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Looking for sentences with "Educator"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Teacher 2. Tutor 3. Instructor 4. Pedagogue 5. Schoolteacher 6. Schoolmaster 7. Schoolmistress 8. Master 9. Mistress 10. Educationalist 11. Educationist 12. Coach 13. Trainer 14. Lecturer 15. Professor 16. Don 17. Fellow 18. Reader 19. Academic 20. Guide ...21. Mentor 22. Guru 23. Counselor 24. Dominie 25. Pandit 26. Schoolmarm 27. Beak 28. Doctor 29. Schoolman 30. Usher 31. Preceptor 32. Pupil See more »
1. The object of educator is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives 
2. He was a well - known educator
3. An educator must first educate himself
4. They believe that the role of the community educator is much more limited than the rhetoric often implies
5. Every educator has a personal story to tell from working in our home care teams
6. Writer and educator George Leonard has described some of the dangers of a foreshortened perspective on time
7. Although an educator and a parent I can not claim to be an expert
8. For example an educator can explain to a parent why a student was disciplined without being liable for defamation
9. The educator located the local location allocated to him
10. George H Smith libertarian author and educator
11. One is about educator John Dewey
12. Erica Jong is an American author and educator
13. Being an educator was very important to Leonard Bernstein
14. Her father was an educator and social reformer
15. Pan Tianshou was an educator calligrapher and painter
16. He is a card-carrying educator
17. The man who can make hard things easy is the educator
18. The television producer today has to be part news person part educator
19. An early California case provides an example of an educator who was punished for such behavior
20. He cautioned however that the broadcaster tries to be a moral educator rather than an objective news presence
21. His formative influence as a boy had been John Cassell's Popular Educator first published in
22. An important component is the opportunity to receive up-to-date information from a childbirth educator
23. She did not take her own advice either as a ground-breaking lawmaker or later as an educator and volunteer public servant
24. And we can share best practices so that every educator and employer does not have to recreate effective strategies from scratch
25. Examiner contributor Nancy Fox is a public relations consultant educator and composer
26. And more than this the law should adopt the role of community educator
27. The genitor is far less important here than the educator
28. She should be given the respect due a great educator
29. Johnnie had been an example of a pervasive counterculture phenomenon a rebellious student but by accident a great educator
30. Chang relates a personal experience as an early childhood educator about the use of drawing to enhance children's knowledge of science. 0. 2. A clinical educator 's handbook is provided in which the learning outcomes are identified. 0. 2.
31. educator definition is - one skilled in teaching : teacher. How to use educator in a sentence.
32. educator has a biochemistry section, but I think lessons with a chemistry perspective would very useful for us. My OChem class covers these biological molecules, and the last three chapters of my textbook concern these topics. Thank you!
33. A Guide To MBTI: How To Use It As An educator. This can also be a great conversation starter with them about the personality test, what it means, and how they can use it as a tool to work more efficiently with peers and teachers. An important note, however, is that the previous test is ideal for people ages 12 and older.
34. E offers super comprehensive instructional videos in math & science to help you save time and ace your class. is an online learning t
35. Nearly a million courses were completed worldwide over the last month on the Microsoft educator Center. Bring new skills to your classroom, earn professional development hours, and acquire badges as you confidently implement hybrid learning. Microsoft Global Learning Connection 2020.
36. Become a B&N educator Today! Save 20% off publisher’s list price on all purchases for classroom use. Discounts of up to 25% off the publisher’s list price during educator Appreciation Days. First access to helpful educational resources, valuable email offers, and information on exclusive educator events. Sign Up for Free
37. Take the “Educators for Joe” election pledge if you are ready to fire Betsy DeVos and elect a president who will fight for educators and students.
38. The ET 300 Mini educator is a one or two dog e-collar from E-Collar Technologies with a 1/2 mile transmit range. It has the following amazing features: The Mini educator is the safest, most humane and advanced remote dog training collar in the world! Ergonomic no-look design with buttons right at your fingertips
39. Darri Stephens is a seasoned educator and former member of Teach for America, a published author, and worked in content management for companies including Nickelodeon, IMAX, EdSurge, Discovery Education, Common Sense, and Wonder Workshop. She founded her own content consulting agency, Darrow Ink.
40. Estes educator 1-Page Summary This one-page summary about Estes educator can be used when securing approval for starting a model rocket program in your classroom. We’ve outlined the key points that might be of interest to Administrators and Curriculum Advisors. After choosing the Perfect Lesson Plan and printing the “Here Is What You Will
41. The Moodle educator Certification Program is a comprehensive certification program for experienced Moodle-using educators who have been teaching with Moodle for at least one year. The MEC focuses on applying knowledge of Moodle to build effective teaching and learning activities.
42. In order to receive the Google Certified educator status, you will need to pass the corresponding Level 1 or Level 2 exams. These exams are mostly performance based exams that test you on your ability to use Google for Education tools in a classroom setting. To register for an exam, click here.
43. Your diabetes educator will help you learn about all the things in your day-to-day life that can help control the disease -- like exercise, nutrition, medications, and checking your blood sugar.
44. How to use video and animation effects. Lesson 4. course. Hybrid Learning for the Adolescent Learner. course. Hybrid Learning in the Intermediate Classroom. Physical computing for the non-computer science educator. course. Problem-Based Learning. course. Reimagine the Writing Process with Microsoft in Education. course.
45. Use of the Unfolding Case Study in Teaching Nurse educator Master of Science in Nursing Students Annette I. Peery, EdD, RN, CNE Journal of Nursing Education. 2015;54(3):180

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