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1. Emulsion definition is - a system (such as fat in milk) consisting of a liquid dispersed with or without an emulsifier in an immiscible liquid usually in droplets of larger than colloidal size

Emulsion, Emulsifier

2. In technical chemistry terms, an Emulsion is a colloidal suspension in which the substances mixed together are both liquids. Both colloids and suspensions involve particles of one substance …


3. Emulsion, in physical chemistry, mixture of two or more liquids in which one is present as droplets, of microscopic or ultramicroscopic size, distributed throughout the other.


4. A suspension of tiny droplets of one liquid in a second liquid. By making an Emulsion, one can mix two liquids that ordinarily do not mix well, such as oil and water.


5. An Emulsion is a type of colloid formed by combining two liquids that normally don't mix. In an Emulsion, one liquid contains a dispersion of the other liquid


6. Common examples of Emulsions include egg yolk, butter, and mayonnaise

Examples, Emulsions, Egg

7. Emulsion is a Psychological Noir about a man looking for his missing wife, set on the south coast of England. When ISABELLA mysteriously disappears from a car park her husband, RONNY, becomes obsessed with finding her

Emulsion, England

8. In the culinary arts, an Emulsion is a mixture of two liquids that would ordinarily not mix together, like oil and vinegar. There are three kinds of Emulsions: temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent

Emulsion, Emulsions

9. An example of a temporary Emulsion is a simple vinaigrette while mayonnaise is a permanent Emulsion.

Example, Emulsion

10. An Emulsion is a uniform mixture of two unmixable liquids like oil and water, using agitation from whisking or blending to create a uniform suspension. Depending on how the Emulsion is formed, the agitation makes either small oil droplets or water/vinegar droplets.

Emulsion, Either

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13. Margarine, cold cream, and various medicated ointments are Emulsions.


14. The definition of an Emulsion is a suspension where an unmixable liquid is held in another liquid


15. An example of an Emulsion is oil in vinegar.

Example, Emulsion

16. An Emulsion is a two-phase system that has at least one immiscible liquid (one incapable of being and remaining mixed), called the dispersed phase, distributed in another liquid or solid, called the dispersion medium, in the form of tiny droplets


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Ecotex, Emulsion

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19. 16 synonyms of Emulsion from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related words, definitions, and antonyms


20. Emulsion: a distinct entity formed by the combining of two or more different things.

Emulsion, Entity

21. A miniEmulsion (also known as nanoEmulsion) is a special case of Emulsion


22. A miniEmulsion is obtained by shearing a mixture comprising two immiscible liquid phases (for example, oil and water), one or more surfactants and, possibly, one or more co-surfactants (typical examples are hexadecane or cetyl alcohol).

Example, Examples

23. What Is an Emulsion? Lighter than a cream yet thicker — and less concentrated — than a serum, an Emulsion is like a lightweight facial lotion


24. Emulsions are the perfect product for oily or combination skin types who don’t need a thick moisturizer.


25. ‘Liquid polymer Emulsions are used for dust control and soil and slope stabilization.’


26. Margarine, cold cream, and various medicated ointments are Emulsions.


27. An Emulsion will add delicious flavor to cakes, cookies, frosting, and all kinds of sweet treats


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29. Sometimes our sales feature Emulsions and other flavorings.


30. Emulsion is a dispersed system in which the phases include immiscible or partially miscible liquids, such as milk and rubber latex


31. If an Emulsion is prepared by homogenizing two pure liquid components, phase separation will generally be rapid, especially if the concentration of the dispersed phase is at all high.

Emulsion, Especially

32. The word Emulsion in general refers to a substance in which two or more liquids, that can’t form a stable solution, are mixed together so that droplets are finely dispersed


33. For example mayonnaise is an Emulsion of oil, egg yolk, and some acidic ingredient like vinegar or lemon juice

Example, Emulsion, Egg

34. Here Emulsion refers to photographic Emulsion which is a substance that among other things can be


35. Bakery Emulsions are a more flavorful alternative to baking extracts

Emulsions, Extracts

36. Emulsions are in a base of water instead of alcohol, so the flavor won't bake out!


37. "Emulsion" is an exceptional, riveting flick in the psychological noir style

Emulsion, Exceptional

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40. Emulsion (n.) "a mixture of liquids insoluble in one another, where one is suspended in the other in the form of minute globules," 1610s, from French émulsion (16c.), from Modern Latin Emulsionem (nominative emulsio), noun of action from past participle stem of emulgere "to milk out," from assimilated form of ex "out" (see ex-) + mulgere "to milk" (from PIE root *melg-"to rub off; to milk").

