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1. Syntheses of these elements (not “atomic Elementism”)

Elements, Elementism

2. Elementism Wizards can store the powers of the elements in potion form, then consume them using leasaich spells to refill mana. To collect fiors you will need to be wearing a Nadurra Necklace and have the appropriate leasaich spell

Elementism, Elements

3. Elementism is the religion of which the elements in all there holy grace are worshiped

Elementism, Elements

4. People, for example, are constituted of mind (or soul) atoms and of body atoms, the latter qualitatively the same as the former but in slower motion. In his Elementism, then, Democritus exemplified some tendencies toward reductionism (by reducing all existence to a common denominator, the atoms) and toward a mind-body distinction.

Example, Elementism, Exemplified, Existence

5. The term “Elementism” seems more suitable for the present discussion, both for its broader applicability and for its close association to reductionism (Danziger 1979)


6. Differentiate between Elementism and reductionism and give an example of each Elementism

Elementism, Example, Each

7. Such a distinction can be found in traditional associative accounts, but Titchener was more in tune with Wundt’s Elementism


8. Asch's approach put him at odds with the “behaviorist Elementism” dominant in the 1940s and 1950s


9. The early psychology, for example, of associationism and Elementism had so little in common with gestalt psychology which, in turn, was so different from behaviorism or from modern cognitivism that for each of them the relationship with phenomenology has carefully to be redefined, in fact from both ends.

Early, Example, Elementism, Each, Ends

10. We point out the ways in which the Elementism of the two schools selected, framed, and excluded topics of study

Elementism, Excluded

11. The Ngoran Pantheon is referred to by the Albic as Elementism


12. Asch walks the difficult but productive middle ground betweenbehaviorism and psychoanalysis, nature and nurture, Elementism and holism,experimentation and naturalistic observation

Elementism, Experimentation

13. Precedents of contemporary Elementism, namely the structuralism3 of Titchener, and the behaviorism of J


14. That is because a critical outlook towards contemporary Elementism arises from considering the similarities between these two movements and, indeed, the themes that emerge from examining the two

Elementism, Emerge, Examining

15. Elementism is easily falsifiable, but the idea of linearly independent internal states is so compelling to a reductionist neuroscience that it has been dragged from the dustbin repeatedly over the last 100 years—in conjunction with the more familiar 19th-century doctrine on brain organization known as “localization of function.”

Elementism, Easily

16. Elementism? (a) Sigmund Freud (b) Aristotle (c) Plato (d) Paul Broca 75


17. A Statistical analysis B Elementism C Introspection D Natural selection Questio from PSYCH 111 at Brigham Young University, Idaho


18. Another important concept in the field of psychology is to understand the concept of Elementism (

Elementism, Edu

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