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discharge, release, void, effuse, vent, issue, leak, ooze, shed, excrete,

"Emit" in Example Sentences

1. Infrared space heaters, or at least portable models, do not use gases or flammable liquids to generate the heat they produce, so they do not emit fumes or harmful emissions into the atmosphere, which can make them greener heating solutions.
2. Definition of emit. to give off or send forth. Examples of emit in a sentence. The bird will emit a loud screeching noise when it is attacked. 🔊 Dolphins emit bursts of sound to communicate and to locate objects.
3. How to use emit in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word emit? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. All objects with a temperature greater than absolute zero emit infrared energy, the most common characteristic of which is heat.
4. 142+1 sentence examples: 1. The metal container began to emit a clicking sound. 2. It is unlawful for factories to emit black smoke into the air. 3. She was heard to emit a cry of horror. 4. Some species send out signals almost continuously, others e
5. The supply of waste silk is drawn from the following sources: (I) The silkworm, when commencing to spin, emits a dull, lustreless and uneven thread with which it suspends itself to the twigs and leaves of the tree upon which it has been feeding, or to the straws provided for it by attendants in the worm-rearing establishments: this first thread is unreelable, and, moreover, is often mixed with
6. How to use emit in Sentence? 1. emits in a sentence | Short example sentence for emits. About Us. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken from the books available in public domain.
7. 3. Learn the definition of the word "emit" and how to use emit in a sentence. emit example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. 8. 6. emit in a sentence - Use "emit" in a sentence 1. Each player emits a vibration of his own into the mix. 2.
8. English words and Examples of Usage use "emit" in a sentence She is "Yatterman No. 2", and uses a telescoping baton which is able to emit electric currents to shock opponents. Office equipment, such laser printers can emit ultrafine aerosol particles, which can contribute to ozone emission in an indoor environment. described as the Muslims' attempt to take retribution
9. emit definition: To emit is defined as to discharge, or to produce and let off, something such as an odor or a sound. (verb) Rotting, stinky garbage is an example of something that emits an odor.
10. emit in a sentence - Use "emit" in a sentence 1. Each player emits a vibration of his own into the mix. 2. But the right eye emits a glint that reads as fire. click for more sentences of emit
11. How to use "emit" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. by BuildMyVocab. Example sentences for "emit" in popular movie and book plots. As Anarky, he attempts to create a device which will emit beams of light on frequencies which will trigger the human brain of all who see it.
12. Examples of Remit in a sentence. If you do not remit the payment for your light bill within two days, your service will be disconnected. 🔊 I have hired a carrier to remit the documents to my attorney. 🔊 Before you remit money to an online seller, make sure you are dealing with a reputable salesperson and not a crook. 🔊
13. emit definition is - to throw or give off or out. How to use emit in a sentence.
14. emit in a sentence up(5 notes that households use up to 30% of global energy production,[S] and emit 20% of its CO2 emissions. 133. Attribute of visual sensation according to which an and pointed out the Vertical Cavity Surface emit ting Laser has good application prospect in FSO via analyzing the laser contrastively .
15. A sentence with the word emit? The definition is give out, send forth. Here is an example sentence( I couldn't use this one): Dogs emit quick breaths when they pant.
16. The use of low-pressure UV lights that emit a 254-nm wavelength for microbial control is. Kevin covered his ears, thinking it was going to emit another one of those eerie screams. In that brief state of bewilderment, he could see slight bubbles emit from the man's mouth.
17. I think it's all how you use it in a sentence; example, "I made a deposit at the bank" or "you can remit your deposit to the bank". The word "remit" rhymes with emit. Asked in Math and
18. I think it's all how you use it in a sentence; example, "I made a deposit at the bank" or "you can remit your deposit to the bank". The word "remit" rhymes with emit. Asked in Math and
19. emit definition: If something emits heat , light, gas , or a smell , it produces it and sends it out by | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Examples of 'emit' in a sentence We look back on the words that emerged out of the long-running Brexit saga and wonder if we will have any further use for them.
20. Use "higher than the" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "higher than the" In addition to new buildings, we also use many consumer products that emit VOC compounds, therefore the total concentration of VOC levels is much greater within the indoor environment;
21. Definition of emit in the D dictionary. Meaning of emit. What does emit mean? Information and translations of emit in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
22. Synonyms for emit at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for emit.
23. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word emit: . See emit used in context: 3 poetry verses, 59 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API
24. From jasmine to rotting flesh, flowers emit fragrance to attract pollinators. By Brian Palmer. September 2, 2013 Some flowers use offensive odors to keep those dangerous creatures away.
25. However, all radioactive materials do emit radiation. Key Takeaways: Radiation Examples. Radiation is emitted whenever energy is propagated. A substance does not need to be radioactive to emit radiation. Not all isotopes of element emit radiation. Common examples of radiation include light, heat, and alpha particles.
26. Translate emit into Spanish. Find words for emit in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir emit de Inglés a español.
27. A noun phrase ellipsis occurs in a sentence when part of a noun phrase (a word or group of words that function as a subject or object) is omitted. The Commonly Confused Words "Emit" and "Omit"' Identifying Run-On Sentences and Ways to Correct Them. Periods Are the Full Stops in Punctuation and in Grammar.

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