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1. Empathisers meaning Plural form of empathiser.

Empathisers, Empathiser

2. Empathiser (plural Empathisers)

Empathiser, Empathisers

3. The Empathisers The Empathisers are friendly and cuddly creatures who understand how you are feeling and can help you with any problems you may have. Only certain children can see Empathisers, but the creatures are totally invisible to adults.


4. Facebook Group and page: Natural Empathiser and Natural Empathisers; My Feministic journey, into the spectrum

Empathiser, Empathisers

5. Empathisers (Type E) have a strong interest in people’s thoughts and emotions

Empathisers, Emotions

6. Stray-dog-Empathisers Latest breaking news, pictures, photos and Video News


7. Find Stray-dog-Empathisers news headlines, photos, videos, comments, blog posts and opinion at …




9. The Irish are great sympathisers, but poor Empathisers


10. Empathisers place high value on authenticity and empathy

Empathisers, Empathy

11. As we move towards a different economic era, the world’s leaders will need to be creators and Empathisers

Economic, Era, Empathisers

12. Baron-Cohen suggests that because women tend to be better Empathisers, the language they use is more emotive

Empathisers, Emotive

13. Empathisers or systemisers, we all have talents and skills and we all have areas of challenge


14. Dr Julie and her reading of The Empathisers: Ackwa for World Book Day 2021


15. The results also applied within genres; Empathisers preferred gentler jazz, for instance


16. ExpressivEmpathisers January 29 · Paying attention to one's emotions and listening to the body (i.e., the ways through which emotions come out), will help individuals in connecting with their own selves.

Expressivempathisers, Emotions

17. Empathisers prefer mellow music that evokes deep emotion People who identify patterns and systems, known as 'systemisers' Systemisers prefer intense music that forms complex sounds

Empathisers, Evokes, Emotion

18. Empathisers tend to favour songs that are gentle and relaxing to listen to and allow for a reflective, low arousal mood


19. Empathisers generally lean towards soft rock, easy listening, and adult contemporary music

Empathisers, Easy

20. They are great Empathisers and are the ones who strive for equality and welfare

Empathisers, Equality

21. Among the L'Oreal sales-force, the best Empathisers sold nearly $100,000 more per year than their colleagues


22. It is true that many more females are categorised as Empathisers and many more males as systemisers, which may explain the gender disparity

Empathisers, Explain

23. The researchers recruited 4,000 participants and put them through a series of different tests to assess whether they were “Empathisers” or “systemisers”, for example by asking them if they

Empathisers, Example

24. Empathisers have a strong drive to understand the emotions of others and then to respond with appropriate emotions of their own

Empathisers, Emotions

25. It's far easier for non-Empathisers to understand a Powerpoint presentation full of abstract boxes and circles than the human beings who have …

Easier, Empathisers

26. Strong Empathisers tended to prefer "mellow" music like R&B/soul, soft rock and adult contemporary, while strong systemisers favoured "intense" …


27. People who have a well-developed ability to understand thoughts and feelings in themselves and others, so-called ’Empathisers’, prefer mellow music that evokes deep emotion

Empathisers, Evokes, Emotion

28. The pathos of lives that come together during a crisis and cling on for different reasons, become intimate even and the subsequently disengagement of those unnaturally constructed ties are presented in a way that the reader Empathisers with the two main characters and is saddened by the result whilst realising that it is the only possible outcome.

Even, Empathisers

29. Empathisers (Type E) have a strong interest in people’s thoughts and emotions

Empathisers, Emotions

30. The synthesisers: agree with much of the Empathisers, but point out: America has come a long way since slavery and Jim Crow.Always more to improve


31. Empathisers preferred music that was low energy or had negative emotions such as sad or depressing characteristics

Empathisers, Energy, Emotions

32. Klavenes believes the field of engineering should be more empathetic and would benefit from Empathisers in this field who recognise that products in engineering are made for people

Engineering, Empathetic, Empathisers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to really empathize with someone?

Method 3 of 3: Cultivating an Empathetic Personality Challenge your prejudices and biases to see the world more objectively. ... Volunteer with an organization to see what other people's lives are like. ... Be curious about other people to learn more about their lives. ... Use your imagination to put yourself in someone else's shoes. ...

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

The points given below are important so far as the difference between sympathy and empathy is concerned: Sympathy is like having concern and pity for another person's problems and misfortunes. ... Sympathy includes caring about another person's well being and willing to help him. ... Sympathy for a person arises as a result of pity for negative experiences. ... More items...

How to use "empathize" in a sentence?

Empathize in a sentence

  • I clearly empathize with the people who live in those neighborhoods.
  • His ability to empathize with people made him an excellent marriage counsellor.
  • It's very easy to empathize with the characters in her books.
  • They valued her ability to empathize and connect with others.
  • Parents need to continue to empathize with the child.
  • More items...

    What does empathize mean?

    To empathize is defined as to have the feeling or understanding of what another person is thinking or feeling.

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