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1. At its core is an interpreter for Emacs Lisp, a dialect of the Lisp programming language with extensions to support text editing

Emacs, Extensions, Editing

2. ↓ GNU/Linux ↓ BSDs ↓ Windows ↓ MacOS The features of GNU Emacs include


3. Emacs Sign In; Contact Us ** In order to view information on this site, your PC needs Adobe Acrobat Reader


4. Emacs is a text editor designed for POSIX operating systems and available on Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows, and more

Emacs, Editor

5. Users love Emacs because it features efficient commands for common but complex actions and for the plugins and configuration hacks that have developed around it for nearly 40 years.

Emacs, Efficient

6. Emacs – Self Service Email Address Emergency Contact Information Home and Mailing Address Telephone Number Update by Employee Telephone Number Update by Manager/Supervisor Procedures Personal Information – Emergency Contact Personnel File (OPF) Savings Bond Program – TreasuryDirect Checklists Employee Name Change Resources

Emacs, Email, Emergency, Employee

7. Every employee who uses the Emacs system must recognize his or her responsibility for the security Access to this system is recorded

Every, Employee, Emacs

8. Retrieve or share Emacs information not necessary to


9. Emacs, or the electronic Montana Acquisition and Contracting System, is the eProcurement software solution utilized by the State of Montana that provides vendor management services, bid and procurement processes, and contract management tools, as well as the ability to …

Emacs, Electronic, Eprocurement

10. Emacs is another editor available in UNIX

Emacs, Editor

11. Like vi, Emacs is a screen editor

Emacs, Editor

12. Unlike vi, Emacs is not an insertion mode editor, meaning that any character typed in Emacs is automatically inserted into the file, unless it includes a command prefix.

Emacs, Editor

13. Commands in Emacs are either control characters (hold down the <Ctrl> key while typing another character) or are prefixed by one of

Emacs, Either

14. Get the highlights in your inbox every week. GNU Emacs is a popular text editor designed for programmers of all sorts

Every, Emacs, Editor

15. Emacs Chat with Avdi Grimm (Org-mode, Ruby, etc.) (3/4/2013) Rediscovering Emacs features, or what to do after you get carried away installing packages (2/28/2013) Emacs Org: Task-related keyboard shortcuts for the agenda (1/14/2013) Emacs Org: Display …

Emacs, Etc

16. Emacs is one such example of a text editor that is known for its versatility and flexibility. Emacs has a simple-looking and user-friendly interface, coupled with excellent speed and performance, making it a popular tool among the development community.

Emacs, Example, Editor, Excellent

17. Emacs 14,230 downloads Updated: August 26, 2020 GPL 4.3/5 32 An extensible and customizable editor that comes with a wide variety of functions for handling not only text but also HTML or source code

Emacs, Extensible, Editor

18. Emacs is an extensible text editor written primarily in Emacs Lisp

Emacs, Extensible, Editor

19. While it excels at editing text, Emacs stretches the boundaries of what 'text' is

Excels, Editing, Emacs

20. Emacs is one of the oldest and most versatile text editors available for Linux and UNIX-based systems

Emacs, Editors

21. It’s been around for a long time (more than twenty years for GNU Emacs) and is well known for its powerful and rich editing features.

Emacs, Editing

22. One of the most feature-rich editors available is Emacs

Editors, Emacs

23. Emacs started in the mid-1970s as a set of macro extensions for a different code editor

Emacs, Extensions, Editor

24. It was adopted into the GNU project by Richard Stallman in the early 1980s, and GNU Emacs has been continuously maintained and developed ever since.

Early, Emacs, Ever

25. Emacs is known for its immaculate performance speeds, as well as for possessing an extremely user-friendly interface and fully detailed documentation

Emacs, Extremely

26. The functionalities of Emacs, such as version control integration, multiple editing modes, and others, gives it quite the edge over its competitors.

Emacs, Editing, Edge

27. Emacs is a highly extensible text editor.It is built on a C core, and provides a fully featured Lisp environment (the language from which the Gods wrought the universe).

Emacs, Extensible, Editor, Environment

28. There's a reason why Emacs was featured in Tron Legacy - because it's sexy! You can use Emacs for all of your text processing needs, internet and social network interactions, hacking, coding, managing to-do's and organizing


29. Learning Emacs – there are many resources ways to learn Emacs, and lots of aids to learning Learn Emacs Lisp – EmacsLisp is the heart and soul of Emacs

Emacs, Emacslisp

30. DotEmacs – writing an init file to run EmacsLisp code at startup.


31. There are several distributions of binaries of Gnu-Emacs for MS-Windows to choose from, see CategoryWThirtyTwo#toc1


32. GNU Emacs is one grand ol’ adventure, let alone Doom Emacs


33. Before you start you’ll need to set up Emacs, Doom, and its packages, then learn how to take care of your new puppy/operating system


34. This guide will walk you through installing, using, configuring and troubleshooting all of these things, to smooth you into your Emacs journey.


