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"Electrode" in Example Sentences

1. In batteries which use acids as the electrolyte, a film of hydrogen tends to be deposited on the copper or platinum electrode; but, to obtain a constant electromotive force, several means were soon devised of preventing the formation of the film.
2. How to use electrodes in a sentence. Example sentences with the word electrodes. electrodes example sentences. Sentences Menu. When the ions are set free at the electrodes, they may unite with the substance of the electrode or with some constituent of the solution to form secondary products. 1. 0.
3. 242 sentence examples: 1. They do this by coating a metal electrode with the polymer and then varying the voltage applied to the metal. 2. The electrode was found to be usable for at least months. 3. The electrodes were made from platinum-blacked pla
4. Use electrode in a sentence. Sentence for electrode. How to use the word electrode in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word electrode. How to use “electrode” with example sentences. Examples of electrode in a sentence. Electrode, an electronic conductor at whose surface electrons are released or absorbed.
5. Electrodes in a sentence - Use "electrodes" in a sentence 1. The hole's polysilicon surface acts as the gate electrode. 2. This produces an equally scaled opposing force in the lower electrode. click for more sentences of electrodes
6. Electrodes in a sentence - Use "electrodes" in a sentence 1. The technology involves attaching electrodes to the surface of the skin. 2. Eroding electrodes will cause to ends of the tube to blacken. click for more sentences of electrodes
7. Translations of the phrase THE electrode from english to finnish and examples of the use of "THE ELECTRODE" in a sentence with their translations: tungsten contact tips used with the electrode of a resistance welder.
8. The method generally includes drawing refill electrolyte from a refill bottle and pumping the refill electrolyte to the reference electrode. Primary alkaline batteries use sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. 5. Capacitor, electrolytic in a sentence - Use "capacitor
9. electrode definition: any terminal that conducts an electric current into or away from various conducting substances in a circuit, as the anode or cathode in a battery or the carbons in an arc lamp, or that emits, collects, or controls the flow of elect
10. A tube with electrodes enables the spectrum of the gas in process of distillation to be observed.; The two lines of each pair are supposed to represent the two electrodes of a cell.; Connection is now established between the binding posts and the head and foot electrodes respectively.; Sometimes a single pair of electrodes has been employed having a single point of loose contact between them.
11. How do you use electrode in a sentence? Top Answer. Wiki User. 2014-08-26 03:17:54 2014-08-26 03:17:54. Inez used a zinc nail and copper penny as electrodes in her science project.
12. ‘The electrode sends electrical signals backwards along the vagus nerve to the brain.’ ‘Finally, an aluminium electrode was vacuum-deposited on top of the organic film.’ ‘When air is brought into contact with the second electrode, current flows through any circuit linking the two electrodes.’
13. That electrode by which the current enters the electrolyte is called the an-ode, while the other is the cath-ode.: Some jars have a line or mark showing the proper height of the electrolyte.: This acid diffuses into the electrolyte as fast as the amount of sulphate will permit.: A dry cell is composed of two elements, usually zinc and carbon, and a liquid electrolyte.
14. How can you use “electrode” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The fiberoptic sensor consisted of two optical fibers for the measurement of P CO 2 and pH, a miniature Clark electrode for determination of partial oxygen tension, and a thermocouple for measuring temperature.
15. Examples of 'electrode' in a sentence An electrode is a small piece of metal or other substance that is used to take an electric current to or from a source of power, a piece of equipment, or a living body. The patient's brain activity is monitored via electrodes taped to the skull.
16. electrode definition is - a conductor used to establish electrical contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit.
17. Electrolyte in a sentence up(0) down(0) Sentence count:246Posted:2017-05-05Updated:2017-05-05. Similar words: electrolysis, electromagnetic spectrum, electron, electrode, electronic, electrocute, electronics, electrothermal. 196 Traditional copper surface roughening treatment involve the use of arsenide
18. Example sentences for: two-electrode How can you use “two-electrode” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The initial response shows the current-voltage relationship recorded by two-electrode voltage clamp in an AQP1-expressing oocyte in isotonic 100 mM Na +saline (see Methods).
