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1. Definition of Dweebette in the dictionary

Definition, Dweebette, Definitions, Dictionary

2. What does Dweebette mean? Information and translations of Dweebette in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Does, Dweebette, Dictionary, Definitions

3. Dweebette (plural Dweebettes) (slang, rare) A female dweeb

Dweebette, Dweebettes, Dweeb

4. 1988, Daniel Waters, Heathers (film) Do you think, do you really think, if Betty Finn's fairy godmother made her cool, she'd still act nice and hang with her Dweebette friends? No way! Uh-uh! 2003, Carsten Stroud, Cuba Strait

Daniel, Do, Dweebette

5. Dweebette meaning (slang, rare) A female dweeb.

Dweebette, Dweeb

6. Plural of Dweebette Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

Dweebette, Definition, Dictionary

7. Anime blog body changes body image boku wa mari no naka coming of age crunchyroll depression dweeb Dweebette equality family female body feminism friendships gender equality gender norms gender roles growth high school identity inside mari japan love manga oppression otaku puberty relationships self-esteem self-love shuzo oshimi weeb women

Depression, Dweeb, Dweebette

8. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Dweebette" - from the website.


9. But he doesn't make you feel like a dweeb (or Dweebette) if your idea of fun doesn't include croupade and flanquette with the entire neighborhood block …

Doesn, Dweeb, Dweebette

10. "Do you really think if Betty Finn's fairy godmother made her cool, she'd still be hanging out with her Dweebette friends? I'm worshipped at Westerberg and I'm only a junior

Do, Dweebette

11. Veronica Saywer used to be one of the unpopulars of the school and used to be best friends with Dweebette Betty Finn


12. Moreover, we've got a bevy of beautuful babes in colorful supporting roles: Pamela Kay Davis as sassy aerobics instructor Tina Wells, Hilary Shepard as the sultry, but stuck-up Cindy Hazard, Graem McGavin as cute Dweebette Tawny Ryatt, and Daureen Colledell as …

Davis, Dweebette, Daureen

13. Unlike the Heathers she befriends, Veronica is something of a Dweebette herself—excelling in school, hanging with the likes of Betty Finn


14. "What is it, Dweebette?" Dickie asked

Dweebette, Dickie

15. Special kudos are in order for the gloriously godawful acting, with stand-out endearingly atrocious contributions by Amy Brentano as snooty head sorority sister Linda, Elizabeth Rose as awkward bespectacled Dweebette Bonnie, Cierste Thor as sensitive psychic Cara, Marla Machart as the whiny, sarcastic Marnie, and Dan Erikson as deranged cross

Dweebette, Dan, Deranged

16. I especially hated it when some guido or Dweebette decided to drench themselves with so much perfume it makes you gag NOES!!! Even in Japan, I encountered that I got used to the smell of stinky NYC subways pretty quick and thankfully the bus + subway ride was only 1 hour and the bus driver always had a clean bus with air on FULL BLAST

Dweebette, Decided, Drench, Driver

17. Moreover, it's acted with zest by an attractive and appealing cast: Tyler Johnson as the amiable Sam Compton, Kailin See as sweet and pretty Dweebette Stephanie Baxter, Reamonn Joshee as bumbling virgin Henry Robbins, Kim Poirier as smart and enticing alien ring leader Constance Snowden, buxom blonde knockout Michelle Molineux as the foxy Delia

Dweebette, Delia

18. IntellectualDweebette is a fanfiction author that has written 10 stories for Naruto, and Megamind.

19. Dweebette Mon 16-Mar-20 06:15:51


20. Dweebette +1 y "selective prostitute" hahahaha good one :D


21. I am working with Kansas Beef to bring you a fabulously delicious recipe and a fun giveaway! My new 'Dweebette' contributor is Rachel

Delicious, Dweebette

22. There, he discovers a pack of animals recently awoken from their hibernation, led by PJ Pete; the others include Tooty the Dog, Kibble the Dweebette, The GFTC Fox and his wife Vixey along with their triplet kits Kelly, Rusty and Pablo Fox, and the toon dog Flippy Doggenbottom and his daughter Gwen

Discovers, Dog, Dweebette, Doggenbottom, Daughter

23. Ask Dweebette about Plummer's Arctic Lodges


24. @Dweebette snap! We've been trying the same amount of time


25. Ask Dweebette about Plummer's Arctic Lodges


26. Maybe kids weaned on popular-stud-high-school-Dweebette love stories and football-hero fantasies found this cinematic depth charge, one without a …

Dweebette, Depth

27. He calls her The Dweebette! Matthew Farrer is known for his tie-in writing for Black Library (Warhammer 40K) and Wyrd Games (Malifaux) among others


28. Ask Dweebette about Plummer's Arctic Lodges


29. Former English teacher, grammar toad, wanna-be cartoon voice actor, lousy photographer, not-so-Suzy homemaker, runner with a bum knee, video game Dweebette, motorcyclist.


30. Dweeb and Dweebette ? 9 days ago on Speed Bump

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