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1. Dystopian definition is - of, relating to, or being an imagined world or society in which people lead dehumanized, fearful lives : relating to or characteristic of a dystopia

Dystopian, Definition, Dehumanized, Dystopia

2. Dystopian is the exact opposite — it describes an imaginary society that is as dehumanizing and as unpleasant as possible

Dystopian, Describes, Dehumanizing

3. George Orwell's "Animal Farm," for example, describes a Dystopian society in which Napoleon, a pig, represents Joseph Stalin in a farmyard satire …

Describes, Dystopian

4. Definition of Dystopia Dystopia is a world in which everything is imperfect, and everything goes terribly wrong. Dystopian literature shows us a nightmarish image about what might happen to the world in the near future

Definition, Dystopia, Dystopian

5. Usually the main themes of Dystopian works are rebellion, oppression, revolutions, wars, overpopulation, and disasters.

Dystopian, Disasters

6. These are the top 100 Dystopian movies that I have watched & rated since joining IMDb in July 2016, well at least according to me anyway


7. The modern dystopia craze is marked by YA books like The Hunger Games, though Dystopian novels have been popular for far longer (see: George Orwell's 1984)

Dystopia, Dystopian

8. By now, there are Dystopian scenarios for all audiences, from middle-school students to adults seeking an entire modern series like N.K


9. Top 500 Dystopian movies:Sci-Fi , Governmental/social, Alien controlled dystopias (both governmental and societal), Corporate based dystopias (nongovernmental), Cyberpunk/techno, Post-apocalyptic, Miscellaneous, Disputed dystopias

Dystopian, Dystopias, Disputed

10. Dystopian literature is a form of speculative fiction that began as a response to utopian literature


11. From delivering powerful critiques of toxic cultural practices to displaying the strength of the human spirit in the face of severe punishment from baneful authoritarians, Dystopian novels have served as indispensable teachers to their readers through propelling societies into …

Delivering, Displaying, Dystopian

12. This Dystopian trilogy from the beautiful mind of Lauren Oliver is a “New York Best Seller” novel that tells a story about Lena Haloway, a young orphan girl who defies the odds against the government’s totalitarianism rule of imposing love as a disease called “Amor deliria nervosa” or “the deliria.” Genre – Dystopian Literature

Dystopian, Defies, Disease, Deliria

13. Dystopian Fiction Examples Dystopian Literature


14. Dystopian literature is very common and has been around since at least the late 19th century


15. One of the first Dystopian fiction novels is Erewhon (1872) by Samuel Butler, an early commentary on the dangers of artificial intelligence

Dystopian, Dangers

16. Another example of early Dystopian literature is The Iron Heel (1908) by Jack London, which prophecies the


17. / dɪsˈtoʊ.pi.ən / relating to a very bad or unfair society in which there is a lot of suffering, especially an imaginary society in the future, or to the description of such a society: She mentioned Margaret Atwood's Dystopian

Description, Dystopian

18. Lund is an aswome Dystopian novel without a whole lot of graphic violence and language


19. And the enduring popularity of Dystopian novels signals our perpetual and collective curiosity about where society is going


20. The Dystopian novel that launched a bestselling trilogy and an epic film franchise, The Hunger Games is an action-packed ride set in a brutal, totalitarian future


21. The concept of a future that isn't as perfect or utopian as we might like is nothing new thanks to Dystopian films like Metropolis, but finding good examples of Dystopian TV shows is a relatively new concept


22. The Dystopian Protagonist • often feels trapped and is struggling to escape


23. • helps the audience recognizes the negative aspects of the Dystopian world through his or her perspective.


24. That Dystopian movies have become a genre all their own speaks to our fears of the future


25. A dystopia is an imagined community or society that is dehumanizing and frightening, and Dystopian stories often tell tales of bravery and defiance in the face of totalitarian governments or survival in a post-apocalyptic landscape

Dystopia, Dehumanizing, Dystopian, Defiance

26. A Dystopian society is the opposite of a utopian society


27. 5 Elements of a Good Dystopian Story


28. Dystopian synonyms, Dystopian pronunciation, Dystopian translation, English dictionary definition of Dystopian

Dystopian, Dictionary, Definition

29. Dire; grim: "AIDS is one of the Dystopian harbingers of the global village"

Dire, Dystopian

30. If you really want a Dystopian fix, this anthology is dedicated to Dystopian stories, and contains several of the stories on this list

Dystopian, Dedicated

31. A unique AI perspective on a Dystopian world


32. List of the latest Dystopian TV series in 2021 on tv and the best Dystopian TV series of 2020 & the 2010's


33. Top Dystopian TV series to watch on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime & other Streaming services, out on DVD/Blu-ray or on tv right now.

