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DRIVE [drīv]

drive (verb) · drives (third person present) · drove (past tense) · driving (present participle) · driven (past participle)

  • operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle.
  • (of a motor vehicle) travel under the control of a driver.
Synonyms: operate . pilot . steer . handle . manage . guide . direct . navigate . motor . spin . walk .
  • propel or carry along by force in a specified direction.
  • (of wind, water, or snow) move or fall with great force.
Synonyms: power . propel . move . push .
  • urge or force (animals or people) to move in a specified direction.
  • compel to leave.
Synonyms: impel . urge . press . move . herd . roundup . shepherd .
  • (of a fact or feeling) compel (someone) to act in a particular way, especially one that is considered undesirable or inappropriate.
  • bring (someone) forcibly into a specified negative state.
Synonyms: force . compel . constrain . impel . press . prompt . precipitate . catapult . oblige . coerce . make . pressure . goad . spur . prod .

drive (noun) · drives (plural noun)

  • a trip or journey in a car.
  • a street or road.
Synonyms: excursion . outing . trip . jaunt . tour . turn . ride . run . journey . hurl . spin . joyride . road . thoroughfare . way . avenue . row . crescent . terrace . close . parade . side street . side road . lane . alley . boulevard . highway . strip . blacktop .
  • an innate, biologically determined urge to attain a goal or satisfy a need.
  • determination and ambition to achieve something.
Synonyms: urge . appetite . desire . need . impulse . instinct . motivation . ambition . push . single-mindedness . will power . dedication . doggedness . tenacity . enterprise . initiative . enthusiasm . zeal . commitment . aggression . aggressiveness . forcefulness . spirit . energy . vigor . verve . vitality . liveliness . vim . pep . zip . pizzazz . punch . inertia .
  • an organized effort by a number of people to achieve a particular purpose, often to raise money.
  • a series of offensive plays that advance the ball for the purpose of a score.
Synonyms: campaign . crusade . movement . effort . push . surge . appeal .
  • the transmission of power to machinery or to the wheels of a motor vehicle.
  • (in a car with automatic transmission) the position of the gear selector in which the car will move forward, changing gears automatically as required.
  • (in ball games) a forceful stroke made with a free swing of the bat, racket, or foot against the ball.
  • a shot from the tee.
  • an act of driving a group of animals to a particular destination.

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What is the meaning of drive?

Definition of drive (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : an act of driving: a : a trip in a carriage or automobile a short drive to the coast. b : an instance of collecting and moving animals (such as game or cattle) together in a desired direction also : the animals gathered and driven (see drive entry 1 sense transitive 1a)

What does it mean to "have drive"?

Drive is an inner quality that many people lack. It is drive that makes a person not accept the status quo. It is drive that makes someone to not want to be mediocre. Drive is a quality that few have. Many people are happily content with their position in life or within their company, which is just fine.

Is drive a noun?

drive(Noun) A mass storage device in which the mechanism for reading and writing data is integrated with the mechanism for storing data, as a hard drive, a flash drive. drive(Verb) To herd (animals) in a particular direction.

Is driver a verb?

driver (plural drivers) One who drives something, in any sense of the verb to drive. Something that drives something, in any sense of the verb to drive. A person who drives a motorized vehicle such as a car or a bus. A person who drives some other vehicle.

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