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Looking for sentences with "Educationist"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Education 2. Teaching 3. Schooling 4. Tuition 5. Tutoring 6. Instruction 7. Pedagogy 8. Andragogy 9. Coaching 10. Training 11. Tutelage 12. Drilling 13. Preparation 14. Guidance 15. Indoctrination 16. Inculcation 17. Enlightenment 18. Edification 19. Cultivation 20. Development ...21. Improvement 22. Bettering 23. Learning 24. Knowledge 25. Literacy 26. Schooling 27. Scholarship 28. Enlightenment 29. Cultivation 30. Culture 31. Refinement 32. Letters 33. Ignorance 34. Understanding 35. Insight 36. Learning 37. Knowledge 38. Awareness 39. Information 40. Erudition 41. Wisdom 42. Instruction 43. Teaching 44. Illumination 45. Light 46. Edification 47. Awakening 48. Culture 49. Refinement 50. Cultivation 51. Civilization 52. Sophistication 53. Advancement 54. Development 55. Liberalism 56. Ignorance 57. Benightedness See more »
1. Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry creativity entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model A P J Abdul Kalam 
2. Educationists have allied with development theorists to extend these ideas to the Third World
3. Educationists must modify or supplement teacher training courses soas to cater for those who will work in rural schools
4. It is a home of famous ideologist politics educationist
5. educationist also has become a president the th?
6. The object of educationist to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their live
7. Christopher Alexander is an active architectural theorist educationist and architect in the modern western architectural field
8. Zhang Shanlei a modern famous philologist educationist and clinician took high reputation in TCM circle
9. The famous mathematics educationistwwwSentencedictcom Hans Freudenthal thinks mathematicilization and study are a process of development Mr
10. Mr wang is the famous educationist and composer who merely creates piano works in our country
11. Herbart is a famous educationist of Germany He was also considered to be the representative of traditional education and had received the severe attack for that at the same time
12. CaiYuanpei is a great democratic revolutionist educationist thinker in Chinese modern history
13. He is an educationist who was respected when alive and mourned now dead
14. As the earliest thinker and educationist Coufucius had deepest influence in Ancient times in China
15. Jaspers was a famous humanism educationist of Germany in the th Century
16. Are we getting our money's worth? An eminent educationist is now asking it loud and clear
17. educationist Mr Cai Yuanpei said: " educationist means to engage with the affairs of cultivating personality "
18. Xu Te - li is a famous educationist in Chinese history of modern education
19. Ernest L Boyer was a famous educationist and a famous educational speaker of modern America
20. Derek Bok is a famous higher educationist jurist and socialist of America
21. The famous Russian educationist Sukhomlinski emphasizes that education if has no beauty no art is unimaginable
22. Suffice it here to say that there have emerged other groups of educationists who present alternative views
23. Moreover we are not qualified to suggest any solutions to this problem - that must be a job for educationists
24. It turns out that what seems elemental to many expert educationists is actually bizarre from the long perspective of history and anthropology
25. Hegel is not only a great philosopher but also a successful educationist in philosophy
26. Liang Ying was a famous scholar of Neo - Confucianism and educationist in the early Ming dynasty
27. In latter - day YanFu was the famous idealistic torchbearer Caiyuanpei was the famous educationist
28. Jin Yuelin is not only the most accomplished philosopher and logician but also an outstanding educationist of modern China
29. Emile Durkheim - is a famous sociologist and educationist of France in the turn of th - th century
30. educationist definition is - a professional educator. How to use educationist in a sentence.
31. How to use educationist in a sentence. Example sentences with the word educationist. educationist example sentences.
32. As an educationist, her surmise is that literacy had failed to free women from their predicament of subordination.: They could argue that he cannot offer intellectual ideas on the matter because he is an educationist who speaks educationese.: The American music educationist produced a vocally based method, which has been influential in several countries, especially among teachers of younger
33. educationist definition, a specialist in the theory and methods of education. See more.
34. Most people chose this as the best definition of educationist: A specialist in the theor See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
35. Another word for educationist. Find more ways to say educationist, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
36. How to use educationists in a sentence. Example sentences with the word educationists. educationists example sentences.
37. Definition of educationist in the D dictionary. Meaning of educationist. What does educationist mean? Information and translations of educationist in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
38. How to use educator in a sentence. one skilled in teaching : teacher; a student of the theory and practice of education : educationist; an administrator in education… See the full definition
39. An educationist, Mrs. Oyefunke Adepoju, has advised youths to leverage on the social media to achieve their goals and add value to their lives. She urged them to choose wisely as the social media
40. The educationist. Search. In the first part, I asked the speakers to explain what, according to them, is philosophy and what use is it; as well as what they felt was the role of philosophy of education in particular. The second part of the interviews was about the papers that they had presented at the conference – my attempt was to get
41. An Educationist, Mrs Remi Willoughby, on Friday advised government to introduce robotics in schools to boost the learning process. Delta school Robotics is the study of how robots can perform any
42. New Delhi: Maulana Kalbe Sadiq — the Islamic scholar, educationist, philanthropist and senior vice-president of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) — passed away late Tuesday at the Era’s Lucknow Medical College and Hospital in Uttar Pradesh’s capital. The 83-year-old Shia cleric enjoyed enormous goodwill and following across various countries, often propagating values of
43. UNESCO and the use of mother tongue in education. 10th March 2019. in Editorial. 0. 5. SHARES. 392. VIEWS. Nigeria,” the late former Minister of Education and renowned educationist, Prof

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