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DWELT [dwel]


  • live in or at a specified place.
Synonyms: reside . live . lodge . stay . hang out . put up . abide . sojourn . bide .

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1. Dwelt But all his biographers Dwelt at greatest length on his origins as a humble shoemaker

2. From the Cambridge English Corpus That was the subject of the previous section, so this exercise will not be Dwelt

3. Simple past tense and past participle of dwell 1611, The Holy Bible, […] (King James Version), London: […] Robert Barker, […], OCLC 964384981, Psalms 94:17: Unless the Lord had been my help, my soul had almost Dwelt in silence

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5. Find 44 ways to say Dwelt, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

6. “He Dwelt among us” is skenoo — “He pitched his tent.” John describes the birth of Jesus Christ as the pitching of the tent

7. And Israel Dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions therein, and grew, and multiplied exceedingly

8. Genesis 50:22 View whole chapter See verse in context And Joseph Dwelt in Egypt, he, and his father's house: and Joseph lived an hundred and ten years.

9. Dwelt 'Dwelt' is a 5 letter word starting with D and ending with T Crossword clues for 'Dwelt' Clue Answer; Thought moodily about something (5) Dwelt: Spoke at length about, with "on" (5) Resided, to the Bard (5) Obsessed (on) (5) Didst reside (5) Lived in (5) Took up residence (5)

10. These Dwelt in Cynus, Opous, Calliarus, Bessa, Scarphe, fair Augeae, Tarphe, and Thronium about the river Boagrius.

11. Both forms are many centuries old, but Dwelt has been more common for at least three centuries.The American preference for dwelled is a new development.A Google Ngram charting the words’ use in 20th-century American books and magazines shows Dwelt still prevailing at the end of the century, but this isn’t borne out everywhere

12. Word Origin from en and oikeo Definition to dwell in NASB Word Usage dwell (2), dwells (2), Dwelt(1). dwell in.

13. All the stats, form and information about race horse - Dwelt available at RACING.COM – The first destination for Australian Horse Racing.

14. Definition of Dwelt in the dictionary

15. What does Dwelt mean? Information and translations of Dwelt in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

16. Dwelt definition: Dwelt is the past tense and past participle of → dwell

17. Intr.v. Dwelt (dwĕlt) or dwelled, dwell·ing, dwells 1

18. What does Dwelt mean? Simple past tense and past participle of dwell

19. On it was the inscription: “The Word was made flesh, and Dwelt among us” (John 1:14)

20. Dwelt underneath wooded Plakos, in Thebe below Plakos, lord over the Kilikian people

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22. This page shows answers to the clue Dwelt.Dwelt may be defined as “A horse which is a poor starter, and shows hesitation in setting off at the start of a race

23. Dwelt, King James Bible Dictionary

24. The presentation Dwelt on coaching aspects such as receiving the ball, off-the-ball running and strategies

25. I was sure that the Graymen had not built it, and was haunted by the thought that at one time, normal people had Dwelt here peacefully.

26. Once upon a time there Dwelt near a large wood a poor woodcutter, with his wife and two children by his former marriage, a little boy called Hansel, and a girl named Grethel

27. We at Dwelt, as a startup in a scaling phase, are so glad to be an example of a successful entrepreneurial initiative! Our hope is that many other young people in our country will increase their motivation and grow the desire to test their idea in the market.

28. While most of this work Dwelt on the interior layouts of buildings, the principles they established stand well as a basis for planning of outside learning environments for child-usage

29. He Dwelt upon what had gone wrong in the meeting for years afterward

30. 14 And the Word was made flesh, and Dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

31. The scope of the anatomical part of the following article is a general account of the structure of birds (A y es) in so far as they, as a class, differ from other vertebrates, notably reptiles and mammals, whilst features especially characteristic, peculiar or unique, have been Dwelt upon at greater

32. Synonyms for Dwelt include been, dwelled, lived, resided, settled, stayed, abode, abided, lodged and inhabited

33. Who Dwelt in the northern cities or attended the southern colleges that he never attended

34. We found 25 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word Dwelt: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "Dwelt" is defined

35. General (22 matching dictionaries) Dwelt: [home, info] Dwelt: Oxford Dictionaries [home, info]

36. The word, "Dwelt," is consistent with any indefinite length of time

37. They Dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things, rich in flocks and loved by the blessed gods

38. View in context Thus Violet Dwelt , and each day the golden light grew stronger; and from among the crevices of the rocky walls came troops of little velvet-coated moles, praying that they might listen to the sweet music, and lie

39. 14 And the Word became flesh and Dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son [] from the Father, full of grace and truth

40. Love is Dwelt upon as the chief attribute of God, but it is degraded to a weak sentimentalism, making little distinction between good and evil

41. Find more ways to say Dwelt on, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.

42. And He Dwelt Among Us is an excellent book that should be read by every Christian today

43. Pride and grace Dwelt never in one place

44. Britons Dwelt in England before the Romans came

45. His mind Dwelt on the sad events

46. They Dwelt in the middle of the forest

47. Synonyms for Dwelt on in Free Thesaurus

48. What are synonyms for Dwelt on?

49. I dreamt I Dwelt in marble halls Bohemian girl Bohemian girl

50. I dreamt that I Dwelt in marble halls Victor 16398

51. ‘She Dwelt with her brothers at a place now called Ballycolane - then Ballykilbawn.’ ‘Shyness, performance anxiety seemed never to have dwelled in him.’ ‘The guilt that Dwelt so deep within him had surfaced again.’ ‘Avarii never Dwelt in these lands, and our relationship with them, on their infrequent visits, was always friendly.’

52. And the Word was made flesh, and Dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

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What is another word for dwells?

brood, dwell(verb) think moodily or anxiously about something. Synonyms: harp, live, stew, populate, pout, brood, bulk large, hatch, sulk, hover, lie, lie in, loom, cover, consist, grizzle, incubate, inhabit. dwell, consist, lie, lie in(verb) originate (in) "The problems dwell in the social injustices in this country".

What is the definition of dwell?

Definition of dwell. intransitive verb. 1 : to remain for a time dwell in the hallway. 2a : to live as a resident the town in which he dwelled for eight years the dwelling place of the gods. b : exist, lie where the heart of the matter dwells.

What is the definition of a dwelling?

Legal definitions vary by jurisdiction. Under English law, a dwelling is defined as a self-contained 'substantial' unit of accommodation, such as a building, part of a building, caravan, houseboat or other mobile home.

What does dwell on mean?

Definition of dwell on/upon. : to think or talk about (something) for a long time There is no need to dwell on the past. Don't dwell upon your mistakes.

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