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See also: Drape Draped Draper Drapery Drapetomania Grand Fenestrated Draping Drap

1. To arrange, hang, or let fall carelessly: to Drape


2. Verb (used with object), Draped, drap·ing

Draped, Drap

3. To cover or hang with cloth or other fabric, especially in graceful folds; adorn with Drapery


4. To arrange, hang, or let fall carelessly: Don't Drape

Don, Drape

5. Established in 1978 as a custom Drapery and bedspread company, County Draperies is still a family-run and woman-owned business

Drapery, Draperies

6. Unmatched quality curtains and Drapes at half the price


7. Surgeons all over the world rely on 3M™ Surgical Drapes to help support infection prevention in their operating rooms


8. Created using innovative technologies and advanced materials, 3M's single-use surgical Drapes work at the highest level of performance and reliability


9. DERMATAC™ Drape is an accessory to the: ACTIV.A.C.™ V.A.C

Dermatac, Drape

10. To arrange, hang, or let fall carelessly: to Drape


11. The Custom Drapes That House & Garden Magazine Called Beautifully Made to Order in Silk, Linen and Velvet Designer Fabrics

Drapes, Designer

12. Founded in 1902, Draper ® is a Spiceland, Indiana based manufacturer of Audiovisual Equipment, Solar Control Shading Systems, and Gymnasium Equipment


13. A sterile Drape is provided to cover medical equipment


14. It reinterprets the classical theme of Drapery by presenting two ghostly characters standing under a sheet.


15. Drape sth across, on, over, etc


16. Sth to put something such as cloth or a piece of clothing loosely over something: He Draped his jacket over the back of the chair and sat down to eat

Draped, Down

17. OnlineEEI, 8 Ft Premier Drape Panel for Use with Pipe and Drape System, 95 x 60, 4 Rod Pockets, Black Premier Drape Included 4.5 out of 5 stars 176 $20.99 $ 20


18. Draper ® Projection Screens Manufacturing premium projector screens takes deep knowledge

Draper, Deep


Up to10%cash back
 · Curtains & Drapes : Accentuate the rooms in your home with curtains, which come in a variety of colors, styles, and lengths

Div, Data, Drapes

20. The great mountains rejoice in the sun, or Drape their brows in clouds, irrespective of the eyes that regard them


21. HOLLAND Both political parties, by a common impulse, "Drape themselves in the Flag." THE BEHAVIOR OF CROWDS EVERETT DEAN MARTIN

Drape, Dean

22. About Drape is a minimal-sized pod with sound-absorbing capability


23. HALYARD BASICS* Large Drape, 60 in


24. 89101 - Half Drape, Sterile 79106 - Half Drape, Non-Sterile


25. 89111 - Medium Drape, Sterile 79112 - Medium Drape, Non-Sterile


26. 89121 - Large Drape, Sterile 79122 - Large Drape, Non-Sterile, Bulk Pack 79120 - Large Drape, Non-Sterile, Handi-Bin


27. 27 synonyms of Drape from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 36 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Drape, Definitions

28. Drape: to make more attractive by adding something that is beautiful or becoming.


29. Moderate Drape: Moderate Drape just might be the most versatile type of Drape, suitable for a variety of projects


30. Drape J ust as the name suggests, this yarn offers superior Drape to any project! Made from 100% Rayon, this fiber offers durability, vibrant colors, and a smooth, soft hand

Drape, Durability

31. Drape is perfect for a wide variety of patterns including: shawls, tank tops, shirts, summer ponchos, ties (yes, ties!) lightweight scarves and much more! As a heavy fingering/sport weight yarn with approx


32. According to Frédéric Mistral, Drapet or draquet is the name given to a small drac, a small lutin in the Languedoc region

Drapet, Draquet, Drac

33. Furthermore, he explains that in Montpellier (fairly close to Aigues-Mortes) Drapet can be used to describe a revenant, potentially a ghost “Draped” in a shroud, which could explain the connection –and confusion– between the forms

Drapet, Describe, Draped

34. Drape (oneself) in the flag To make a display of oneself as overtly patriotic or doing something to benefit one's country (often when in fact one is doing it for personal gain)

Drape, Display, Doing

35. In fashion, a Drape is basically the way fabric hangs or falls


36. Drape translate: cubrir, Drapear

Drape, Drapear

37. Pipe and Drape uprights and Drape supports are key elements to consider when investing in pipe and Drape packages


38. These durable accessories help your pipe and Drape backdrops stand out from other trade show booths and keeps them looking crisp and wrinkle-free when used as wedding canopy, ensuring high-quality backdrops in photos.

