Use Emitted in a sentence


EMITTED [əˈmit]


  • produce and discharge (something, especially gas or radiation).
  • make (a sound).
Synonyms: discharge . release . pour out . send forth . throw out . void . effuse . vent . issue . leak . ooze . shed . excrete . disgorge . secrete . eject . spout . belch . emanate . radiate . exhale . ejaculate . exude . eruct . absorb . utter . voice . let out . produce . issue . pronounce . express . declare . articulate . vocalize .

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1. Emitted synonyms, Emitted pronunciation, Emitted translation, English dictionary definition of Emitted. tr.v

2. To give forth or release (a sound): He Emitted one shrill cry and then was silent

3. 17 synonyms of Emitted from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 41 related words, definitions, and antonyms

4. Another is the vibrations Emitted by the diver’s fins as the diver kicks to move toward the target fish

5. The street lights Emitted a beautiful light for all to see

6. Submitted by MaryC on April 1, 2020 How to pronounce Emitted?

7. Synonyms for Emitted include released, discharged, issued, vented, radiated, emanated, leaked, shed, exhaled and ejected

8. Emitted a delighted sigh (1) Emitted a surgical beam (1) Emitted an aura (1) Emitted catcalls (1) Emitted coherent light (1) Emitted coherent radiation (1) Emitted lava (1) Emitted light (1) Emitted long, loud cries (1) Emitted moos (1) Emitted noisome odors (1) Emitted radiating lines (1) Emitted smoke or fumes (1) Emitted steam (1) Emitted

9. Emitted Energy provides quality products and services dedicated to solving today’s issues in industrial heating

10. Emitted Essentially, they found that a large part of the evanescent waves Emitted by a hot plate ends up reflected, rather than transmitted, back into it.

11. 'Emitted' is a 7 letter word starting with E and ending with D Crossword clues for 'Emitted' Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Emitted We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Emitted will help you to finish your crossword today.

12. Although these mantles Emitted a brilliant light for a few hours, their light-emissivity was destroyed by carbonization

13. It, too, Emitted what his grace deemed the nauseous odors of the perfumer's shop

14. A carrion beetle crawled off to the sea shore, and found some fish scales that Emitted light.

15. What does Emitted mean? Simple past tense and past participle of emit

16. To give or send forth; discharge the pipe Emitted a stream of water 2.

17. The.Emitted () method returns the same object every time it is called, not a new one, and so the object will update when new events are fired: const Emitted = wrapper.Emitted() expect( expect(

18. Photons are Emitted in many natural processes

19. During a molecular, atomic or nuclear transition to a lower energy level, photons of various energy will be Emitted, ranging from radio waves to gamma rays.

20. I Emitted the fluid from the syringe into the wound to clean it.

21. Synonyms for Emitted in Free Thesaurus

22. The emission happened a long long time ago, so 'was Emitted from/by'-- both prepositions are OK, though I think that 'by' is the more apt

23. Fluorescence is the emission of light by a substance that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation.It is a form of luminescence.In most cases, the Emitted light has a longer wavelength, and therefore lower energy, than the absorbed radiation.The most striking example of fluorescence occurs when the absorbed radiation is in the ultraviolet region of the spectrum, and thus invisible

24. The word Emitted is the past form of emit in the first person singular

25. The Emitted radiation is termed luminescence

26. The USA has Emitted most to date: more than a quarter of all historical CO 2: twice that of China which is the second largest contributor

27. Allow Emitted Energy to tackle your company's challenges with our infrared thermal technology and elite solution packages

28. The emission spectrum of a chemical element or chemical compound is the spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation Emitted due to an atom or molecule making a transition from a high energy state to a lower energy state

29. The photon energy of the Emitted photon is equal to the energy difference between the two states

30. The World Metereological Organization/United Nations Environment Programme (WMO/UNEP) 2007 assessment states that the largest single option available to hasten ozone layer recovery is the recapture and destruction of ODSs (mostly CFCs and halons) that are already produced but not yet Emitted to the atmosphere, that is, the so-called banks

31. The technology, called NECSEL (Novalux Extended Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers) creates a higher-power beam that is Emitted in circular form from the surface of the chip, making it easier and cheaper to focus the beam without the added technical complexity of edge-emitting diode chips.

32. Energy & Environment Houston-Area Refineries, Plants Emitted Thousands Of Pounds Of Additional Air Pollution During The Winter Freeze

33. Emitted Energy Corporation is dedicated to solving today's industrial heating issues with a scientific approach

34. Among the pollutants Emitted were carbon monoxide and benzene

35. In 2019, about 43.1 billion tons of CO2 from human activities were Emitted into the atmosphere

36. In Behaviorism, an Emitted response is a behavior or action that, when performed, acts on the organism's environment and produces different kinds of consequences that affect the organism (like reinforcement or punishment).

37. Particles Emitted from polylactic acid (PLA) appeared to be largely composed of the bulk filament material with mass spectra similar

38. Electromagnetic energy is a form of energy that can be reflected or Emitted from objects through electrical or magnetic waves traveling through space

39. Derive an expression for the frequency of radiation Emitted when a hydrogen atom de-excites from level n to level (n – 1)

40. According to the Bohr model, the wavelength of the light Emitted by a hydrogen atom when the electron falls from a high energy (n = 4) orbit into a lower energy (n = 2) orbit.Substituting the appropriate values of R H, n 1, and n 2 into the equation shown above gives the following result.

41. The concept of Emitted behavior was formulated as a part of the original argument for the validity of a new kind of learning called operant conditioning

42. Calculate the wavelength of light Emitted when each of the following transitions occur in the hydrogen atom

43. What type of electromagnetic radiation is Emitted in each transition? a

44. The TenantCountry is Emitted as the country/region claim type in both SAML tokens and JWTs

45. Therefore, the wavelength of the light Emitted from a hydrogen atom under the given conditions is equal to {eq}\boxed{1.026 \times 10^{-7} \ \rm m}

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What does the word emitted mean?

Definition of emit. transitive verb. 1a : to throw or give off or out emit light/heat. b : to send out : eject. 2a : to issue with authority especially : to put (something, such as money) into circulation.

What does the name emitted mean?

emit. ( ɪˈmɪt) vb ( tr) , emits, emitting or emitted. 1. to give or send forth; discharge: the pipe emitted a stream of water. 2. to give voice to; utter: she emitted a shrill scream. 3.

What does emitting mean?

verb (used with object), e·mit·ted, e·mit·ting. to send forth (liquid, light, heat, sound, particles, etc.); discharge. to give forth or release (a sound): He emitted one shrill cry and then was silent.

What does emit means in science terms?

Emit means to release or discharge something, such as gas, liquid, heat, sound, light, or radiation. The process of emitting is called emission. Emission can also refer to something that has been emitted. A specific example of an emission is the exhaust emitted from cars (in the U.S., such emissions are regulated through emissions tests).

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