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ELUSION [əˈlo͞oSH(ə)n]

elusion (noun) · elusions (plural noun)

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See also: Elusion Illusion Illusional Illusionist Elution Illusioned Illusionate Illusionism Illusionary Illusionized Illusionistic Illusionment

1. Elusion definition is - an act of eluding

2. How to use Elusion in a sentence.

3. Elusion definition, the act of eluding; evasion

4. Elusion: See: abstention , avoidance , evasion , flight , subterfuge

5. Elusion: 1 n the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning) Synonyms: eluding , slip Type of: evasion the act of physically escaping from something (an opponent or a pursuer or an unpleasant situation) by some adroit maneuver

6. 12 synonyms of Elusion from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 10 related words, definitions, and antonyms

7. Elusion: the act or a means of getting or keeping away from something undesirable

8. Find 376 ways to say Elusion, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

9. Elusion was a female R&B group that consisted of two separate sets of identical twin sisters, Tamica and Tanya Johnson, and Michelle and Marie Harris

10. They teamed up to form the group, Elusion.

11. Elusion is a light, warm, sandy gray with a brick undertone

12. And Elusion relates to escape or avoidance—for example: [I]t does sound as though Colonel Gaddafi’s Elusion from his opponents may have come to an end

13. Of course not having to deal with the swelling Proposition 8 debate would seem appealing to the California Supreme Court – Elusion

14. A spirit of experimentation inspires these Zig Elusion Energy shoes

15. (evitación de dificultad) Elusion n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

16. ‘his continued Elusion of the authorities frustrated the President’ ‘a lengthy trail of Elusions and sidesteps’ 1.1 The action of avoiding compliance with a law or penalty.


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 · Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair, Black: Ergonomic design adjusts to fit multiple users; Contoured seat cushion with a waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs; Height- and width-adjustable arms with soft polyurethane pads; Alera office chair has a 5-star base with casters for easy mobility

18. "Elusion," a virtual reality technology that transports users to "escapes," which mimic untainted landscapes, was created by Regan Welch's father and his teen protégé, Patrick

19. In a world where work and school take place seven days a week and air quality is so poor that oxygen shields are often required, Elusion was meant to offer

20. Elusion is a paint color in our Neutral Paint Colors Family

21. Elusion, the form of virtual reality he developed with her best friend, Patrick, took most of his time

22. Now, Elusion's launch is a bittersweet triumph

23. Boots of Elusion = 8.5 defence skill = 8 and 1.90 dodge

24. Stamina is also buffed, from 25 to 30, along with a Fortitude enchant reaching 42 on Boots of Elusion (+12 Stamina)

25. Elusion - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

26. Elusion definition: an eluding; escape or avoidance by quickness or cunning ; evasion Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

27. Definition of Elusion in the dictionary

28. What does Elusion mean? Information and translations of Elusion in the most comprehensive …

29. Elusion Rate - the percentage of documents coded relevant in the Elusion sample

30. Documents that are skipped during the Elusion Test queue are only included in the denominator (i.e., treated as not relevant)

31. Therefore, you must code all the documents in the Elusion sample to ensure that the calculated Elusion rate is a valid estimate for the

32. The Elusion I you could set the angle of the seat and lock it in place, while still being able to recline the whole chair and lock THAT angle into place

33. ‘his continued Elusion of the authorities frustrated the President’ ‘a lengthy trail of Elusions and sidesteps’ 1.1 The action of avoiding compliance with a law or penalty.

34. Simon "Elusion" Bruno is a League of Legends esports player, previously substitute mid laner for Dynasty

35. 1 Team History 2 News 3 Biography 4 Trivia 5 Tournament Results 6 Media 6.1 Redirects 6.2 References Simon "Elusion" Bruno is a League of Legends esports player, previously substitute mid laner for Dynasty

36. About Elusion This dignified greyed tan paint color is an excellent choice for any interior wall

37. Emory's Elusion in Medicine Park, OK, Medicine Park, Oklahoma

38. The game of challenge and Elusion on her part, of perpetual and ever more ardent advance on his.: There was not much time, however, for thought or Elusion, and she yielded as calmly as she could to the necessity of letting him overtake her.: I said it was, and done in defiance and by Elusion of the law.: The raw product was washed in a Soxhlet until complete Elusion of the soluble products.

39. An Elusion Test is used to validate the accuracy of an Active Learning project

40. We recommend running the Elusion Test near the end of the project when you believe the project has stabilized and the low-ranking documents have an acceptably low relevance rate

41. However, you can run an Elusion Test at any point during the project.

42. Elusion (2) Profile: Disco - soul vocal trio Also known as "The Elusions" They released two albums in the early 80's, produced by Michael Zager

43. The Elusion is Matt Layden's newest micro-cruiser

44. Elusion was so freaking good! Okay, so I finished this book a while ago and I'm just now writing the review

45. Antonyms for Elusion include confrontation, facing, frankness, honesty, meeting, openness, reality, truth, fairness and honour

46. So Elusion is a science fiction semi-dystopia in which this new technology, Elusion, allows people to escape their daily reality and go into a virtual idyllic world to relax and find their literal happy place

47. Our main character, Regan, is the daughter of the inventor of Elusion - although her father has

48. Elusion: Orcas Island Escape Room, Eastsound: Address, Phone Number, Elusion: Orcas Island Escape Room Reviews: 5/5

49. Examples of Elusion in a sentence

50. My cat’s successful Elusion is kind of irritating, since I can’t bathe her if I can’t find her around the house

51. 🔊 Hide and seek is a game all about Elusion, as you can’t win if …


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 · Elusion is both a mystery story and a sci-fi masterpiece, with dips and turns and constant action

53. The very idea of Elusion, a world that is perfect and beautiful, was a unique and fresh idea

54. Variations: Viewing All Elusion

55. Elusion 2017 el mejor Festival de Música Urbana en América Latina, desde la Ciudad de México.

56. Elusion: An Elusion (from the Latin word for “deception”) is an act of eluding, and “to elude” means “to avoid or evade.” (This term is not to be confused with elision — verb form: elide — which means “to delete or omit,” as in contractions or missing words.)

57. Lastly, Elusion is a noun which refers to “the act or an instance of eluding or escaping”

58. “’Elusion’ Charges Dropped Against Portsmouth Mayor” The New Journal and Guide “They might also be considered victims, for having been given the Elusion of competency and then asked to keep up with the complex problems around them

59. A dElusion is a fixed belief that is not amenable to change in light of conflicting evidence

60. A spirit of experimentation inspires these Zig Elusion Energy "Grey/Black" Men's shoes


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 · Alera Elusion Series Mesh Back Fabric Task Chair, Black (ALEEL42BME10B) is the most popular Alera Assorted Office Chair with 8 reviews and starting at $164.99

62. The practices of tax evasion and Elusion, administrative corruption, and contraband constitute the major obstacles to tributary modernization

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