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1. DubriciuS (in Welsh Dyfrig), Saint (d

Dubricius, Dyfrig

2. Merlinus Dubricius Ambrosius, the historical personage, was the Merlin who crowned Arthur king at Carlisle, established the church and priory at Llandaf, and created centers of learning and astronomy


3. A video about the recovery of St Dubricius Church in Whitchurch following the devastating floods of February 2020 Wye Reaches, Ross and Archenfield Deanery,

Dubricius, Devastating, Deanery

4. (DYFRIG, DubriciuS) Bishop and confessor, one of the greatest of Welsh saints; d

Dyfrig, Dubricius

5. St Dubricius Church are unable to hold this function becaue of flood damage

Dubricius, Damage

6. Saint Dubricius Church, Whitchurch.


7. Dubricius fixed his episcopal chair some time at Warwick; and that, during his residence there, the most agreeable solitude, since called Guy’s Cliff, on the side of a rock upon the banks of the Avon, about a mile from Warwick, was the place of his frequent retreats from the world, and that he there built the

Dubricius, During

8. The parish church of St Dubricius is one of the oldest in the Deanery of Ross and Archenfield

Dubricius, Deanery

9. (Latin: Dubricius; English: Devereux) St

Dubricius, Devereux



11. St Dubricius Church, High Street, Porlock


12. St Dubricius Services and events News and notices About us


13. Dubricius is the Latin form of the Welsh name Dyfrig

Dubricius, Dyfrig

14. Dubricius - Detailed Meaning Your name of Dubricius creates a quick, clever mind readily capable of grasping and assimilating new ideas

Dubricius, Detailed

15. Dubricius is only known as one of the many wandering bishops of sixth-century Britain, though he is always treated as the oldest and wisest of the group


16. Dubricius was the illegitimate son of Efrddyl, the daughter of King Peibio Clafrog of Ergyng

Dubricius, Daughter

17. Dubricius was born in Madley in Herefordshire, England.


18. The Church of St Dubricius in Porlock, Somerset, England dates from the 13th century

Dubricius, Dates

19. The dedication is to Dubricius, a 6th-century Briton ecclesiastic venerated as a saint and may indicate he travelled to the area.

Dedication, Dubricius

20. 2020 / 2021 INSET and training days for St Dubricius Church of England VA School

Days, Dubricius

21. We recommend that all parents check the staff training dates St Dubricius Church of England VA School have published on their website

Dates, Dubricius

22. An ancient, but incomplete, inscription at Caldey reads "Magl Dubr" ("the tonsured servant of Dubricius")

Dubr, Dubricius

23. Dubricius or Dubric (Welsh: Dyfrig; Norman-French: Devereux; c

Dubricius, Dubric, Dyfrig, Devereux

24. Dubricius was the illegitimate son of Efrddyl, the daughter of King Peibio Clafrog of Ergyng

Dubricius, Daughter

25. Located on the Wye Valley walk, just off the A40, St Dubricius has an ancient prayer cross base and a 300 year old Tulip tree which flowers in June and July, and the recently restored Gwillim grave enclosure


26. Meaning & History Welsh form of Dubricius, derived from Celtic * dubro "dark, unclean" (source of Welsh dŵr "water") and * r - g - "king"

Dubricius, Derived, Dubro, Dark

27. Welcome to St Dubricius Church, Porlock in the Diocese of Bath and Wells

Dubricius, Diocese

28. St Dubricius was a sixth century Celt, born in the Kingdom of Ergin, and became a highly influential scholar in the areas around Herefordshire, Brecon, and Glamorgan


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30. Saint Dubricius of Wales Profile


31. Dubricius.; However, 11 of the local kings would not agree to him being High-King


32. St Dubricius is also said to have crowned the victorious Arthur 'King of the Britons'


33. Even though we know that Dubricius was a real person who lived in the south-west of Herefordshire in the 6th century, many stories have grown up around him and turned his life into legend


34. 16), tells the story of Dubricius' birth at Madley:


35. The Church of St Dubricius in Porlock, Somerset, England dates from the 13th century

Dubricius, Dates

36. Church of St Dubricius, Porlock - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia - WikiMili, The Free Encyclopedia


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38. St Dubricius welcomes Christians and those who seek to understand Christianity in the Porlock area


39. St Dubricius at Porlock, Somerset is a friendly Christian community where we welcome others to join us in our worship and service to God


40. The parish church of St Dubricius Hentland is one of the oldest in the deanery of Ross & Archenfield (the latter name being that of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of roughly the same area).Although the main part of the church dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, part of the north wall is dated around 1050, the time of Edward the Confessor.

Dubricius, Deanery, Dates, Dated

41. St Dubricius is much smaller than the average-sized primary school


42. St Dubricius, Gwenddwr is a light and airy church, largely Victorian in layout but with medieval walls


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