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1. Dragging synonyms, Dragging pronunciation, Dragging translation, English dictionary definition of Dragging

Dragging, Dictionary, Definition

2. Dragging definition, extremely tired or slow, as in movement; lethargic; sluggish: He was annoyed by their Dragging way of walking and talking

Dragging, Definition

3. 51 synonyms of Dragging from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 64 related words, definitions, and antonyms

Dragging, Definitions

4. Dragging: moving or proceeding at less than the normal, desirable, or required speed.

Dragging, Desirable

5. Find 16 ways to say Dragging, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.


6. Drag definition is - something used to drag with; especially : a device for Dragging under water to detect or obtain objects

Drag, Definition, Device, Dragging, Detect

7. Nicki Minaj Dragging @JustJared


8. Although I see a lot of Dragging happening on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook, I most often see the word being used by Twitter users.


9. The reason I allowed the barbarian to drag the wizard is because of the lifting, Dragging, and pushing rules in chapter 7 of the Player's Handbook

Drag, Dragging

10. Dragging or “trashing” sites are a relatively new kind of forum dedicated to following every move of people with a prominent online presence – bloggers, journalists, celebrities and the like

Dragging, Dedicated

11. Dragging - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

Dragging, Dictionary, Discussion

12. Synonyms for Dragging on include continuing, extending, lingering, persisting, carrying on, enduring, going on, holding, prevailing and running on


13. Dragging is the most basic task in maintenance of a baseball or softball field


14. Proper Dragging procedures can make or break the quality of your infield


15. In computer graphical user interfaces, drag and drop is a pointing device gesture in which the user selects a virtual object by "grabbing" it and Dragging it to a different location or onto another virtual object

Drag, Drop, Device, Dragging, Different

16. Synonyms for Dragging include slow, unhurried, sluggish, crawling, languid, tardy, creeping, dawdling, dilatory and laggard

Dragging, Dawdling, Dilatory

17. Online Dragging can quickly transform into a bigger movement, where multiple users join in on publically humiliating a targeted user


18. A Dragging anchor is one of the many unwelcome incidents a ship may encounter during its operational life at sea

Dragging, During

19. So, what rests for the crew to do is to recognize the signs of a Dragging anchor: Early identification is the key to avoid accident-related to the Dragging anchor situations.

Do, Dragging

20. You can change how you want to fill cells after you finish Dragging.


21. Dragging adj adjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house." (used for hoisting) traînant adj adjectif: modifie un nom

Dragging, Describes

22. Expect that even when an employer is Dragging their feet on a decision, they’ll still occasionally be interacting with your online presence in some capacity

Dragging, Decision

23. Download Dragging sounds 14,413 stock sound clips starting at $2

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24. Download and buy high quality Dragging sound effects

Download, Dragging

25. A byproduct of Dragging with a steel mat drag is the collection of “spoils”, or waste materials

Dragging, Drag

26. When you finish Dragging, these spoils are left behind and need to be removed from your infield


27. Dragging is a great way to collect up small stones and large clumps that will find their way onto your infield.


28. Chief Dragging Canoe Tsiyu Gansini ( Known as the Great Warrior )He was the adopted son of Attakullakulla & Nione OllieSpouse Ailsey U'ga'lo'gv Nelly PathkillerDaughter of Chief Nunna'hi-dihi Samuel Pathkiller & Sukey Martin Dragging Canoe

Dragging, Dihi

29. Chief Dragging Canoe, Cherokee War Chief born 1733 Over hill Settlements


30. [T]he inmates of the coach, by numerous hard, painful joltings, and ponderous, Dragging trundlings, are suddenly made sensible of some great change in the character of the road.


31. Frame-Dragging is an effect on spacetime, predicted by Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, that is due to non-static stationary distributions of mass–energy.A stationary field is one that is in a steady state, but the masses causing that field may be non-static ⁠— rotating, for instance

Dragging, Due, Distributions

32. Dogs who are Dragging their paws are most likely unaware of the placement of their feet

Dogs, Dragging

33. But, you can easily add sequential numbers to rows of data by Dragging the fill handle to fill a column with a series of numbers or by using the ROW function.

Data, Dragging

34. Dragging is used to move an object from one position to another position on the computer screen


35. The logic for managed Dragging is simple and has the following constraints: Works with Client-Side row model only; not with the Infinite, Server-Side or Viewport row models.; Does not work if Pagination is enabled.; Does not work when sorting is applied

Dragging, Does

36. History was set to be executed Wednesday for the Dragging death of …

Dragging, Death

37. With Covid-19 Pandemic Dragging On, Some Countries Say They Can’t Afford to Fight Nepal has reduced coronavirus testing, quarantine and treatment to save for an anticipated vaccine bill


38. Dragging a dead deer back to the road sent some hunters' heart rates up to 116 percent of the desirable maximum, Haapaniemi noted, adding that hunters often drag …

Dragging, Dead, Deer, Desirable, Drag

39. United Airlines Dragging incident outrages members of Congress; A video of the incident showed a man identified as Kentucky physician David Dao, …

Dragging, David, Dao

40. A Colorado geophysicist accused of Dragging a police officer down steps to be beaten by an American flag outside the U.S

Dragging, Down

41. Dragging pastures also reduces selective grazing by reducing areas that are left un-grazed due to livestock avoiding grazing near manure piles

Dragging, Due

42. Chief responds: Mansfield Police 'looking into' video that shows officer Dragging handcuffed 17-year-old Several bystanders can be heard yelling at …


43. While it might sound complicated, Dragging the shutter is simply using a slower shutter speed than you normally would while using flash


44. 1 day ago · Dragging state prisons into the 21st century Criminal ‘justice’ shouldn’t end when the cell door closes for those with mental illness

Day, Dragging, Door

45. Dirty South Dragging Weights are designed to reduce those snags you find while Dragging baits for trophy catfish

Dirty, Dragging, Designed

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  • pull (someone or something) along forcefully, roughly, or with difficulty.
  • take (someone) to or from a place or event, despite their reluctance.
Synonyms: haul . pull . draw . tug . heave . trail . trawl . tow . hale .

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dragging mean?

verb (used with object), dragged, drag·ging. to draw with force, effort, or difficulty; pull heavily or slowly along; haul; trail: They dragged the carpet out of the house. to search with a drag, grapnel, or the like: They dragged the lake for the body of the missing man.

What does taking a drag mean?

take a drag. take a drag (on something) To inhale smoke from something, especially a cigarette. The detective took a drag on his last cigarette and then crushed the butt beneath his heel.

What is the adjective for dragging?

adjective extremely tired or slow, as in movement; lethargic; sluggish: He was annoyed by their dragging way of walking and talking. used in dragging, hoisting, etc.: dragging ropes.

What does such a drag mean?

a drag. A person, thing, or task that is tedious or boring. I don't know who invited this guy to the party. He is a such a drag! I know cleaning out the garage is a drag, but it has to be done.