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EFFORTLSS [ˈefərtləs]

effortless (adjective)

  • requiring no physical or mental exertion.
  • achieved with admirable ease.
Synonyms: unhurried . relaxed . easy . easygoing . gentle . sedate . comfortable . restful . undemanding . slow . lazy . lackadaisical . languid . languorous . lingering . measured . steady . laid-back . brisk . hurried . flowing . liquid . liquefied . melted . molten . running . gaseous . gassy . fluxional . solid .

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What is the meaning of effortless?

Definition of effortless : showing or requiring little or no effort effortless power Other Words from effortless Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about effortless Other Words from effortless

What does effort mean in English?

Learning a foreign language requires effort; The effort of climbing the hill made the old man very tired. 2. a trying hard; a struggle. The government's efforts to improve the economy were unsuccessful; Please make every effort to be punctual. 3. the result of an attempt. Your drawing was a good effort. done without (apparent) effort.

Is it effortless or difficult to achieve?

It appears effortless but, in reality, it is difficult to achieve, requiring a clear vision and an uncompromising approach in its execution. Much of routine driving is done automatically, and automaticity, which represents fast effortless cognitive processing, can occur at all three levels of control.

What is effortless grace?

She walked with effortless grace. His writing is known for its seemingly effortless style. Recent Examples on the Web But the Norse have had good teams for four years in a row, twice making the Madness and making the transition from D-II seem effortless.

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