Durable, Drape

39. &Drape skaber smukke stemninger med skræddersyede gardinløsninger til private boliger, kontorer, retail, restauranter og hospitality projekter

Drape, Ddersyede

40. Drape, the Asshole and Antagonist [edit edit source]


41. Drape is the only male teacher of the staff and the main antagonist


42. Sold individually, shades come in a wide range of lengths, widths, colors, and materials and are sized to fit within the window frame, unlike Drapes or curtains that hang below the sill.


43. 120" Wide (10Ft Wide) Sheer Voile Drape Panels for Backdrop, Events, Ceiling Drapes, Wall Drapes & Decor - 6ft to 50ft Length - CORAL aklinens

Drape, Drapes, Decor

44. Drape - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Drape, Dictionary, Discussion

45. The Drape coefficient is the ratio of the projected area of the fabric sample to its unDraped area, in which the area of the supporting disk is deduced

Drape, Disk, Deduced

46. Drape coefficient = (the area of the shadow – the area of the supporting disk)/(the area of the circular specimen – the area of the supporting disk)

Drape, Disk

47. 79049 - Beach Chair Shoulder Drape without Pouch, Non-Sterile


48. Beach Chair Shoulder Drape without Pouch, 172 in


49. CONTROL* Plus Fabric Reinforcement; Hook and loop tube and line control; Pouch attachment zones; 89070 - Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape, Sterile 79070 - Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape, Non-Sterile


50. Shoulder Arthroscopy Drape, 160


51. Drape Follow along and learn how to create a basic shirt In Marvelous Designer by draping and adjusting the fit of a basic shape to create a basic shirt! Facebook

Drape, Designer, Draping

52. Drape definition: If you Drape a piece of cloth somewhere , you place it there so that it hangs down in a Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Drape, Definition, Down

53. Since we’re a manufacturer, we’re able to sell these predesigned pipe and Drape kits with exceptional quality and at the most competitive prices


54. Drape molds, Special Order Drop Rings & Pot Melts, Special Order Stainless Steel Molds, Decor Molds

Drape, Drop, Decor

55. The latest diamond accessory doesn't Drape around your neck or loop around your finger, but is created for the lips.A The Luminous Dia Gloss lip gloss is the latest addition to Missha's M range and it contains luxurious diamond dust, fine pearl powder and platinum derivatives that promise to give lips a dazzling diamond-like shine like never

Diamond, Doesn, Drape, Dia, Dust, Derivatives, Dazzling

56. Hot Drape formers (HDF) are also seen as indispensable by FBM and Israel Aerospace Industries


57. [transitive] Drape something around/over/across, etc


58. Loosely on somebody/something She had a shawl Draped around her shoulders


59. He Draped his coat over the back of the chair


60. She Draped a cover over the old sofa.


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DRAPE [drāp]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name drape mean?

the way in which cloth folds or hangs as it covers something: She liked the heavy drape of velvet. drapes [ plural ] US (also draperies) heavy curtains made with thick cloth

What does draped mean?

verb (used with object), draped, drap·ing. to cover or hang with cloth or other fabric, especially in graceful folds; adorn with drapery. to adjust (curtains, clothes, etc.) into graceful folds, attractive lines, etc.

What is the noun for drape?

noun. Definition of drape (Entry 2 of 2) 1 : arrangement in or of folds. 2 a : a drapery especially for a window : curtain. b : a sterile covering used in an operating room -usually used in plural. 3 : the cut or hang of clothing.

What is the plural of drape?

drape (plural drapes) (Britain) A curtain; a drapery. (textiles) The way in which fabric falls or hangs. (US) A member of a youth subculture distinguished by its sharp dress, especially peg-leg pants (1950s: e.g. Baltimore, MD).

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