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1. Html.Dropdownlistfor () The Html.Dropdownlistfor<TModel,TProperty> extension method is a strongly typed extension method generates <select> element for the property specified using a lambda expression


2. Visit to know all the overloads of Dropdownlistfor method.

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3. DropDownListFor<TModel,TProperty> (HtmlHelper<TModel>, Expression<Func<TModel,TProperty>>, IEnumerable<SelectListItem>, String, IDictionary<String,Object>) Returns an HTML select element for each property in the object that is represented by the specified expression using the specified list items, option label, and HTML attributes.


4. DropDownListFor<TModel,TResult> (IHtmlHelper<TModel>, Expression<Func<TModel,TResult>>, IEnumerable<SelectListItem>) Returns a single-selection HTML <select> element for the expression


5. <%: Html.Dropdownlistfor (model => model.Color, new SelectList (new List<Object> { new { value = 0, text = "Red" }, new { value = 1, text = "Blue" }, new { value = 2, text = "Green"} }, "value", "text", Model.Color)) %> or you can write no classes, put something like this directly to the view.

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6. With Dropdownlistfor, you typically want a view model that will contain at least 2 properties: - one property to hold a collection of SelectListItems to build the drop down - one property to hold the value selected by a user

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7. The HtmlHelper class helps us by providing two methods namely DropDownList () and Dropdownlistfor () to create the <select> element in razor view.

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8. When you want to add a view (aspx file) where this DropDownList or Dropdownlistfor will be inside, rightclick->add view then select "Create a strongly typed view" then in list select Booking class

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9. You can write in it as follows: @Html.Dropdownlistfor (m => m.Equipments, Model.Equipments);


10. When using Dropdownlistfor, the first parameter is the property where your selected value is stored once you submit the form


11. DropDownList Vs Dropdownlistfor

Dropdownlist, Dropdownlistfor

12. If we use DropDownList instead of Dropdownlistfor, Razor code will look like this

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13. The value of Dropdown List is set from code behind and it is set to Dropdown List in view page by invoking the strongly-typed DropdownlistforFor helper.

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14. Dropdownlistfor with Dictionaries in ASP.NET MVC and why SelectList wants to kill you ‘Default’ and ‘Selected’ values - why do we need two? There are two ways to specify which item is selected in a dropdown list, and this is the main source of confusion and problems.

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15. @Html.Dropdownlistfor(model => model.ParkNationalCemetery, new SelectList (ViewBag.YesNo, "Value", "Text", "Selected")) This seems to work just fine for me


16. Using ASP.NET MVC’s Html.Dropdownlistfor helper August 11, 2012 by Rui Figueiredo 4 Comments Html.DropDownList is used when you need to create a view that has a dropdown that allows you to select one of several possible values for one of your model’s properties

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17. Binding Dropdownlistfor from enum, database and some hard coded values in our previous article MVC dropdown binding best ways.In this article we will try to bind child Dropdown on selection change of parent Dropdown, say Country to State or Sate to City, by using jQuery which will call an action in controller and return JSON for selected id, and with the help of jQuery append values to child

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18. EnumDropdownlistfor<TModel,TEnum>(HtmlHelper<TModel>, Expression<Func<TModel,TEnum>>) Returns an HTML select element for each value in the enumeration that is …

19. Hi! I want to get Data from Database and populate Dropdownlistfor in MVC

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20. Dropdownlistfor will automatically select the selected value by using the specified property: // Will select the item in model.Equipments that matches Model.EquipmentId @Html.Dropdownlistfor(m => m.EquipmentId, Model.Equipments); Another comment: Don't have ICollection<Equipment> Equipments in your view model.

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21. This is the same collection as used by the @Html.Dropdownlistfor statement in the Razor view


22. Html.Dropdownlistfor selected value Test your C# code online with .NET Fiddle code editor.


23. Dropdownlistfor How to set default value in ASP.NET MVC

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24. Dropdownlistfor - Object reference not set to an Instance of an object [Answered] RSS 5 replies Last post Aug 21, 2015 10:31 AM by jamesn2014


25. In this post we will see How we can Bind or Populate ASP.NET MVC Dropdownlist from Database (MS SQL Database).MVC Dropdownlist will be populated using MVC Model class Countries.cs and @Html.Dropdownlistfor html design.

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26. How to bind an Enum to a DropDownList in ASP.NET MVC create a Dropdownlistfor from an enum c# - Html.EnumDropdownlistfor: Showing a default text ASP.NET MVC Binding DropDownList to Enum Example ASP.NET MVC - Creating a DropDownList helper for enums

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27. Query: Dropdownlistfor creates an empty dropdown without any item and the width is not set neither

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28. We have analyzed the reported issue (Dropdownlistfor creates an empty dropdown without any item and the width is not set neither) with the sample in the version

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29. @Html.Dropdownlistfor(m => m.EmployeeId, Model.EmployeeListItems.


30. Dropdownlistfor razor control using a controller


31. The Dropdownlistfor() HTML Helper method is a strongly typed extension method


32. The Dropdownlistfor() HTML Helper method will bind a specified property of a model object to the drop-down list control.

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33. Problem with @Html.Dropdownlistfor and OrderBy [Answered] RSS


34. Dropdownlistfor in mvc Guid to string issue argumentnullexception with Dropdownlistfor helper: value cannot be null Mvc - multiple fields in selectlist for Dropdownlistfor


35. @Html.Dropdownlistfor(n => n.OrderTemplates, new SelectList(Model.OrderTemplates, "OrderTemplateId", "OrderTemplateName", 1), "Please select an order template") When using Dropdownlistfor, the first parameter is the property where your selected value is stored once you submit the form.


36. Public static MvcHtmlString Dropdownlistfor < TModel, TProperty >(this HtmlHelper < TModel > htmlHelper, Expression < Func < TModel, TProperty >> expression, IEnumerable < SelectListItem > selectList, string optionLabel, object htmlAttributes) {return Dropdownlistfor (htmlHelper, expression, selectList, optionLabel, HtmlHelper.


37. Inside that editor template I use a couple of Dropdownlistfor helpers


38. Example: <%=Html.Dropdownlistfor(m => m.DocumentCategoryType, Model.DocumentCategoryTypeList) …

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dropdownlist method?

DropDownListFor method binds a specified model object property to dropdownlist control. So it automatically list items in DropDownList based on the property value. MvcHtmlString Html.DropDownListFor (Expression<Func<dynamic,TProperty>> expression, IEnumerable<SelectLestItem> selectList, string optionLabel, object htmlAttributes)

What is the second parameter in dropdownlist?

The second parameter specifies the items to show into dropdown list using SelectList. The third parameter is optionLabel which will be the first item of dropdownlist. So now, it generates <select> element with id & name set to property name - StudentGener and two list items - Male & Female as shown below.

How to set ID and class for dropdownlist?

Iam unable to set an id and class for that dropdownlist. Following is my DropdownListFor code in which i want to add Id and class. Timely help will be appreciated, thanks @Html.DropDownListFor In html helpers If you want to add any html attribute you have to pass them as objects of htmlAttributes type , Like explained by MSDN

What ' s The difference between a string and a dropdownlist in HTML?

Html.DropDownList is a loosely type that means it is not strongly bound to any list items and model properties. Html.DropDownList (string name, IEnumerable<SelectLestItem> selectList, string optionLabel, object htmlAttributes) a. String name is the name of DropDownList b. IEnumerable<SelectLestItem> selectList is the list of items

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