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1. Synonyms & Antonyms of Embosses to make more attractive by adding something that is beautiful or becoming the simple country church has an aura of serene spirituality that is often missing in more embossed houses of worship

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2. Embosses meaning Third-person singular simple present indicative form of emboss.

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4. What does Embosses mean? Information and translations of Embosses in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


5. The eBosser is a one-step automatic embossing & die cutting system that easily cuts or Embosses materials up to 8.5 inches wide & 12 inches in length

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6. The industrial-strength Rhino ™ M1011 Embosses ½" (12 mm) stainless steel and aluminum labels – with or without adhesive – that resist extreme weather, temperature, chemical and UV exposure

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7. Embosses Wiman can impart a wide variety of three dimensional, textural embossed finishes to many types of rigid and flexible plastic films

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8. Examples of available Embosses Please note: due to varying monitor resolutions, magnification is approximate.

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9. This 8 piece Fanfare Die Set, cuts, Embosses, debosses, and stencils


10. Like • Show 0 Likes 0; Comment • 9; Does anyone know why I can not pull the dimple (Embosses) from the design tree and place it on the part I want it on now


11. Embosses for Upholstery Discover the Embosses designed for the world of Upholstery


12. Emboss (third-person singular simple present Embosses, present participle embossing, simple past and past participle embossed) (transitive) To mark or decorate with a raised design or symbol

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14. A person "falsely Embosses" a credit or debit card when, without the authorization of the named issuer, he completes a credit or debit card by adding any of the matter, other than the signature of the cardholder, which an issuer requires to appear on the credit …


15. Embosses at 300 CPS (900 pages per hour) using continuous (tractor/Z fold/fanfold) braille paper


16. This 7-piece Die Set, cuts, Embosses, debosses, and stencils


17. (c) A person falsely Embosses a financial transaction card when without authorization of the named issuer he completes a financial transaction card by adding any of the matter other than the signature of the cardholder, which an issuer requires to appear on the financial transaction card before it …


18. Resembling an ornate purse with a beaded handle (measuring 8" x 5" x 9", plus 2 1/2" handle), this fashionable cardmaker Embosses and embellishes in just seconds, using Textured Impressions Embossing Folders (sold separately)

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19. Large Tree of Life Leather Journal Bound Leather Journal Leather Journal to Write in Leather Journal Embosses Leather journals Fantasy Leather journals notebooks Leather journals for Men & Women Brand: cuero


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22. For single-sided Embosses, we recommend gluing a second sheet of paper onto the back of the embossed card

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23. This takes care of 99% of the visibility of the emboss on the front side, but beware: single-sided Embosses tend to lose some of their height so the final effect can be less dramatic than the same artwork rendered as a double-sided emboss.

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24. Synonyms for Embosses include marks, carves, engraves, etches, impresses, imprints, sculpts, stamps, tools and punches

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25. Antonyms for Embosses include blemishes, defaces, disfigures, scars, spoils, mutilates, ruins, defiles, maims and flaws


26. Knockouts, extrusions, shaped Embosses, flanges, radiused or curved tabs, ribs, multiple bend tabs, oversized louvers—myriad forms can be produced in a CNC punch press machine

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 · Embosses a variety of materials; Folder has a special hinge for continuous embossing; For use with Cuttlebug® machines ; Add eye-catching texture and dimension to all your handmade projects with the Star Blanket embossing folder

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28. Since November 1, 2013, CDPH – Vital Records no longer Embosses certified copies of records


29. Embosses for Footwear & Leathergoods Discover the Embosses designed for the world of fashion in Footwear & Leathergoods


30. The restaurant chef Embosses the mold on the rotis


31. The simple look of freshly painted cedar shines through with the deep Embosses wood grain texture of Castle Ridge


32. Sunland Products Embosses notebooks with school and corporate logos


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EMBOSSES [imˈbôs]


  • carve, mold, or stamp a design on (a surface or object) so that it stands out in relief.
  • carve, mold, or stamp (a design) on a surface or object.
Synonyms: imprint . print . stamp . mark . engrave . deboss . punch . etch . carve . inscribe . cut . chisel .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does embossed stand for?

Embossed is the adjective form of the verb emboss. It means an embellishment that is formed on metal, leather or cloth and is raised from the rest of the material and is formed by pressure or embroidery. The word "emboss" comes from the Middle English word "Embosen" and it can be traced back to the Old French word "embocer".

What does embossing mean?

Embossing is an artistic technique that creates a pattern on a material such as paper, metal, fabric, leather, or wood.

What is meaning of embossed name?

embossed - embellished with a raised pattern created by pressure or embroidery; "brocaded silk"; "an embossed satin"; "embossed leather"; "raised needlework"; "raised metalwork". brocaded, raised. adorned, decorated - provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction.

What does embosser mean?

Embosser. Phonetics: em·boss·er 'em-'bä-sər Definition 1: A pliers-like device, that when squeezed together with paper between the jaws, makes a raised impression and indentation on paper. An non-inked embosser is used as a protection device and is not an official notary seal; but may be used in addition to the official notary seal.

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