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ENCLOSURE [inˈklōZHər, enˈklōZHər]

enclosure (noun) · enclosures (plural noun) · inclosure (noun) · inclosures (plural noun)

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1. Enclosure definition is - the act or action of enclosing : the quality or state of being enclosed

2. How to use Enclosure in a sentence.

3. Enclosure, also spelled Inclosure, the division or consolidation of communal fields, meadows, pastures, and other arable lands in western Europe into the carefully delineated and individually owned and managed farm plots of modern times.

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20. An Enclosure is something that closes you in, like a pen or a cage

21. When a cobra disappeared from an Enclosure at the Bronx Zoo, the entire Reptile House had to be shut down until the snake was found

22. An Enclosure can also be something that's included in an envelope with a cover letter of some sort.

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26. Enclosure noun [C] (SEPARATE AREA) an area surrounded by a fence or other structure in order to be kept separate from other areas: The dogs are in a fenced Enclosure in the backyard. Enclosure noun …

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31. Enclosure, or the process that ended traditional rights on common land formerly held in the open field system and restricted the use of land to the owner, is one of the causes of the Agricultural Revolution and a key factor behind the labor migration from rural areas to gradually industrializing cities.

32. Background The Enclosure Acts were essentially the abolition of the open field system of agriculture which had been the way people farmed in England for centuries

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37. A visitor at the San Diego Zoo was arrested on Friday shortly after taking his two-year-old daughter into an elephant Enclosure, according to a press release from …

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40. Enclosure reaches back to the 12th century but peaked from approximately 1750 to 1860, a time period that coincides with the emergence and rise of the Industrial Revolution

41. Economic historian Sudha Shenoy states that, “Between 1730 and 1839, 4,041 Enclosure bills passed, 581 faced counter-petitions, and 872 others also failed.”

42. 7 synonyms of Enclosure from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 11 related words, definitions, and antonyms

43. Find another word for Enclosure

44. Enclosure: an open space wholly or partly enclosed (as by buildings or walls).

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48. Enclosure n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

49. Sally was glad of the Enclosure that surrounded her house and hid it from view.

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58. 2 days ago · The San Diego man who trespassed into an elephant Enclosure with his 2-year-old daughter is expected to appear in court to face charges of child cruelty as he remains in prison on bail.

59. ‘The Enclosure of common land permitted the systematic exploitation of timber or its improvement as arable land to meet the rising demand for grain.’ ‘This poem is one of the pithiest condemnations of the English Enclosure movement, the process of fencing off common land and turning it …

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61. A witness video provided to NBC San Diego shows a man dropping the child as they flee the Enclosure as a trumpeting elephant charged at them

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63. Enclosure Movement or inclosure is the process which was used to end traditional rights, and has historically been accompanied by force, resistance, and bloodshed

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