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1. Edicts are few and far between in a democracy, since very few important laws can be made by a president or prime minister acting alone


2. 22 synonyms of Edict from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 related words, definitions, and antonyms


3. Edict: an order publicly issued by an authority.


4. Edict synonyms, Edict pronunciation, Edict translation, English dictionary definition of Edict

Edict, English

5. Edict Systems maintains and supports the EDI specifications of an extensive network of grocers and retailers for thousands of suppliers

Edict, Edi, Extensive

6. There are many resident English, who have been nationalized by express Edict, or the construction of the law

English, Express, Edict

7. Edicts are mysterious inherited abilities that can be earned by completing special quests

Edicts, Earned

8. Your Edict progression will stay with all of your characters


9. Edict stands on the belief that diversity is good business


10. But at its core, Edict isn’t just a pronouncement of values


11. The Crossword Solver found 48 answers to the Edict crossword clue


12. This Edict allows short-term overloading of energy grids, letting power plants across our empire run at increased capacity

Edict, Energy, Empire

13. Mining Subsidies 200 +20% Miner Output +0.5 Miner Upkeep; Mineral Purification technology This Edict is a focused administrative effort to reprioritize and re-evaluate production goals, yielding a boost to mining output.

Edict, Effort, Evaluate

14. Edict -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at


15.Edict News Staff The Student Government, on 19th March, called for “a boycott of all classes on Monday and Tuesday” (22nd and 23rd March) to push for three demands that were made in the wake of resignations by Prof


16. / ˈiː.dɪkt / an official order, especially one that is given in a forceful and unfair way: The City Council issued an Edict against spitting in the street.

Especially, Edict

17. An Edict is a decree or announcement of a law, often associated with monarchism, but it can be under any official authority


18. Synonyms include dictum and pronouncement. Edict


19. An Edict can be distinguished from a public proclamation in that an Edict puts a new statute into effect whereas a public proclamation is no more than a declaration of a law prior to its actual enactment.

Edict, Effect, Enactment

20. The definition of an Edict is an order, declaration or command by someone in a position of power or authority


21. An example of an Edict is an order issued by a king.

Example, Edict

22. Edict: 1 n a formal or authoritative proclamation Type of: announcement , annunciation , declaration , proclamation a formal public statement n a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge) Synonyms: decree , fiat , order , rescript Types: show 15 types hide 15 types consent decree

Edict, Entered

23. Edict Systems has been providing EDI services since 1990 and today works with thousands of businesses of all sizes to lower costs, increase efficiencies, and maximize the value of EDI

Edict, Edi, Efficiencies

24. Welcome to the Home Page of the Edict file within the JMdict/Edict Project


25. Edict summer internship program The Edict Summer Internship Program is designed to provide Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and underrepresented students with paid, full-time 10-week internship opportunities in the clean energy and climate tech sector with companies and organizations that are actively building a diverse team and

Edict, Energy

26. Examples of Edict in a sentence

Examples, Edict

27. The principal’s Edict prohibits female students from wearing skirts and dresses that do not cover their knees


28. 🔊 According to the federal Edict, all citizens must pay taxes to the national government


29. 🔊 Under the queen’s Edict, all male members of the royal family must serve at least two years in the


30. Edict is a crossword puzzle clue


31. Edict is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted over 20 times


32. Downloads Edict-97 Version Click here to Download 3804KB Documentation Edict Revision History 48KB Edict-97 Software Guide 5909KB Notes This software will install Edict-97, or upgrade an existing version that was previously installed

Edict, Existing

33. To order Edict-97, contact your local distributor


34. To install the Edict-97 Right …


35. The Praetor's Edict (Edictum praetoris) in ancient Roman law was an annual declaration of principles made by the new praetor urbanus – the elected magistrate charged with administering justice within the city of Rome

Edict, Edictum, Elected

36. During the early Empire the Praetor's Edict was revised to become the Edictum perpetuum

Early, Empire, Edict, Edictum

37. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Related topics: Law Edict e‧dict / ˈiːdɪkt / noun [countable] formal 1 SCL an official public order made by someone in a position of power SYN decree The emperor issued an Edict forbidding anyone to leave the city

English, Edict, Emperor

38. ‘Another step forward was the progressive declarations of invalidity extended to certain laws, decrees, and Edicts issued in Stalin's time.’ ‘Word of this soon reached the British top brass, who sent down an official Edict ordering that the practice cease immediately.’