19. Use “resistivity” in a sentence | “resistivity” sentence examples Gripping device for measuring core resistivity which can regulate the holding force between the core and electrode is designed. 5. The calculated results also show that the electrical resistivity of the contaminated saturation soil is higher in Wenner array, and the
20. electrode potential definition: the potential difference developed when an electrode of an element is placed in a | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Examples of 'electrode potential' in a sentence electrode potential. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
21. Use “zincate” in a sentence | “zincate” sentence examples Co-deposition of zincate and tin ion on zinc electrode were conducted to investigate the effect of tin ion on electro-deposition of zincate. 5. The characteristics and two types of additives of zincate zinc plating were introduced briefly. 6. A called “178” brightening
22. electrode In A Sentence 8sa. Anese Occupations And Jobs Words Vocabulary. Quillbot. Carpenter Resume Template 8 Word Excel Format. Tools Names Useful Of In English With Pictures 7 E S L. Carpenter Resume Sle Writing Genius. Definitely Use The Or A. 250 K Words Phrases Sentences Paragraphs Grouped By Place.
23. Use “redox” in a sentence | “redox” sentence examples This method applied into redox computation program to call the standard electrode potential databases resolves the problem in configuring data source appropriately. 2. A new algebraic method of balancing redox reaction formulas is introduced. 3. In addition, it is widely
24. Information and translations of electrode in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . The STANDS4 Network Examples of electrode in a Sentence. Phillip Gander:
25. Reference-electrode definition: Noun (plural reference electrodes) 1. (chemistry, physics) an electrode with a stable and accurately known electrode potentialOrigin reference + electrode
26. 2. results: determine the end-point of titration by sudden potential change of the Indicatory electrode ( use e-v curve method). 3. the center of moisture flux and perpendicular speed are in accordance with the torrential rain area, which have Indicatory meaning to the torrential rain.
27. 51- The jet is accelerated towards the counter electrode. 52- PETRA can accelerate electrons and positrons to 19 GeV. 53- Evolution of a world line of an accelerated massive particle. 54- British troop build up in Wayanad also accelerated his doubts. 55- However, World War II accelerated the development of aircraft. 56- ZX40S The ZX40S was designed to accelerate faster than the ZX40.
28. 18. use of mineral electrode in determining the surface potential of Rhodochrosite in different electrolytes has shown that the effect of electrolytes on the surface potential of Rhodochrosite displays a certain regularity. 19. technological researches on the preparation of manganous sulfate from Rhodochrosite
29. electrode In A Sentence 8sa. Angel Vs Angle How To Use Each Correctly Queens Ny English. In Praise Of The Long And Plicated Sentence Literary Hub. Correcting A Run On Sentence With Period Or Semicolon.
30. Electrolysis: Electro-chemical process in which current is passed between two electrodes through an ionized solution (electrolyte) to deposit positive ions (anions) on the negative electrode (cathode) and negative ions (cations) on the positive electrode (anode). The entire system is called electrolytic cell which is used in several industries
31. Use somewhat in a sentence | somewhat sentence examples. Another and somewhat similar example is furnished by what has been variously designated as the " string," toy," " lovers," and " mechanical " telephone. 0 Such multiple-electrode transmitters give a loud although somewhat harsh sound, and will bear being spoken to very strongly without breaking the circuit.
32. In order to improve the image resolution of the system, a 3D model of ERT/ ECT dual-modality sensing electrode array was established by using the software COMSOL. 2 To confirm the validity of our conclusions, we use both Gaussian beams and COMSOL Multiphysics software to simulate our theoretical results.
33. Glacier and erosion in a sentence . Answer. Answers. Answered by Deleted. A glasier can cause an eroision miles away from eachother . 0 0 Comment. A galvanic cell has an x electrode with x 2 plus ions in the left beaker and a y electrode with y 2 plus ions in the right beaker. a salt bridge conn
34. The electrode consumption of unit product is much lower than that of pre-sintering electrode. 5: Image based rendering methodology (IBR) can give a good balance between them. In this paper, we will have a sample about how to use IBR to rendering a large-scaled forest scene.
35. Amperometry in chemistry is detection of ions in a solution based on electric current or changes in electric current.. Amperometry is used in electrophysiology to study vesicle release events using a carbon fiber electrode.Unlike patch clamp techniques, the electrode used for amperometry is not inserted into or attached to the cell, but brought in close proximity of the cell.

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