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1. Empathiser meaning Alternative spelling of empathizer.

Empathiser, Empathizer

2. Empathiser (plural Empathisers)

Empathiser, Empathisers

3. The latest tweets from @Empathiser


4. The Peoples Empathiser My first blog is about understanding and sharing the feelings of one another, find out more at ‘How a person interprets words depends on many factors to name but a few….


5. The Empathiser 3000 is going to have the hardest, cruelest bastard amongst you bawling like a baby from the outset


6. Lexington The Empathiser-in-chief


7. Welcome to the, Natural Empathiser; Sympathy and empathy created the literal word Empathiser; The Peoples Empathiser; To be a rebel, is one who doesn’t fit societies mould of ‘normal’ My BLOG

Empathiser, Empathy

8. Self-managing my time; Sympathy and empathy created the literal word Empathiser; Pondering life and one of the pieces that is

Empathy, Empathiser

9. Provided to YouTube by The Orchard EnterprisesEmpathiser · Sutcliffe JugendWith Extreme Prejudice℗ 2012 Cold SpringReleased on: 2012-03-12Auto-generated by Y

Enterprisesempathiser, Extreme

10. In this book an Empathiser called Veeva helps Hamish to adopt a puppy and to overcome his fear of going to the dentist


11. In this book, an Empathiser called Jenta encourages Becky to befriend her elderly neighbour, who helps Becky with …

Empathiser, Encourages, Elderly

12. CARER measures emotion identification (ability to identify another’s affective state), affective empathy (degree to which another’s affective state causes a matching state in the Empathiser) and affect sharing (degree to which the Empathiser’s state matches the state they attribute to another).

Emotion, Empathy, Empathiser

13. The third construct, intrapersonal outcomes includes Empathiser affective responses, such as where the Empathiser experiences the same or similar affect to the other person (parallel outcome), or where the Empathiser experiences affect that is a response to the other’s situation, but is not necessarily the same or similar to that of the other

Empathiser, Experiences

14. Dr Kelsey Crowe is a professional Empathiser: she knows exactly what to say and do when things go awful for someone she knows

Empathiser, Exactly

15. If you answered ‘yes’ to all three of the questions above, then you might just be leaning more towards the ’Empathiser’ camp, while those who didn’t may find themselves more aligned with ‘systemisers’


16. The Empathiser needs next to find the way into the loop where perception of the other person generates feeling


17. Casper is an excellent Empathiser and communicator and I'm sure The Power of Ritual will be gratefully read by a lot of people

Excellent, Empathiser

18. The Empathiser may also need to determine how the emotional state affects the way in which the other perceives the object

Empathiser, Emotional

19. Hence it is often not enough that the Empathiser recognize the object toward which the other is directed, plus the bodily feeling, and

Enough, Empathiser

20. Based on the representation of sexuality held (personhood versus biomedical model), nursing home staff adopted a role or a combination of roles (a facilitator, an informant, a distractor, an Empathiser, a safeguarder) that legitimised past and anticipated responses in managing sexual expression in the nursing home setting.

Empathiser, Expression

21. Have a look at the compositions listed below to see if you can relate to being a systemiser or an Empathiser: Music Associated with Empathy

Empathiser, Empathy

22. Empathisers tend to favour songs that are gentle and relaxing to listen to and allow for a reflective, low arousal mood


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to really empathize with someone?

Method 3 of 3: Cultivating an Empathetic Personality Challenge your prejudices and biases to see the world more objectively. ... Volunteer with an organization to see what other people's lives are like. ... Be curious about other people to learn more about their lives. ... Use your imagination to put yourself in someone else's shoes. ...

What is the difference between empathy and sympathy?

The points given below are important so far as the difference between sympathy and empathy is concerned: Sympathy is like having concern and pity for another person's problems and misfortunes. ... Sympathy includes caring about another person's well being and willing to help him. ... Sympathy for a person arises as a result of pity for negative experiences. ... More items...

How to use "empathize" in a sentence?

Empathize in a sentence

  • I clearly empathize with the people who live in those neighborhoods.
  • His ability to empathize with people made him an excellent marriage counsellor.
  • It's very easy to empathize with the characters in her books.
  • They valued her ability to empathize and connect with others.
  • Parents need to continue to empathize with the child.
  • More items...

    What does empathize mean?

    To empathize is defined as to have the feeling or understanding of what another person is thinking or feeling.

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