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1. Dulcet has many linguistic ancestors, including the Latin dulcis, Anglo-French douz, and Middle English "doucet," all meaning "sweet." The Dulcet "dulcis" has contributed many other sweet terms to English …

Dulcet, Dulcis, Douz, Doucet

2. Dulcet definition, pleasant to the ear; melodious: the Dulcet tones of the cello

Dulcet, Definition

3. 28 synonyms of Dulcet from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 42 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Dulcet, Definitions

4. Dulcet: giving pleasure or contentment to the mind or senses


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12. Examples of Dulcet in a sentence It does not take long for the baby to be comforted by his mother’s Dulcet singing

Dulcet, Does

13. 🔊 Last night I fell asleep listening to the dulcet sounds of soft jazz


14. 🔊 The candles and the piano player’s dulcet music made the restaurant appear very romantic


15. Before Christmas the Dulcet tones of Mozart, Handel and a host of other classical composers emanated from the statue of Brunel, in Haveock Square.: I have lost count of the lunching conversations I've missed because of wailing sirens, farting trucks and the Dulcet thrub of pneumatic drill tucking into tarmac.: His Dulcet tones and relaxed interviewing style helped guide the listener through

Dulcet, Drill

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Dulcet, Deliver

17. Dulcet In this context, a work can be as Dulcet or ferocious as its maker and curator may choose


18. From the Cambridge English Corpus Notwithstanding his Dulcet tones, will he not accept that he has acted in a most high-handed manner?


19. The Dulcet, velvet-like character of the language gives something which nothing else can impart


20. GREAT SINGERS ON THE ART OF SINGING JAMES FRANCIS COOKE Having settled this little matter to his mind, he gladdened the heart of the Princess with the Dulcet


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Dulcet, Department

22. 1667 — John Milton, Paradise Lost Book Vfor drink the Grape She crushes, inoffensive must, and meads From many a berry, and from sweet kernels prest She tempers Dulcet creams·third-person singular present active

Drink, Dulcet

23. Dulcet: 1 adj pleasing to the ear “the Dulcet tones of the cello” Synonyms: honeyed , mellifluous , mellisonant , sweet melodic , melodious , musical containing or constituting or characterized by pleasing melody adj extremely pleasant in a gentle way “the most Dulcet swimming on the most beautiful and remote beaches” Synonyms: pleasant


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Dulcet, Downtown

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26. Adjective [ADJECTIVE noun] A Dulcet voice is one that is gentle and pleasant to listen to.


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Dulcet, Delicious

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Dulcet, Design

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30. Definition of Dulcet in the dictionary

Definition, Dulcet, Definitions, Dictionary

31. What does Dulcet mean? Information and translations of Dulcet in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

Does, Dulcet, Dictionary, Definitions

32. Antonyms for Dulcet include disagreeable, harsh, pleasureless, unpalatable, unpleasant, unwelcome, displeasing, unenjoyable, horrible and distasteful

Dulcet, Disagreeable, Displeasing, Distasteful

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Dulcet, Dulcetgiftbaskets

34. What does Dulcet mean? The definition of Dulcet is sweet to hear, taste or smell

Does, Dulcet, Definition

35. (adjective) An example of something Dulcet is the Dulcet tone


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Delivery, Dulcet, Donuts

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38. Hearing the Dulcet tones of the pilot helps ease some of my flying nervousness


39. United Airlines Offers Drinks To "The Idiots In Coach" - The Consumerist “Would you care to elaborate on that statement Havsy my love?” she enquired sweetly, her Dulcet tone completely at odds with the dangerous glint in her eyes

Drinks, Dulcet, Dangerous

40. Another word for Dulcet: sweet, pleasing, musical, charming, pleasant Collins English Thesaurus


41. Dulcet Lives is an experiment hailing from Southern Ontario


42. Definition of Dulcet adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

Definition, Dulcet, Dictionary

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46. Dulcet in E Lyrics: From our tree swings an apple / A pear or a candle / That once caught captive of your love / Is asked by dear time to sway / Is asked by dear time to …

Dulcet, Dear

47. An unusually short lifespan might indicate that your Dulcet ancestors lived in harsh conditions


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Dulcet, Delivery

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50. Find 6 ways to say Dulcet, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


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DULCET [ˈdəlsət]

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What does the name dulcet mean?

Dulcet has many linguistic ancestors, including the Latin dulcis, Anglo-French douz, and Middle English "doucet," all meaning "sweet." The dulcet "dulcis" has contributed many other sweet terms to English as well.

Can you use dulcet in a sentence?

"Dulcet" in Example Sentences

1. Examples of dulcet in a sentence It does ...
5. A dulcet -voiced narrator reads the hand ...
6. How to use dulcet in a Sentence? Then ma ...
7. 1. Definition of dulcet. comforting and ...
8. 1. Examples of dulcet in a sentence. It ...
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What does dulcet tones mean?

The dulcet sounds of a violin. The definition of dulcet is sweet to hear, taste or smell. An example of something dulcet is the dulcet tones of a string quartet.

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