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1. Downtime definition is - time during which production is stopped especially during setup for an operation or when making repairs

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2. How to use Downtime in a sentence.


3. Downtime synonyms, Downtime pronunciation, Downtime translation, English dictionary definition of Downtime

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4. The time during which a machine, especially a computer, is not working or is not able to be used: Slow download times, inadequate security and website Downtime can damage your business plan.

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6. Downtime applies to all of your Screen Time-enabled devices, and you get a reminder five minutes before it starts

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7. If you set a Screen Time passcode, Downtime includes an additional setting: Block At Downtime


8. When you choose this setting and you click Ask For More Time when Downtime starts, entering the passcode allows you to approve the app


9. Usually, Downtime is a few minutes at the start of a session or a break between major chapters of an adventure


10. As with exploration, you might punctuate Downtime with roleplaying or …


11. Downtime is a celebration of the joys of cooking well –and making it look easy while you do it, an aspirational guide for any cook ready to take their home cooking to the next level without sacrificing ease or enjoyment in the process

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12. Downtime Instrumentation The amount of time a device is nonoperational, due to failure, malfunction, servicing needs, or shutdown

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13. Equipment Downtime refers to the amount of time that equipment is not operating, whether that’s a result of unplanned equipment failure (like a fault or broken part) or planned Downtime (like necessary Downtime for preventive maintenance)


14. Typically, this term refers to unexpected Downtime that accumulates any time the production process stops.


15. What does Downtime mean? A period of time when one is not working or engaged in a planned activity

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16. Lot of things going on in Downtime, that made it a very enjoyable read for me : * Time-travel: Morgan Nash, an abrasive FBI agent, is sent to London on a case that almost gets him killed at the British Museum when a spell sends him back to…1888


17. Downtime is similar to checking in with your submissive during a scene

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18. Downtime, when used as a discovery tool, can be administered after a scene

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19. When using Downtime to discuss a heavy scene, the following day will be more appropriate than the day of.

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20. Downtime means that a system or service is not working at a given time


21. Downtime is also known as idle time.


22. I've been working all week, let's get a bottle of vodka and have some Downtime at my place


23. There was some Downtime on SlashDot earlier today, and thousands of nerds were later found dead, of self-inflicted stab wounds.

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24. Located in Kitty Hawk, 4073 - Downtime provides a private pool


25. Downtime is a period during which production or business processes come to a halt due to application unavailability, technical glitch, network outage or natural disaster

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26. During Downtime, a computer system, server or network is offline or unavailable, and employees are involuntarily unproductive — unable to conduct business or service clients.

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27. "Downtime" is the twelfth episode of the 2019 series ofThe Twilight Zoneand is the second episode of the second season


28. Downtime definition: In industry, Downtime is the time during which machinery or equipment is not operating

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29. Downtime - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

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30. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Downtime n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.: uncountable (time when non-operational): inactividad nf nombre femenino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino, que lleva los artículos la o una en singular, y las o unas en plural.

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31. " Downtime " is the eighth episode of the first season of Young Justice, and the eighth of the overall series.


32. Downtime (countable and uncountable, plural Downtimes) The amount of time lost due to forces beyond one's control, as with a computer crash

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33. Planned Downtime and unplanned Downtime


34. Downtime can occur for a variety of reasons


35. Planned Downtime happens when a machine or plant is scheduled to shut down.Typical reasons for planned Downtime include routine plant maintenance, equipment inspections, and part replacement.Maintenance and inspections can and should be a normal part of plant operations, as they play an important role in

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36. Server Downtime tracks the amount of time your organizations are offline for any reason


37. "Downtime" is a song written by Phillip Coleman and Carolyn Dawn Johnson, and recorded by American country music singer Jo Dee Messina.It was released in April 2001 as the third single from her album Burn.The song peaked at number 5 on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart and peaked at number 46 on the U.S

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38. Network routers, other network equipment, and online services may state their average Downtime to give customers an idea of the product or service's reliability


39. For example, a 1% or .1% Downtime guarantee lets the customer know that at most the …


40. Downtime time when a machine or COMPUTER is not operating correctly owing to machine failure or because the machine is being set up for the next work task (SET-UP TIME).Downtime in a factory can cause considerable loss of output and disruption to production schedules, and the aim of PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE is to minimize such Downtime

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42. Serenity: Downtime is a comic that was released by Dark Horse Comics on November 11, 2010 on the USA Today website as part of the Dark Horse: High Definition program

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43. Downtime was released in print as part of the Serenity Volume 2: Better Days and Other

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44. Downtime Lyrics: Outside / Lookin for some Downtime / Said that she want love / And the way she say it sounds nice / I like can’t keep up with you / I …


45. Downtime Workstations are established in pre-defined areas and updated throughout the day with information your staff has identified as necessary, providing secure access to the most recent patient information during both EHR and Network Downtime events.

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46. 3 synonyms of Downtime from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 14 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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47. The Downtime critical event index measures which equipment causes more Downtime to a system in a period of time


48. Thus such an index is related to the number of Downtimes and is a good tool for preventing plant shutdowns and helps to prioritize which equipment causes the most impact on plant in terms of amount of Downtime.

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49. Unplanned Downtime occurs when there is an unexpected shutdown or failure of equipment or process


50. Unplanned Downtime not only causes costly delays in maintenance, production schedules and order deliveries, but it also increases the chance of personnel injury, …

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51. What is the definition of Downtime? What is the meaning of Downtime? How do you use Downtime in a sentence? What are synonyms for Downtime?

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52. Book Downtime to be apart of your next event


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DOWNTIME [ˈdounˌtīm]

down time (noun) · downtime (noun) · downtimes (plural noun) · down-time (noun) · down-times (plural noun)

  • time during which a machine, especially a computer, is out of action or unavailable for use.
  • a time of reduced activity or inactivity.
Synonyms: interlude . entr'acte . break . recess . pause . rest . respite . breathing space . lull . gap . stop . stoppage . halt . cessation . suspension . stopping . pausing . discontinuation . interval . surcease .

Frequently Asked Questions

Is downtime one word or two?

To quote what i wrote a while ago: Here, i would use it as two words, since (to me at least) it has a slightly different semantic meaning. "Downtime" specifically refers to forced (bad) downtime, while "down time" is more relaxing. "Downtime" as one word is what happens when your computer goes offline.

What do you do during downtime?

Get some exercise during downtime. Get away from your desk and do something that will get you up and moving. A short walk is a proven method of boosting creativity, even if only in the short-term. Because we don’t have to devote much conscious effort to the act of walking, our attention is free to wander.

What's the difference between idle time and downtime?

The SMRP distinguishes between idle time and downtime with these definitions:

  • Idle time is the time in which an asset is either waiting to run or isn't scheduled to run.
  • Downtime is when the asset is incapable of running, either because of planned maintenance or an unplanned outage.
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    What is another word for downtime?

    Downtime means that a system or service is not working at a given time. The term is usually used in discussions about the provision of information technology systems or services. Downtime is also known as idle time.