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1. Examples of Dropping in a Sentence the only bad part about owning a rabbit was cleaning the Droppings out of the litter box every night the Dropping of an act from the talent show should bring it …

Dropping, Droppings

2. Something that drops or falls in drops. Droppings, dung, especially in the form of pellets.

Drops, Droppings, Dung

3. Dropping - coming down freely under the influence of gravity; "the eerie whistle of Dropping bombs"; "falling rain" falling descending - coming down or downward

Dropping, Down, Descending, Downward

4. Synonyms & Antonyms of Dropping (Entry 1 of 2) 1 Droppings plural solid matter discharged from an animal's alimentary canal the only bad part about owning a rabbit was cleaning the Droppings out of the litter box every night

Dropping, Droppings, Discharged

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6. provides access to over 250,000 domain names expiring and auctioning every day

Dropping, Domain, Day

7. Dropping As a result, seed removal was equally low among habitats (nearly 26%), high percentages of seeds Dropping below tree crowns


8. From the Cambridge English Corpus While the relation to lambda lifting is apparent, the authors only conjecture that lifting and Dropping


9. This is known as Dropping or lightening


10. Dropping is not a good predictor of when labor will begin


11. In first-time mothers, Dropping usually occurs 2 to 4 weeks before delivery, but it can happen earlier.

Dropping, Delivery

12. Dropping - Transport,Food Delivery & Shoplink Ghana's Ride-Hailing Solution

Dropping, Delivery

13. The "Drop" column in the Dropping odds table above indicates percentage of odds decrease, calculated as an average from all odds that were decreased compared to their starting value

Drop, Dropping, Decrease, Decreased

14. Click to throw the ball, and the ball will fall from the top of the lucky machine; the more balls you get, the more rewards you will get ! In short, all you need to do is keep Dropping the ball !

Do, Dropping

15. See: (one's) jaw drops be Dropping like flies constant Dropping wears away a stone drop drop (one) a line drop (someone's) name drop (something) in (someone's) lap drop a bomb drop a bombshell drop a bop drop a brick drop a bundle drop a clanger drop a hint drop a log drop acid drop an/the F-bomb drop anchor drop around (sometime) drop away drop back

Drops, Dropping, Drop

16. Using our Dropping odds tracker tool, you can notice all live changes and price drops for every game which is active for betting

Dropping, Drops

17. [late 16th C.] a rabbit Dropping The act of something that drops or falls

Dropping, Drops

18. 1836, Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers 36: At length, after several Droppings asleep, […] Mr

Dickens, Droppings

19. Cuomo's poll numbers keep Dropping amid dual scandals The governor’s favorable rating plunges to 33%, his lowest level ever in Quinnipiac University polling

Dropping, Dual

20. Father accused of bringing, Dropping child in San Diego Zoo's elephant habitat The man allegedly dropped the child in the enclosure where an animal appeared ready to charge, authorities said.

Dropping, Diego, Dropped

21. Jaw-Dropping definition, causing astonishment or surprise; amazing: The company has reported a jaw-Dropping annual profit of $30 billion

Dropping, Definition

22. Abbott on Tuesday issued an executive order Dropping the mask mandate and allowing businesses to reopen at 100% capacity beginning next Wednesday, citing the …


23. Companies Are Dropping YouTuber David Dobrik Amid ‘Vlog Squad’ Rape Allegations

Dropping, David, Dobrik

24. Dropping Odds provided live by Hot-Odds, with more than 80 bookmakers offered in real time


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26. Either you're going into darkness and the sun is Dropping down, or you're coming out of the darkness and the sun is coming up

Darkness, Dropping, Down

27. 13 hours ago · Yankees are Dropping hints Tyler Wade’s roster spot isn’t safe Updated 6:15 AM; Today 6:15 AM Yankees utility infielder Tyler Wade may be on the roster bubble.


28. Why Silver and Gold Miners Are Dropping Today The drop is a continuation of a rough week for the precious-metals stocks.

Dropping, Drop

29. 1 day ago · Rents are still Dropping in some parts of the country — but these tenants are missing out Last Updated: March 22, 2021 at 1:50 p.m

Day, Dropping

30. Adding, Dropping, and Auditing Courses


31. Thus Dropping Dimes got someone arrested or snitched on.

Dropping, Dimes

32. Some might say conveniently timed for the covid vaccine rollouts and so making the vaccines get the credit for the Dropping case numbers


33. Idaho pathologist explains how COVID-19 cases are Dropping The owner of Cole Diagnostics, which conducts COVID-19 tests, said COVID-19 is following patterns of similar viruses and slowly infecting

Dropping, Diagnostics

34. 10, 2021, voted in support of Dixie State University Dropping “Dixie” from its name — an example of the nation’s reexamination of the remnants of …

Dixie, Dropping

35. IQ rates are Dropping in many developed countries and that doesn't bode well for humanity An intelligence crisis could undermine our problem-solving capacities and …

Dropping, Developed, Doesn

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the definition of dropping?

    verb (used without object), dropped or dropt, drop·ping. to fall in globules or small portions, as water or other liquid: Rain drops from the clouds. to fall vertically; have an abrupt descent. to sink or fall to the ground, floor, or bottom as if inanimate.

    What does dropped down mean?

    drop down. 1. . [for someone] to fall down or stoop down. Suddenly, Ted dropped down, trying not to be seen by someone in a passing car. I dropped down as soon as I heard the loud sounds. 2. [for something] to fall from above.

    What does droped mean?

    Drop(noun) act of dropping; sudden fall or descent. Drop(noun) to pour or let fall in drops; to pour in small globules; to distill. Drop(noun) to cause to fall in one portion, or by one motion, like a drop; to let fall; as, to drop a line in fishing; to drop a courtesy.

    What does dropped off mean?

    drop off. The definition of a drop off occurs when something or someone is left at a specific location. An example of drop off is when ransom money is given to a kidnapper at a certain time at a certain park bench. To drop off is to take something or someone to a specific destination and leave it there, not usually lingering or staying around.

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