35. Emacs Shortcut Cheatsheet Starting Emacs: start Emacs! ! !Emacs Exiting Emacs: suspend Emacs! ! !C-z exit Emacs! ! !C-x C-c Files: read file! ! !C-x C-f visit file other window! !C-x C-v save file! ! !C-x C-s insert file! ! !C-x i write buffer to file! !C-x C-w Getting Help: first time users!! !C-h t second time users! !C-h ? help on keystroke

Emacs, Exiting, Exit

36. To use Emacs editor, use command – “Emacs [-option] [file name]” (without quotation marks) : Example: Emacs new.txt

Emacs, Editor, Example

37. Emacs For the Dummies To run Emacs, just type Emacs filename where filename is the file you want to edit.

Emacs, Edit

38. On PowerPC desktop or any workstations with X windows, you may want to put the Emacs session into background so that you can still use the current xterm window, just type


39. XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system


40. It is protected under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in particular GNU Emacs


41. Helm is an Emacs framework for incremental completions and narrowing selections


42. It helps to rapidly complete file names, buffer names, or any other Emacs interactions requiring selecting an item from a list of possible choices.


43. IDE interface for Emacs (code browsing, compilation, debug)


44. 사실 Emacs를 쓰는 사람들은 VI를 대체로 쓸 줄 아는 사람들이기 때문에 그냥 깔려 있는 거 쓴다는 게 더 정확한 얘기일 듯


45. 게다가 Emacs 오래 쓰는 사람들은 당연히 자신의 Setting을 옮길 방법도 마련해 놓는다.


46. Emacs could adjust to the user a bit, at a minimum by recognizing that there is an Alt key rather than the antique Meta


47. Emacs Commands List C = Control M = Meta = AltEsc Basics C-x C-f "find" file i.e


48. Open/create a file in buffer C-x C-s save the file C-x C-w write the text to an alternate name C-x C-v find alternate file C-x i insert file at cursor position C-x b create/switch buffers C-x C-b show buffer list C-x k kill buffer C-z suspend Emacs C-X C-c close down Emacs


49. Emacs (pronounced EE-maks and sometimes spelled "Emacs" or "Emacs") is a popular text editor used mainly on Unix -based systems by programmers, scientists, engineers, students, and system administrators

Emacs, Ee, Editor, Engineers

50. Like other Unix text editors, Emacs provides typed commands and special key combinations that let you add, delete, insert, and otherwise

Editors, Emacs

51. Emacs allows you to record one series of commands (called keyboard macros or kbd macros) and execute those commands as often as you need

Emacs, Execute

52. Macros are active only during the current Emacs session unless you save them to your .Emacs file (saving them with names will not …


53. @call drive:\Emacs_SOMEWHERE\Emacs-23.2\bin\Emacsclientw.exe --alternate-editor=c:\programs\Emacs-23.2\bin\runEmacs.exe -n -c %* This is a fair bit of work, but it will enable me to run the one and same Emacs from either a windows command prompt or from a cygwin command prompt, provided that /cygdrive/h/bin is added to my cygwin PATH variable.

Emacs, Emacsclientw, Exe, Editor, Enable, Either

54. Looking for online definition of Emacs or what Emacs stands for? Emacs is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary


55. The Emacs editor predates Linux, and was once far more popular, but it has fallen into relative obscurity over the years

Emacs, Editor

56. In a mega-thread on the Emacs-devel mailing list, participants discussed various ideas for making Emacs more "attractive", in both aesthetic and in "appealing to more users" senses of that term


57. Any improvements to Emacs in that regard have numerous hurdles to …


58. Emacs Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for those using, extending or developing Emacs

Emacs, Exchange, Extending

59. Emacs provides many useful tools for Windows developers or anyone that have to use Windows for professional reasons or use Windows at work such as: Powerful terminal emulator: Emacs can be a powerful terminal emulator for Windows and a outstanding replacement for cmd.exe terminal emulator because it has history, multi line history and multi

Emacs, Emulator, Exe

60. EDE, short for Emacs Development Environment can be used as the interface for managing projects

Ede, Emacs, Environment

61. EDE is enabled and project configuration file cc-mode-projects.el in .Emacs.d, if existed, is loaded by the following code:

Ede, Enabled, El, Emacs, Existed

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does emacs do?

Emacs (pronounced EE-maks and sometimes spelled "emacs" or "EMACS") is a popular text editor used mainly on Unix-based systems by programmers, scientists, engineers, students, and system administrators.

What is the difference between Emacs and XEmacs?

XEmacs is a variant that branched from GNU Emacs in 1991. GNU Emacs and XEmacs use similar Lisp dialects and are for the most part compatible with each other. Emacs is, along with vi, one of the two main contenders in the traditional editor wars of Unix culture. Emacs is among the oldest free and open source projects still under development.

Can I use GNU Emacs as an interpreter?

GNU Emacs supports the capability to use it as an interpreter for the Emacs Lisp language without displaying the text editor user interface.

What is emacs in unix?

Like other Unix text editors, Emacs provides typed commands and special key combinations that let you add, delete, insert, and otherwise manipulate words, letters, lines, and other units of text. Emacs is commonly used to enter the source statements for programs. Emacs itself is built using the Lisp programming language...

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