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1. (Ec) stock quote, history, news and other vital information to help you with your stock trading and investing.


2. European Community (archaic; European Union is preferred) Ec

European, Ec

3. European Commission (European Union) Ec

European, Ec

4. Ec New York 30+ is an English school designed for adults aged 30 years and over

Ec, English

5. 196 rows · Ec: ElEctrical Conductivity: Ec: Extra Credit: Ec: European Country: Ec: Evolutionary …

Ec, Electrical, Extra, European, Evolutionary

6. Emmanuel College is a Christ-centered liberal arts institution that strives to prepare students to bEcome Christlike disciples who integrate faith, learning and living for effEctive careers, scholarship and service.

Emmanuel, Effective

7. DEcember 16, 2020: Ec Community Update Communications from Term I (Fall 2020) are available in the COVID archives


8. After logging into MyEc, the link to the archive is in the left navigation.

9. As a school system of choice, the finest teachers, involved parents, and a supportive community are key elements in the district's quest to bEcome a system of world-class schools.


10. The Ec-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is an excellent credential in the cybersEcurity world

Ec, Ethical, Excellent

11. Scheduled system maintenance for Ecampus occurs during Saturday mornings from 2:00 to 6:00 a.m


12. Access to Ecampus may be unavailable during this time frame.


13. Ec Comics, an American publisher of comic books; ElEctric Circus, a Canadian television program; Eric Clapton Stratocaster, signature model guitars by Fender; Businesses and organisations Governmental

Ec, Electric, Eric

14. Environment and Climate Change Canada, a Canadian federal government department; European Commission, the exEcutive body of the European Union

Environment, European, Executive

15. Ec investment & stock information


16. Ec detailed stock quotes, stock data, Real-Time EcN, charts, stats and more.

Ec, Ecn

17. EuroCity, abbreviated as Ec, is a cross-border train category within the European inter-city rail network

Eurocity, Ec, European

18. In contrast to trains allocated to the lower-level "IC" (InterCity) category, Ec trains are international services that meet 20 criteria covering comfort, speed, food service, and cleanliness.


19. Ec (European Community) A European grouping from 1958, consisting of the European coal and steel community (EcSC), the European Economic Community (EEc), and the European Atomic Energy Commission (Euratom).

Ec, European, Ecsc, Economic, Eec, Energy, Euratom

20. Ec commander tours Ramstein, Spangdahlem U.S


21. Hon'ble Chief Minister inaugurated ProjEct STAR 2.0 Phase 2 modules on 10.12.2018 which includes QR coded Ec and CC, Payment through 58 banks, Sending of Scanned Registered Document through email, Registration of Societies, Firms, Chits, Marriages and issuance of Birth and Death extracts.

Ec, Email, Extracts

22. This website's sEcurity and privacy policies may differ from that of EcU's website and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information found on this third-party website.


23. Entertaining Comics, more commonly known as Ec Comics, was an American publisher of comic books, which spEcialized in horror fiction, crime fiction, satire, military fiction, dark fantasy, and science fiction from the 1940s through the mid-1950s, notably the Tales from the Crypt series

Entertaining, Ec

24. Initially, Ec was owned by Maxwell Gaines and spEcialized in educational and child-oriented stories

Ec, Educational

25. Ec, which stands for East Cleveland, Ohio, is a ghetto ass, corrupt city on the East Side of Cleveland

Ec, East

26. In Ec, every other house is abandoned, and some are literally falling down

Ec, Every

27. There are few bright spots in Ec.


28. Ec Products & Design - Wholesale supplier for Corvette parts & acccessories


29. SpEcializing in Corvette restoration for C1-C3 Corvettes

30. The elEction commission of Bangladesh, abbreviated Ec, is an independent constitutional body of the nation of Bangladesh that operates the legal functions of the ElEction Law in Bangladesh.

Election, Ec

31. The encumbrances shown in the eEc are those discovered with reference to the description of properties furnished by the applicants at the time of Registration

Encumbrances, Eec

32. Ec definition, European Community

Ec, European

33. Ec Head Office 'Language House' Marguerite Mangion Street, St Julians, STJ 3180, Malta


34. Ec Sourcing Group has been rEcognized for the 9th consEcutive quarter by leading third-party procurement research firm, Spend Matters, as a Value and Customer leader


35. Ec-Council Certified SEcurity Analyst (EcSA) Ec-Council Certified SEcurity Analyst – EcSA (Practical) ETHICAL HACKING

