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1. English Language Learners Definition of Egotism : the feeling or belief that you are better, more important, more talented, etc., than other people See the full definition for Egotism in the English …

English, Egotism, Etc

2. Egotism is the common word for obtrusive and excessive reference to and emphasis upon oneself and one's own importance: His Egotism alienated all his friends.

Egotism, Excessive, Emphasis

3. Egotism the practice of thought, speech, and conduct expressing high self-regard or self-exaltation, usually without skepticism or humility

Egotism, Expressing, Exaltation

4. Egotism means that you think the world revolves around you, and that you believe you are more important then you really are


5. Egotism is the opposite of humility


6. Egotism is not to be confused with high self-esteem, in which one views oneself favorably for whatever reason.

Egotism, Esteem

7. Since you already solved the clue Egotism which had the answer SELFISHNESS, you can simply go back at the main post to check the other daily crossword clues


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9. Synonyms & Antonyms of Egotism 1 an often unjustified feeling of being pleased with oneself or with one's situation or achievements for someone who has won …


10. Egotism Lyrics: Oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah / I'm callin' you out / It's time to speak the truth out / I think we need to fall out, uh / So I can get my head ‘round / Everything you blew out, hey / How

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11. Egotism (n.) 1714, "too frequent use of 'I'," from ego + -ism.First used by Joseph Addison, who credits the term to "Port-Royalists" who used it in reference to obtrusive use of first person singular pronoun in writing, hence "talking too much about oneself."

Egotism, Ego

12. Compromise in small or great seemed cowardice, and there was no doubt a strain of Egotism in his obstinacy


13. THE LIFE OF MAZZINI BOLTON KING He made the whole running with an ignorant Egotism that caused my fingers to itch to box his ears

Egotism, Ears

14. Egotism, then, is a mask we wear to hide the faults or weaknesses we believe we have


15. The foundation of Egotism is the delusion that we’re different, the delusion that some of us are better than others


16. Definition of Egotism in the dictionary


17. What does Egotism mean? Information and translations of Egotism in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …


18. What does Egotism mean? An inflated sense of one's own importance; conceit


19.Egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself • An excessive and objectionable reference to oneself in conversation or writing • Excessive and objectionable reference to oneself in conversation or writing • Self-importance an …

Egotism, Enhance, Excessive

20. ‘His morbid Egotism, combined with his acceptance of a passive social role, is far too strong.’ ‘The problems of corporate governance are about much more than rapacious Egotism.’ ‘So when she said that she decided to stay on as there was important work to do afterwards, I grinned at the splendid naivety of her Egotism.’


21. Egotism (usually uncountable, plural Egotisms) A tendency to talk excessively about oneself

Egotism, Egotisms, Excessively

22. "Egotism" is an inflated sense of one's importance; it's being conceited or vain.


23. Very often though, Egotism can be an attempt to cover up insecurity in a person who does not feel they will be good enough without it

Egotism, Enough

24. There's something to all of this on a psychological level, something more than mere Egotism, I hope, but I'm not sure what it is.


25. Egotism is the quality of being egotistic.

Egotism, Egotistic

26. Ruzuzu commented on the word Egotism


27. Egotism is a derived term of ego

Egotism, Ego

28. As nouns the difference between Egotism and ego is that Egotism is a tendency to talk excessively about oneself while ego is (senseid)the self, especially with a …

Egotism, Ego, Excessively, Especially

29. Egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself, and generally features an inflated opinion of one's personal features and importance

Egotism, Enhance

30. Egoism is the moral concept that composes self-interest as the substance of morality while Egotism is the practice of talking about oneself exceptionally because of an unjustified sense of narcissism

Egoism, Egotism, Exceptionally

31. Egotism: 1 n an exaggerated opinion of your own importance Synonyms: self-importance , swelled head Types: superiority complex an exaggerated estimate of your own value and importance Type of: conceit , conceitedness , vanity the trait of being unduly vain and conceited; false pride n an inflated feeling of pride in your superiority to others

Egotism, Exaggerated, Estimate

32. He fails to address the substantial problem of low self-esteem and fails to address the gendered nature of Egotism and ego defence mechanisms

Esteem, Egotism, Ego

33. What is the definition of Egotism? What is the meaning of Egotism? How do you use Egotism in a sentence? What are synonyms for Egotism?


34.Egotism is all about insensitivity, whereas egoism is all about selfishness

Egotism, Egoism

35. Egotism is a natural human tendency


36. Rejecting Egotism, Christians are called to entrust themselves to God

Egotism, Entrust

37. Egotistic definition, pertaining to or characterized by Egotism

Egotistic, Egotism

38. Egotism - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions


39. Egotism es un término alternativo para egoism

Egotism, Es, Egoism

40. 'Egotism' is an alternate term for 'egoism'

Egotism, Egoism

41. How to say Egotism in English? Pronunciation of Egotism with 2 audio pronunciations, 17 synonyms, 3 meanings, 2 sentences and more for Egotism.

Egotism, English

42. As nouns the difference between pride and Egotism is that pride is the quality or state of being proud; inordinate self-esteem; an unreasonable conceit of one's own superiority in talents, beauty, wealth, rank etc, which manifests itself in lofty airs, distance, reserve and often contempt of others while Egotism is a tendency to talk excessively about oneself.

Egotism, Esteem, Etc, Excessively

43. Egotism See also Arrogance, Conceit, Individualism


44. [TV: “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” in Terrace, II, 70] cat symbol of Egotism because of its aloofness and independence


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EGOTISM [ˈēɡəˌtizəm]

egotism (noun)

  • the practice of talking and thinking about oneself excessively because of an undue sense of self-importance.
Synonyms: self-centredness . egocentricity . egomania . self-interest . selfishness . self-seeking . self-serving . self-regard . self-absorption . self-obsession . self-love . narcissism . self-admiration . self-adulation . vanity . conceit . conceitedness . self-conceit . pride . self-esteem . self-importance . boastfulness . boasting . bragging . amour propre . braggadocio . altruism . modesty .

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the etymology of the word 'egotism'?

Both words derive from Latin ego ('I'), the first-person singular pronoun. Egotism, the more commonly used term, denotes an excessive sense of self-importance, too-frequent use of the word 'I,' and general arrogance and boastfulness.

What is the adjective for egotism?

This reference page can help answer the question what are some adjectives commonly used for describing EGOTISM. apparent, colossal, human. intense, mean, mere. monstrous, morbid, much. national, natural, own. personal, pure, selfish. sublime. Hope this word list had the adjective used with egotism you were looking for.

What is rational egoism?

Rational egoism (also called rational selfishness) is the principle that an action is rational if and only if it maximizes one's self-interest. The view is a normative form of egoism. It is distinct from psychological egoism (according to which people are motivated only to act in their own self-interest)...

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