas locales.

Encourager, El

45. The monthly Encourager features news from across the Mid-South District on specific topics.If your congregation, school or ministry group has an update that fits with one of the monthly emphasis topics, be sure to share it with us by emailing articles and photos to Rhonda.The submission deadline is …

Encourager, Emphasis, Emailing

46. My definition of an Encourager is: A person who make you feel better about yourself or better about the situation you are in after you talked with them! Hebrews 10:25-not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching

Encourager, Exhorting

47. The phrase pour Encourager les autres is used, of a punishment or sacrifice, to mean as an example to the others, to deter or encourage the others.

Encourager, Example, Encourage

48. This French phrase is composed of pour, in order to, Encourager, encourage, and les autres, the others.

Encourager, Encourage

49. Barnabas - is an Encourager and we should learn from him ENCOURAGEMENT TO BE AN Encourager ACTS 11.19-26 The Duke of Wellington, a famous military leader who defeated Napoleon was asked at the end of his life if he had any regrets

Encourager, Encouragement, End

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ENCOURAGER [inˈkərijər]


Synonyms: encourage .

encourage (verb) · encourages (third person present) · encouraged (past tense) · encouraged (past participle) · encouraging (present participle)

  • give support, confidence, or hope to (someone).
  • give support and advice to (someone) so that they will do or continue to do something.
Synonyms: hearten . cheer . uplift . inspire . motivate . stir . stir up . whip up . stimulate . animate . invigorate . vitalize . revitalize . embolden . fortify . rally . incite . inspirit . fillip . incentivize . promising . hopeful . auspicious . propitious . favorable . bright . rosy . cheerful . heartening . reassuring . stimulating . inspiring . uplifting . cheering . comforting . welcome . pleasing . gratifying . supportive . affirmative . sympathetic . sensitive . understanding . helpful . positive . responsive . enthusiastic . appreciative . discourage . discouraging . unsupportive . persuade . coax . urge . press . push . pressure . pressurize . exhort . spur . prod . goad . prompt . influence . sway . dissuade .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does encourager mean?

ENCOUR'AGER, n. One who encourages,incites or stimulates to action; one who supplies incitements, either by counsel, reward or means of execution. The pope is a master of polite learning and a great encourager of arts.

What is the definition of encouraged?

Definition of encourage. transitive verb. 1a : to inspire with courage, spirit, or hope : hearten she was encouraged to continue by her early success. b : to attempt to persuade : urge they encouraged him to go back to school.

What is encouragement Def?

Definition of encouragement 1 : the act of encouraging : the state of being encouraged 2 : something that encourages 1 : something that gives hope, determination, or confidence Winning was just the encouragement she needed. 2 : the act of giving hope or confidence to His teacher's encouragement helped his grades.

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