Ec, Ecsa, Ethical

36. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) CEH (MASTER) Mobile Ethical Hacking; NETWORK SEcURITY


37. Certified Network Defender (CND) ICS/SCADA CybersEcurity; Identity and Access Management; Linux Fundamentals; Linux-Server Administration; OTHERS

38. Definition of Ec in the dictionary


39. What does Ec mean? Information and translations of Ec in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


40. EcoleDirEcte : Bienvenue sur le site internet Ecole DirEcte

Ecoledirecte, Ecole

41. What does Ec stand for? List of 2.5k Ec definitions


42. Top Ec abbreviation meanings updated March 2021


43. Ec organizes orientation for newly appointed offic November 15, 2020


44. Ec and police reactivate elEctions task force

Ec, Elections

45. The elEctoral commission to conduct credible, free November 15, 2020


46. Chemistry Ec abbreviation meaning defined here


47. What does Ec stand for in Chemistry? Get the top Ec abbreviation related to Chemistry.


48. Uses of Ec-Naprosyn: It is used to ease pain, swelling, and fever

Ec, Ease

49. Ec: Abbreviation for Enzyme Commission of the International Union of Biochemistry, used in conjunction with a unique number to define a spEcific enzyme in the Enzyme Commission's list [ Enzyme Nomenclature ] (1984); for example, Ec defines an alcohol dehydrogenase and Ec defines aspartate aminotransferase, also known as

Ec, Enzyme, Example

50. MyMane is the tEchnology resources page for Emmanuel College


51. Ec Brochures and Pricelists 2021 Enabling students all over the world to find their voice by learning English and French since 1972

Ec, Enabling, English

52. Encumbrance Search(Ec) Certified Copy News & Events

Encumbrance, Ec, Events

53. Soil elEctrical conductivity (Ec) is a measure of the amount of salts in (salinity of soil)soil

Electrical, Ec

54. It affEcts crop yields, crop suitability, plant nutrient availability, and …

55. Ec-: prefix meaning "out of ": Ecbolic, Eccephalosis, Ecchondroma.

Ec, Ecbolic, Eccephalosis, Ecchondroma

56. Ec/NDT is pleased to be a Leader in the world market of non-destructive testing


57. At Ec/NDT, our vision is providing tEchnically superior products for all of our customers at competitive pricing.We manufacture eddy current probes, cables, adapters, standards, and spEcialized kits to meet our customers needs.At Ec/NDT we handcraft all of our custom parts to Fit, Form & Function.

Ec, Eddy

58. Ec-UASP Item model number Ec-UASP Item Weight 2 ounces Product Dimensions 5.31 x 0.59 x 2.91 inches Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.31 x 0.59 x 2.91 inches Color SATA Black Manufacturer Sabrent ASIN B00OJ3UJ2S Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Date First Available October 15, 2014


59. Ec was founded to open up language education to all, regardless of background or circumstances

Ec, Education

60. LTD Ec-Series Guitar, Black What guitarist wouldn’t want the classic combination of a single-cutaway design with a mahogany body and nEck, and rosewood fingerboard? Available in beautiful Black or Metallic Gold, the LTD Ec-256 is an amazingly affordable way to get into the look and sound of an all-time great guitar that’s great for every

Ec, Every

61. Ec: Economics and Computation Ec '00: Proceedings of the 2nd ACM conference on ElEctronic commerce Ec '04: Proceedings of the 5th ACM conference on ElEctronic commerce

Ec, Economics, Electronic

62. The Ec-130E Commando Solo was an earlier version of a U.S

Ec, Earlier

63. Air Force and Air National Guard psychological operations (PSYOPS) aircraft and this aircraft also employed a C-130E airframe, but was modified by using the mission elEctronic equipment from the retired Ec-121S Coronet Solo aircraft.

Employed, Electronic, Equipment, Ec

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EC [ˌēˈsē]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does EC mean in school?

EC stands for Education Center. Suggest new definition. This definition appears very frequently and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government. Organizations, NGOs, schools, universities, etc.

What does EC stand for in research?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
ECEuropean Community (archaic; European Union is preferred)
ECEuropean Commission (European Union)
ECEuropean Council

188 more rows

What is made in EC?

What the "Made in the EC" signifies is that the product should come upto those standards laid down over the whole of the EU. Think about this though. A lot of the countries in the EC are smaller than states in the US of A so what they do is exactly what America does with your products and instead of made in Kentucky you have made in the USA.

What is an European Community (EC)?

The European Community (EC) was created in 1957 as a way to foster trade cooperation and reduce tensions in the aftermath of World War II .

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