Extended, Edicts, Edict

39. By Edict News Staff In the wake of Professor Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s resignation from the university, which came out as an Indian Express article on 17th March 2020, there ensued discussions about whether this decision was purely voluntary or was because of his being a critic of the ruling establishment

Edict, Express, Ensued, Establishment

40. Remains-Silent can give Counterfeit Pardon Edict and Leniency Edict every day

Edict, Every

41. Three Counterfeit Pardon Edicts are given at 14 level in Level Up Advisor


42. Leniency Edict is a reward for completion of Signed in Blood


43. Grand Amnesty Edict is a reward for completion of Prison Break


44. Leniency Edict or Counterfeit Pardon Edict can be found in Thieves


45. Definition of Edict noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


46. Translation for: 'Edict' in English->English dictionary

Edict, English

47. The Minor Pillar Edicts are the Schism Edict, warning of punishment for dissent in the Samgha, the Queen's Edict, and the Rummindei Edict as well as the Nigali Sagar Edict which record Ashoka's visits and Buddhist dedications in the area corresponding to today's Nepal

Edicts, Edict

48. The Rummindei and Nigali Sagar Edicts, inscribed on pillars erected by

Edicts, Erected

49. The Edict of Thessalonica, also known as Cunctos populos, was delivered on 27 February 380 by Theodosius I, Gratian, and Valentinian II in order that all their subjects should profess the faith of the bishops of Rome and Alexandria


50. The Edict was issued shortly after Theodosius had suffered a severe illness in Thessalonica and was baptized by Acholius of Thessalonica, the bishop of that city.1


51. Edict 'Edict' is a 5 letter word starting with E and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Edict'

Edict, Ending

52. What is Edict.exe? The .exe extension on a filename indicates an exe cutable file

Edict, Exe, Extension

53. Therefore, please read below to decide for yourself whether the Edict.exe on your computer is a Trojan that you should remove, or whether it is a file belonging to the Windows operating system or to a trusted application.

Edict, Exe

54. The Edict has a full size tanto-style blade with a fine edge and no serrations, allowing for maximum piercing and slicing capabilities

Edict, Edge

55. ‘An imperial Edict against infanticide was issued by Valentinian in 374- making an exception for the very poor.’ ‘You can issue an Edict to cut taxes, which really helps boost your population's happiness.’ ‘He issued an Edict that there will be no flight training at any of the Chicago-owned airports.’

Edict, Exception

56. Edict definition: An Edict is a command or instruction given by someone in authority


57. The Edict_SUB file is in the same format as the Edict file


58. The project was begun in 1991 by the current editor (Jim Breen) when an early DOS-based Japanese word-processor (MOKE - Mark's Own Kanji Editor) was released, containing an initial small version of the Edict

Editor, Early, Edict

59. In 1784, an Edict was made which is still in force, declaring, that any classed seaman, who shall, in time of peace, be found serving in foreign ships, shall be sentenced to fifteen days' confinement, and reduced to the lowest wages, and serve two years extraordinary at the lowest rate; but those who, in time of war, shall be arrested in foreign ships, or passing into foreign countries, shall

Edict, Extraordinary

60. • An Edict is an announcement of a law, often associated with monarchism • The JMdict/Edict project was started by Jim Breen in 1991 with the aim to provide a machine-readable Japanese to English dictionary More crossword answers

Edict, English

61. We found 12 answers for the crossword clue Edict.


62. Edict_t ("entity dictionary") is an interface struct that allows entities to cross the client/server divide: with one attached, an entity has the same index at both ends

Edict, Entity, Entities, Ends

63. The Edict also manages the state of the entity's DataTable and provides a common representation across all DLLs

Edict, Entity

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EDICT [ˈēdikt]

edict (noun) · edicts (plural noun)

  • an official order or proclamation issued by a person in authority.
Synonyms: decree . order . command . commandment . mandate . proclamation . pronouncement . dictum . dictate . fiat . promulgation . precept . law . statute . act . enactment . bill . ordinance . regulation . rule . ruling . injunction . manifesto . ukase . pronunciamento . firman . decretal . rescript .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does edict stand for?

EDICT is an acronym used to describe a coaching strategy. EDICT - Stands for: Explain the skill Explain what the skill is for and when it would be used. Keep it simple and short. Demonstrate the skill Show the skill. The demonstration must be accurate and clear.

What is the noun for edict?

The noun EDICT has 2 senses: 1. a formal or authoritative proclamation 2. a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge)

What does January, edict of mean?

The Nuttall Encyclopedia (0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: January, Edict of. edict of date January 17, 1562, on which Catherine de Médecis granted certain concessions to the Protestants. Janus.

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