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See also: Editions Editing Editors Editorship Editor's Editable Edit Edith Edited Editor Editrix Editted Edition Editress Editability Editorial Editorially Editorialize

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Editings, Example

2. Synonyms for Editings include deletion, elimination, erasure, excision, expurgation, removals, expunctions, effacement, checkings and copy editing

Editings, Elimination, Erasure, Excision, Expurgation, Expunctions, Effacement, Editing

3. Editings meaning Plural form of editing.

Editings, Editing

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7. Another way to say Editings? Synonyms for Editings (other words and phrases for Editings).


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10. What are synonyms for Editings?


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12. Editing (plural Editings) An act or instance of something being edited. quotations ▼ Synonym: montage (sound recording, cinematography)

Editing, Editings, Edited

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22. Chronic SSRI stimulation of astrocytic 5-HT 2B receptors change multiple gene expressions/Editings and metabolism of glutamate, glucose and glycogen: a potential paradigm shift

Expressions, Editings


Edi, Es, Editings

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Editing, Editings

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EDITINGS [ˈedət]


  • prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.
  • choose material for (a movie or a radio or television program) and arrange it to form a coherent whole.
Synonyms: correct . check . copyedit . improve . revise . emend . polish . modify . adapt . rewrite . reword . rework . rescript . redraft . rephrase . assemble . shorten . condense . cut . abridge . approve . censor . redact . select . choose . organize . put together . arrange . rearrange . select . choose . assemble . organize . put together . arrange . rearrange .

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