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1. Drummer definition is - one that plays a drum —sometimes used figuratively in phrases denoting unconventional thought or action

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2. How to use Drummer in a sentence.


3. Blink-182's Travis Barker is one of the most famous Drummers of the new millennium thanks to his hardcore sensibility, skater aesthetic, hip-hop …


4. Drummer - someone who plays a drum percussionist - a musician who plays percussion instruments timpanist, tympanist - a person who plays the kettledrums Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection

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5. Drummer Avoid getting hit by any of the banshee waves, while still catching every bolt of light (Power Chord)


6. Virtual Drumming is a collection of free online drum games where you can play drum beats, drum solos and songs along to your favorite music, with the drums of the best Drummers

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7. Our collection of drum MIDI is performed by real Drummers and includes more than 70 individual titles that cover almost any style imaginable.With our grooves, you’ll build solid foundations to your songs in no time

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8. Drummers Garden Center supplies a full-range of garden products, houseplants, trees and shrubs, gifts and professional landscape design

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9. Drummers floral offers local and world-wide delivery with expert personalized designs.

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10. The Drummer is a local name for the squeteague or weakfish


11. Of course, the common definition is “one that plays the drum.” Whatever its origin, the traveling Drummers faded out with the advent of the automobile

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12. EZDrummer 2 takes drum production to a whole new level


13. New Drummer finally added: Joel Taylor Drummer for Allan Holdsworth - Joe Sample - Rick Springfield - Al Di Meola and many more

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15. The latest tweets from @DrummerBoi___

16. Find Your Drummer from the List


17. CLICK: the 500 Top Drummers: Matt Abts Alex Acuna Daniel Adair Chris Adler Morgan Agren

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18. Drummer A sergeant, three Drummers, and ninety-eight soldiers rounded out the ensemble of supernumeraries, constituting a vast expense

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19. From the Cambridge English Corpus Such a case is one in which judges march to a different Drummer

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20. To become a Drummer, buy a drum set if you don't already own one so you can practice regularly

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21. You should also listen to music by famous Drummers, like Tony Williams and Ringo Starr, so you're familiar with what great drumming sounds like.

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22. A Drummer was responsible for the army drums for use on the battlefield

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23. (The econo Drummer has been discontinued and the Drummer CF was a limited edition model)

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24. Drummer Pricing: Drummer SS XB (all years and euro model) $650 *optional corewrap $30*


25. Original Drummer XB $400 optional corewrap $30


26. Chinspoiler Mounts for the Drummer SS $75


27. Drummer Boy Camping Resort combines the picturesque countryside of Gettysburg and the Civil War Battlefields with modern amenities such as mini-golf, store, game room, golf cart rentals, whirlpool spa, two swimming pools, 250' water slide and much more.


28. Definition of Drummer in the dictionary

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29. What does Drummer mean? Information and translations of Drummer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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30. X Drummer offers a beautifully rendered interface that allows for fine-tuning different aspects of your drum kit

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31. Drummer is a named character in Nemesis Games, where she is acting as Tycho's Chief of Security


32. It appears some of the aspects of Samara Rosenberg's relationship with Naomi in the books were transferred to Drummer in the TV series


33. Sam's equivalent appears only briefly, while Drummer has a close relationship with Naomi.


34. STUDIO Drummer gives you a personal session Drummer in the form of the groove library


35. Especially if you’re not a Drummer, using grooves is a quick and efficient way to produce authentic


36. Gabriel (DERMOT MURPHY) is a chaotic young rock Drummer desperate to hide his recent Bipolar diagnosis from his increasingly exasperated band mates.

Dermot, Drummer, Desperate, Diagnosis

37. Levon Helm, singer and Drummer for the Band, died on April 19th in New York of throat cancer.He was 71

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38. Neil Peart, whose virtuoso chops and artful lyrics propelled his band Rush to global stardom and sealed his place as one of the greatest Drummers in rock music, has died

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40. LOCATION Drummer IL+IN OH WI Established Series Rev


41. JBF-JDA-TJE 12/2015 Drummer SERIES The Drummer series consists of very deep, poorly drained soils formed in loess or other silty material and in the underlying loamy stratified outwash on nearly level or depressional parts of outwash plains, stream terraces, and till plains.

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43. Add to Favorites Drummer Gifts Custom Jewelry Laser Engraved Drum Set Charm Music Necklace Gift for Boyfriend Musician Pendant

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44. Drummer Evolution T-shirt Music Humor Drums Funny Tee Dummers gifts for Drummers Musicians gifts Drummer shirts Gifts for him Gifts for dad ThinkOutLoudApparel

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45. Buy Drummer t-shirts for the passionate Drummer in your life


46. We specialize in Drummer gifts like tshirts, hats, stickers, accessories and more.


47. Neil Peart, the longtime Drummer and lyricist of the band Rush, has died at age 67

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48. Views: 127,851 "7 yr old Drummer, Covers & LIVE" Avery Drummer Molek


49. 1 day ago · Drummer of the Aces, Alisa Ramirez is one hell of a performer

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50. Riz Ahmed has an emotional, knockout role as a deaf Drummer in 'Sound of Metal,' which uses sound design to allow viewers to experience hearing loss.

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51. Find 10 ways to say Drummer, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


52. A funny Drummer gag gift or birthday gift for a Drummer


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DRUMMER [ˈdrəmər]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good drummer?

What makes a good drummer is 2 things: 1 - Keeping time and 2 - suiting the music. If the music sounds better on account of your playing, you're doing it right. If the opposite is true, you're doing it wrong. If you can keep time well and contribute to the music, then you are a good drummer.

What does it mean to be a professional drummer?

Becoming a professional drummer takes time and dedication. You can hone your drumming skills by taking private lessons, practicing regularly, and mastering drum rudiments. Once you've acquired some serious skills, get as much professional experience as possible by playing different types of gigs and networking with other musicians and industry professionals.

What is the drummer's role?

The role of the drummer in modern music Keep time. Simple right? ... Listen to other band members. Drummers and bassists together usually form the rhythm section of a band. ... Perfection. As a guitarist/ vocalist/ other musician you can often get away with the odd mistake or bum note but this is not the case for drummers. Contribute to creativity

What is another word for drummer?

Synonyms for drummer. bagman. knight of the road. road warrior. roadman. traveler. traveling agent. traveling man.

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