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1. Edifyingly synonyms, Edifyingly pronunciation, Edifyingly translation, English dictionary definition of Edifyingly

Edifyingly, English

2. ‘I believe that Strauss remains so universally well-loved because his music is not just stylish and attractive, but also Edifyingly well bolted together.’


3. ‘But it has been five centuries since Dante conducted a census of the Inferno and published his Edifyingly vivid descriptions of …


4. What does Edifyingly mean? In such a manner as to instruct or enlighten

Edifyingly, Enlighten

5. Synonyms for Edifyingly include instructively, informatively, educationally, educatively, illuminatingly, improvingly, scholastically, illuminatively, inspiringly and

Edifyingly, Educationally, Educatively

6. Edifyingly definition in English dictionary, Edifyingly meaning, synonyms, see also 'edifying',edify',edificial',edifice'

Edifyingly, English, Edifying, Edify, Edificial, Edifice

7. See authoritative translations of Edifyingly in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations.

Edifyingly, Example

8. Edifyingly (ˈediˌfyingly) adverb

Edifyingly, Edi

9. Edifyingly Edible Cultural exploration bite-by-bite

Edifyingly, Edible, Exploration

10. The adverb for edify is Edifyingly

Edify, Edifyingly

11. Instruct vs Edifyingly - what is the difference


12. Edifyingly ( comparative more Edifyingly, superlative most Edifyingly ) In such a manner as to instruct or enlighten

Edifyingly, Enlighten

13. For substance of discourse he adds materially to what the friends have said, but in a more rationalistic vein; speaks Edifyingly, as the friends have not done, of the disciplinary value of affliction, and of God's means of revelation by dreams and visions and the interpreting of an intercessory friend (Job 33:13-28).


14. Edifyingly vs edification - what is the difference

Edifyingly, Edification

15. Different between Edifyingly vs edification

Edifyingly, Edification

16. Edifyingly (comparative more Edifyingly, superlative most Edifyingly) In such a manner as to instruct or enlighten.

Edifyingly, Enlighten

17. Edifyingly Edible; Lists; Assistant professor of public relations and communications consultant by day and often by night

Edifyingly, Edible

18. You can check out my blog, Edifyingly Edible …

Edifyingly, Edible

19. We once had and perhaps still have a webpage floating the the “cloud” that compared three early pans from the same Duwamish Head prospect that could be Edifyingly compared to one of Jean’s repeats

Early, Edifyingly

20. Synonyms for Edifyingly in Free Thesaurus


21. Any Edifyingly engaging endeavor enhancing my abilities is listed below

Edifyingly, Engaging, Endeavor, Enhancing

22. Edifyingly subject to the horror involved in the experience of difference, a word so suggestive of leveling sacrifice that it must be replaced, for “Among other confusions, such a word would suggest some organic unity, some primordial and homogeneous unity, that would eventually come to be divided up and take on difference as an event.” 7

Edifyingly, Experience, Eventually, Event

23. Cloven and witnessed Juergen serialises his boardroom crenellating wail Edifyingly


24. This book is refreshingly accessible yet Edifyingly deep and would be helpful in undergraduate, graduate, or local church training


25. The national television reporting has of course brought the horror of those dreadful winged juggernauts into every household, unremittingly, insistently, not always Edifyingly.

Every, Edifyingly

26. Edify definition in English dictionary, edify meaning, synonyms, see also 'edifying',EDI',Edifyingly',edifice'

Edify, English, Edifying, Edi, Edifyingly, Edifice

27. Synonyms for unEdifyingly in Free Thesaurus

28. What are synonyms for unEdifyingly?

29. But close observation can illuminate contradictions, and Lombroso, semi-Edifyingly


30. Plainly, syntactically and semantically there is a lot going on here, and the phrasing is Edifyingly rich even where it might be elusive

Edifyingly, Even, Elusive

31. Edifyingly: edificante: Translations: 1 – 1 / 1

Edifyingly, Edificante

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EDIFYINGLY [edifyingly]

  1. adverb form of edifying

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