Emulsion, Emulsionem, Emulsio, Emulgere, Ex

41. Synonyms for Emulsion in Free Thesaurus


42. 1 synonym for Emulsion: photographic Emulsion


43. What are synonyms for Emulsion?


44. The term Emulsion is also applied to a group of mixed systems called as solutions, or gels or suspensions


45. Take, For example, the photographic Emulsion is a gelatin gel consisting of tiny crystals dispersed in it

Example, Emulsion

46. Some other examples of Emulsions include butter which is an Emulsion of water in fat and egg yolk containing lecithin.

Examples, Emulsions, Emulsion, Egg

47. Michem® Emulsion is a versatile family of products that adds value to a wide range of markets


48. Emulsion: see colloidcolloid [Gr.,=gluelike], a mixture in which one substance is divided into minute particles (called colloidal particles) and dispersed throughout a second substance


49. The Emulsion products are very basic products and as complicated and as expensive as they have been offered in the USA, just like the pharmaceutical industry

Emulsion, Expensive

50. The important factors to look for are the following: The Emulsion should yield a strong stencil so that it may not break down during the printing


51. Emulsion is a water-based paint


52. The process of painting a wall with Emulsion paint is pretty similar to the process


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54. Emulsion includes sixteen 4K ProRes video files


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Emulsion, Extracts

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57. Applies to fat Emulsion: intravenous Emulsion


58. This Emulsion is more lightweight than a moisturizer but still extremely hydrating to the skin, and it soothes dry patches while keeping sebum and acne in check

Emulsion, Extremely

59. This Emulsion has a serum-like texture and feels light thanks to the hyaluronic acid, so it’s ideal for hydrating skin and cleaning pores without producing irritation.


60. Emulsion Tip: When mixing Emulsion, be sure to handle and mix in a light-safe environment, or it may become unusable

Emulsion, Environment

61. Fortunately, when properly stored, mixed, and handled, Emulsion can last up …


62. Choose Emulsion paint for a water based with varying sheen and gloss paint for a high gloss finish, which contains oil and resin for dirt resistant, hardwearing colour


63. Emulsion: 1 n (chemistry) a colloid in which both phases are liquids “an oil-in-water Emulsion ” Type of: colloid a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension n a light-sensitive coating on paper or film; consists of fine grains of silver bromide suspended in a gelatin Synonyms: photographic Emulsion Type of: coat


64. Emulsion definition: Emulsion or Emulsion paint is a water-based paint, which is not shiny when it dries


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EMULSION [əˈməlSH(ə)n]

emulsion (noun) · emulsions (plural noun) · emulsion paint (noun) · emulsion paints (plural noun)

  • a fine dispersion of minute droplets of one liquid in another in which it is not soluble or miscible.
  • a fine dispersion of one liquid or pureed food substance in another.
Synonyms: lotion . salve . application . preparation . rinse . liquid . liniment . embrocation .
  • a water-based paint used for walls.
  • a light-sensitive coating for photographic films and plates, containing crystals of a silver compound dispersed in a medium such as gelatin.
Synonyms: mixture . mix . blend . compound . suspension . tincture . infusion . colloid . gel . fluid . aerosol .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a solution and an emulsion?

As nouns the difference between emulsion and solution is that emulsion is a stable suspension of small droplets of one liquid in another with which it is immiscible while solution is a homogeneous mixture, which may be liquid, gas or solid, formed by dissolving one or more substances.

What does the term emulsion mean?

Definition of emulsion. 1a : a system (such as fat in milk) consisting of a liquid dispersed with or without an emulsifier in an immiscible liquid usually in droplets of larger than colloidal size.

What is the purpose of an emulsion?

Emulsions are extremely versatile materials. They are used for preventive and corrective maintenance activities on both asphalt and concrete pavements. They are used in stabilizing and reclaiming base courses, for constructing structural layers within a pavement and for various surface treatments.

What are the examples of emulsion?

Emulsion Examples

Solid Solid Solid Some Coloured Glasses And Gemstones
Solid Liquid Solid Paints, Cell Fluids
Solid Gas Aerosol Smoke, Dust
Liquid Solid Gel Cheese, Butter, Jellies
4 more rows ... Jan 4 2021

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