Dystopian, Dvd

34. Dystopian fiction is a warning, and if it makes people pay attention, then good—that's the point


35. Many Dystopian films center around what the world could become if humans give in to their darkest and worst impulses, which is the exact approach taken by …

Dystopian, Darkest

36. ‘British Dystopian Watkins prophesizes in his film that protestors and lefties are arrested, tried, and surreptitiously executed in the desert.’ ‘This nostalgic embrace of primitiveness leads Dystopians to interpret every technological advance as another step toward an ultimately dehumanized existence.’

Dystopian, Desert, Dystopians, Dehumanized

37. Dystopian UTOPIAN is a color font family based on primary colors and pure geometric shapes, influenced by Bauhaus, DeStijl and Art Deco

Dystopian, Destijl, Deco

38. The Oxford English Dictionary defines Dystopian as: “An imagined state or society in which there is great suffering or injustice, typically one that is totalitarian or post-apocalyptic.”

Dictionary, Defines, Dystopian

39. Dystopian science fiction and fantasy appeals to many kids in middle school (possibly not a coincidence), but though kids that age might be drawn to the young adult titles, those often have levels of violence and romance that are still too much for 9-12 year olds (I’m looking at you, Hunger Games).Fortunately there are plenty of middle grade friendly dystopias whose disastrous futures and

Dystopian, Drawn, Dystopias, Disastrous

40. Utopian and Dystopian fiction are genres of speculative fiction that explore social and political structures


41. Utopian fiction portrays a setting that agrees with the author's ethos, having various attributes of another reality intended to appeal to readers.Dystopian fiction offers the opposite: the portrayal of a setting that completely disagrees with the author's ethos.

Dystopian, Disagrees

42. For those of you hiding out deep in the woods, it's set in a Dystopian future North America, a continent divided into downtrodden, fearful districts ruled by a …

Deep, Dystopian, Divided, Downtrodden, Districts

43. Books shelved as Dystopian: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins, Divergent by Veronica Roth, Mockingjay by Suzanne Coll

Dystopian, Divergent

44. What makes Dystopian fiction different from an epic or a play? In this lesson plan, you will find the elements of a dystopia, characteristics of Dystopian literature, and ways to teach the terminology while getting students to create fun storyboards about the concept.

Dystopian, Different, Dystopia

45. Dystopian Guitars is a new kind of Kontakt library designed to cover all your modern hybrid guitar needs and much more

Dystopian, Designed

46. List of Dystopian Literature - Dystopian Novels "A Sojourn in the City of Amalgamation, in the Year of Our Lord, 19--" (1835) is a Dystopian novel written by the American author Jerome B


47. By describing Dystopian way of life in fictional city of Amalgamation, the writer tried to discredit abolitionists and supporters of interracial marriage between different ethnicities or races (in

Describing, Dystopian, Discredit, Different

48. The Princess Crown: A young adult Dystopian romance (The Princess Trials Book 3) Cordelia K Castel


49. What's the definition of Dystopian in thesaurus? Most related words/phrases with sentence examples define Dystopian meaning and usage.

Definition, Dystopian, Define

50. Dystopian visions are alive and well through to this day

Dystopian, Day

51. One last notable book isn't a novel, but an anthology of Dystopian fiction by John Joseph Adams, Brave New Worlds


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does dystopian mean definition?

• DYSTOPIA (noun) The noun DYSTOPIA has 2 senses: 1. state in which the conditions of life are extremely bad as from deprivation or oppression or terror. 2. a work of fiction describing an imaginary place where life is extremely bad because of deprivation or oppression or terror. Familiarity information: DYSTOPIA used as a noun is rare.

What is considered a dystopia?

From Wikipedia: A dystopia (from Ancient Greek: δυσ-, "bad, ill", and Ancient Greek: τόπος, "place, landscape"; alternatively cacotopia,[1] or anti-utopia) is, in literature, an often futuristic society that has degraded into a repressive and controlled state, often under the guise of being utopian.

What does a dystopia look like?

A dystopia is a society that is broken down, unpleasant, or in an oppressed or terrorized state. Unlike a utopia, a perfect world, dystopias are grim, dark, and hopeless. They reveal society’s greatest fears. Totalitarian governments rule and the needs and wants of individuals become subordinate to the state.

What is another word for dystopian?

dystopia Synonyms and related words: Agapemone, Arcadia, Big Rock-Candy Mountain, Canaan, Cloudcuckooland, Cockaigne, Eden, Eldorado, Erewhon, Garden of Eden, Goshen, Happy Valley, Land of Youth, Laputa, Never-Never-land, Neverland, New Atlantis, Pandemonium, Quivira, Shangri-la, Utopia, cloudland, dreamland, faerie, fairyland,...

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