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1. To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation: an older pupil whose accomplishments and style I Emulated. 2.

Equal, Excel, Especially, Emulated

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Emulated, Example

3. Definition of Emulated in the dictionary


4. What does Emulated mean? Information and translations of Emulated in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


5. Emulated filesystem is an abstraction layer on actual filesystem (ext4 or f2fs) that serves basically two purposes: Retain USB connectivity of Android devices to PCs (implemented through MTP now a days) Restrict unauthorized access of apps/processes to user's private media and other apps' data on SD card.


6. Emulated storage works to express an actual file path against the symlink of your device’s storage

Emulated, Express

7. Emulated In English, many past and present participles of verbs can be used as adjectives

Emulated, English

8. This module format, Emulated by other composers, lent …


9. Why does the message "Emulated HDR" appear on the monitor when playing HDR content? 09-04-2019


10. To strive to equal or excel, especially through imitation: an older pupil whose accomplishments and style I Emulated.

Equal, Excel, Especially, Emulated

11. Typically, an emulator is divided into modules that correspond roughly to the Emulated computer's subsystems

Emulator, Emulated

12. Most often, an emulator will be composed of the following modules: a CPU emulator or CPU simulator (the two terms are mostly interchangeable in this case), unless the target being Emulated has the same CPU architecture as the host, in which case a virtual machine layer may be used instead

Emulator, Emulated

13. An Emulated input to a receiver with enough bandwidth to accept both signals would include the interleaved pulse trains as shown

Emulated, Enough

14. Figure 4 shows (again for a very simple environment) the RF frequency that must be present during the period that these two signals are being Emulated.

Environment, Emulated

15. Emulated OUT Frequency compensated line level output for headphones or for connection to a mixer


16. The DSL is equipped with a high quality Emulated output using Softube-designed studio cabinet emulation

Equipped, Emulated, Emulation

17. How Emulated devices can be used by fraudsters


18. Emulated devices can be programmed to perform repetitive, automated tasks such as engaging in advertising to download applications

Emulated, Engaging

19. For fraudsters, this makes Emulated devices a powerful tool which allows them to falsify installs and in-app activities.


20. 3D All-Stars have leaked online, and fans have confirmed a theory regarding the games: it seems that they're all Emulated


21. Emulated devices emulate an existing hardware device that exists as physical hardware

Emulated, Emulate, Existing, Exists

22. The advantage of Emulated devices is that most operating systems usually have in-box drivers for them


23. Emulated devices might experience performance issues because of the overhead of emulation.

Emulated, Experience, Emulation

24. Emulate (third-person singular simple present emulates, present participle emulating, simple past and past participle Emulated) (now rare) To attempt to equal or be the same as

Emulate, Emulates, Emulating, Emulated, Equal

25. Synonyms for Emulated include imitated, copied, mimicked, followed, mirrored, echoed, matched, reproduced, aped and approximated

Emulated, Echoed

26. This uses the Emulated hue integration within Home Assistant which provides a virtual Philips Hue bridge, allowing Alexa to interact with Home Assistant entities

Emulated, Entities

27. Emulated (2) Emulated 007 (1) Emulated a `50s TV father (1) Emulated a `copter (1) Emulated a ballerina (1) Emulated a barker, slang (1) Emulated a benchwarmer (1) Emulated a blacksmith (1) Emulated a bovine (1) Emulated a boy scout (1) Emulated a bull (1) Emulated a busy spider (1) Emulated a canary (1) Emulated a canitist (1) Emulated a


28. The Emulated_hue integration provides a virtual Philips Hue bridge, written entirely in software that allows services that work with the Hue API to interact with Home Assistant entities

Emulated, Entirely, Entities

29. What does Emulated mean? Simple past tense and past participle of emulate

Emulated, Emulate

30. /storage/Emulated/1 would then logically be the real SD card (if any)


31. Does anyone know how to open files that are in " /storage/Emulated/0/ "Solved! Go to Correct Answer


32. Labels (1) Labels Samsung Galaxy S4; Tags (5) Tags: Emulated


33. All the same, the Arab League chief noted that China is a development model to be Emulated


34. VOA: standard.2009.11.07 He's somebody to be Emulated from the point of view of the viewer


35. The Emulated Hue component in Home Assistant is a very basic implemention of the HUE API for the V1 HUE bridge which is soon to be discontinued by Philips


36. Emulated servers, informally referred to as "private servers", are third-party (user-created) offline game servers for online games which do not normally support the use of such servers


37. The angular uses three strategies, while rendering the view ViewEncapsulation.Emulated, ViewEncapsulation.ShadowDOMand ViewEncapsulation.None This article describes what is View Encapsulation using an example and how it is implemented in angular.

Emulated, Encapsulation, Example

38. Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() returns /storage/Emulated/0 not /storage/Emulated

Environment, Emulated

39. Android won't grant a permission to access to /storage/Emulated unless it's rooted


40. ‘Every service provided by the voice network can be Emulated through software.’ ‘The digital broadcasts can contain data that more closely emulates a computer program.’ ‘So the new online courses take the best of what we know works in a classroom, and tries to emulate that or simulate that in …

Every, Emulated, Emulates, Emulate

41. Emulated storage is provided by exposing a portion of internal storage through an emulation layer and has been available since Android 3.0

Emulated, Exposing, Emulation

42. Emulated HDR generates a virtual HDR effect for SDR content

Emulated, Effect

43. If content uses standard dynamic range but you still want to experience high dynamic range (HDR) visual performance, Emulated HDR helps improve your viewing enjoyment

Experience, Emulated, Enjoyment

44. When considering an xHIL application, the dc load to be Emulated in hardware can be represented as shown in Figure 3, where Y is the admittance (reciprocal of impedance).


45. I've never tried the Emulated out on my DSL20H, but it is a common complaint


46. After all, it's "Emulated", not the same signal path as going through the tubes to a speaker load.


47. A game is Emulated in response to a request from a client device


48. A trophy trigger is detected during emulation of the game by comparing a memory value of the Emulated game to a predetermined value and assigning the one or more trophies to the user based on the detected trophy trigger.

Emulation, Emulated

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EMULATED [ˈemyəˌlāt]


  • match or surpass (a person or achievement), typically by imitation.
  • imitate.
Synonyms: imitate . copy . reproduce . mimic . mirror . echo . follow . match . equal . parallel . approximate . rival . surpass . imitate . mimic . ape . follow . echo . mirror . simulate . parrot . reproduce . plagiarize . poach . steal . monkey .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of emulated?

Emulate is defined as to copy or imitate. An example of emulate is a little boy trying to be like his father. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

What does emulations mean in the Bible?

Answer: To emulate is to imitate. Emulations, as used in some older translations of the Bible, is an obsolete word meaning “jealous competition” or “ambition driven by envy.” Sinful emulation is a greed-driven desire to “imitate” someone’s success or share their wealth; it is a “keeping up with the Joneses,” immersed in covetousness.

What is an emulated device?

An emulated device (also known as a simulated device) is a program that enables a computer system to behave like another device. This system is used by developers to test the functionality of their app, but can also be abused by fraudsters to attempt to steal marketers’ ad spend.

What is emulation in computing?

An emulator is a hardware device or software program that enables one computer system (also known as a host) to imitate the functions of another computer system (known as the guest). It enables the host system to run software, tools, peripheral devices and other components which are designed for...

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