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Looking for sentences with "Educate"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Teach 2. School 3. Tutor 4. Instruct 5. Coach 6. Train 7. Upskill 8. Drill 9. Prime 10. Prepare 11. Guide 12. Inform 13. Enlighten 14. Edify 15. Cultivate 16. Develop 17. Inculcate 18. Indoctrinate 19. Improve 20. Better ...21. Uplift 22. Elevate 23. Train 24. Teach 25. Coach 26. Tutor 27. Guide 28. Groom 29. Drill 30. Accustom 31. Adapt 32. Habituate 33. Mold 34. Inure 35. Legal See more »
1. The television programme is designed to educate and not merely to entertain
2. The school aims to educate children in a caring environment
3. The television program is designed to educate and not merely to entertain
4. School teachers educate children
5. Teacher who educate children deserve more honor than parents who merely gave them birth; for the latter provided more life while the former ensure a good life
6. Individuals with knowledge must attempt to educate the uninformed
7. To a degree it is possible to educate oneself
8. They went to great expense to educate their son
9. Parents should educate their children to behave well
10. Ruth's parents opted to educate her intensively at home
11. The object is to educate people about road safety
12. An educator must first educate himself
13. She tried to educate her son's taste in music
14. How much does it cost to educate a child privately?
15. Most children's television programmes aim to educate and entertain at the same time
16. Drinkwise Day is mainly designed to educate people about the destructive effects of alcohol abuse
17. Parents are under a legal obligation to educate their children
18. The campaign is intended to educate the public to respect the environment
19. It is important to educate children before they become sexually active
20. My mission in life is to educate the rich about the suffering of the poor
21. Doctors want to educate teenagers about unsafe sexual practices
22. They expect the schools will educate their kids
23. My new mission in life is to help educate others
24. The object of educator is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives 
25. A museum should aim to entertain as well as educate
26. The government say they are trying to do more to educate the public about the consequences of drug abuse
27. Museums are on the move[http://sentencedictcom/educatehtml] adding exhibits that entertain and educate
28. There is a danger that museums will attempt to entertain rather than educate
29. He opposes the Gallegly Amendment denouncing the idea of a government that refuses to educate all the children under its care
30. How to use educate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word educate. educate example sentences.
31. educate definition is - to provide schooling for. How to use educate in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of educate.
32. educate somebody on something Children need to be educated on the dangers of drug-taking. educate somebody about something an effort to educate consumers about the importance of long-term saving from an early age; educate somebody to do something The campaign is intended to educate people to respect the environment.
33. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "educate" She was educated in a private school in AustinThe best way to keep your children away from dangerous drugs is to educate them to make wise choices for themselves. She was educated in a private school in Austin. He is a very educated man, with degrees in both history and geography.
34. It could take an entire generation just to re-educate people. The strategy aims to put in place opportunities and schemes to re-educate owners, offering them advice and assistance to return their properties to use. One of our priorities in 2013 is to re-educate the new Congress on the franchise sector and to fight for comprehensive tax reform.
35. Use of the AWS educate Job Board features is subject to the AWS educate Terms & Conditions. It is available globally to students who are 14 or older, with the exceptions of China, Switzerland, and European Economic Area countries (16 or older); and Algeria, Lebanon, and Portugal (18 or older).
36. We are struggling to educate our children at a foundational level. Less than 40% of Texas 3rd graders in are reading on grade level. Among low-income students, it’s only 33%. ieducate connects young adults who aspire to teach with students who need to learn. READ ABOUT OUR COVID-19 RESPONSE.
37. Professor Rose Luckin's educate is an accelerator programme that helps EdTech startups and educators access the research and evidence they need to unlock the greatest educational solutions. EdTech that works for everyone, everywhere. Pitch Battle. We're hosting the Global EdTech Startup Award semifinals.
38. For best results, use a desktop computer and a hardwire connection instead of Wifi. If you are having trouble logging in or registering for the course, click on How to Get Started. Have a question? Check this list for some answers. If you still need assistance, please e-mail [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 1.
39. Welcome to SEER*Educate. This comprehensive training platform is tailored specifically for cancer registry professionals to improve technical skills through applied testing on the latest coding guidelines and concepts. Why Sign Up? Free. Funded by the National Cancer Institute for use by registrars in hospitals and central registries to promote
40. educate definition, to develop the faculties and powers of (a person) by teaching, instruction, or schooling. See more.
41. educate definition: 1. to teach someone, especially using the formal system of school, college, or university: 2. to…. Learn more.
42. Use of the AWS educate Job Board features is subject to the AWS educate Terms & Conditions. AWS educate provides its members with no cost access to learning content and AWS services designed to build knowledge and skills in cloud computing. It is available globally to students who are 14 or older, with the exceptions of China, Switzerland, and
43. What teaching points would you use to educate your patient with. Type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) whose cultural diet includes a lot of carbohydrates (rice, pasta, or noodles)? Step-by-step answer. usce dui lectus, congue vel laoreet ac, dictum vitae odio. Donec aliquet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
44. Reeducate definition is - to train again; especially : to rehabilitate through education. How to use reeducate in a sentence.
45. These education programs aim to educate adolescents about illicit drug use in an effort to prevent illegal drug use while highlighting the dangers of problematic substance use. [8] The Australian Government has implemented a range of drug education programs through the National Drug Education Strategy (NDES) by providing schools with effective
46. Educate. Enhance your classroom teaching by offering students and distance learners access to group lessons anytime, anywhere. Immerse learners in new experiences and defy physical limitations with virtual trips to Mars, the seabed, or anywhere else you can imagine. Use ENGAGE to create your own unique content or VR lectures.
47. The event raised a significant amount of financial support for the foundation's ongoing work to inform young people about the risks of recreational drug use and to educate the medical community

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