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Looking for sentences with "Downslope"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Gradient 2. Incline 3. Angle 4. Slant 5. Inclination 6. Pitch 7. Decline 8. Ascent 9. Declivity 10. Acclivity 11. Rise 12. Fall 13. Downward 14. Upward 15. Upslope 16. Ramp 17. Rake 18. Tilt 19. Tip 20. Dip ...21. Camber 22. Cant 23. Bevel 24. Grade 25. Downgrade 26. Upgrade See more »
1. A downsloping demand curve for the various resources
2. Rainsplash washes elements downslope and reduces infiltration capacity by dispersing clay particles into the large interstices of the soil
3. Lee was on a downslope and it seemed absolutely impossible for him to finish close
4. downslope fairway Looks very tight but it's not
5. The downslope winds are cool
6. Going downslope is not time-consuming other people have helped you to fix the road but I choose to go upslope because my name is called proud
7. downslope dogleg right green is elevated and guarded by bunkers on both side
8. In the leeward slope downslope wind and bypass-hill airflow affected the atmospheric vertical motion which led the precipitation changes
9. Lowstand is characterized by basin margin downslope miscellaneous lithic turbidites and gravity flow is relatively less in shelf marginal systems
10. downslope variation of land degradation has been observed in the unreclaimed low mountain and hill regions of East China
11. downslope from the entry as the house bridges over the path is a covered porch then a bunkered patio and finally the lake edge itself with its restored wetland
12. downslope dogleg right bunkers are waiting at the landing area
13. Besides being steady and strong downslope winds can also be cold and the frigid wind over the ocean surface has helped form fresh sea ice in areas where older ice was blown out to sea
14. I follow the gentle downslope of Market Street toward the river
15. I got a wife we're passing each other on the downslope of a marriage my third because I spend all my time chasing guys like you around the block
16. Taking tillage erosion into consideration contour-tillage method obviously is superior to downslope tillage and trampling-shovel method is superior to hoe and shovel in downslope tillage
17. There are shales and sandstones which are marked by downslope in the continental basins and called the formation of polymict sandstonesentencedictcom
18. This weak cyclone can develop substantially and become a typical extratropical cyclone only when air from the lower stratosphere flows downslope along isentropic surfaces into the region of interest
19. In the previous album many people felt that Jay Chou did not have any breakthrough and was starting to go downslope he used such lyrics to indicate his heart's wishes
20. When evaporation was stopped during the process of soil water redistribution soil water would move downslope by gravity
21. This morning here occurred an accident in which a car slided downslope
22. The results show that the distribution of the velocity of shallow flow along the downslope show as waves but the straight line
23. The wave distribution of soil water along hillslope results from the fluctuation of overland flow upslope runoff infiltration and lateral downslope flow
24. downslope definition is - toward the bottom of a slope. Recent Examples on the Web As devastating fires sweep through parts of the region, the National Weather Service forecast an extreme Santa Ana event, with the dry, downslope flame-spreading winds expected to gust up to 80 miles an hour over the next 18 to 24 hours. — Jenny Vrentas,, "Defeat, Victory and a Brutal Loss: Eight Days
25. downslope variation of land degradation has been observed in the unreclaimed low mountain and hill regions of East China 11. downslope from the entry as the house bridges over the path is a covered porch then a bunkered patio and finally the lake edge itself with its restored wetland
26. 19 people chose this as the best definition of downslope: At or in the direction of See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
27. Of course, certain downslope angles may be too severe to allow for that without falling forward but try to match the slope with your shoulders up to the point where imbalance will become an issue. More on: Spine angle at address. Use One Less Club.
28. Define downslope. downslope synonyms, downslope pronunciation, downslope translation, English dictionary definition of downslope. n. A downward slope. adv. & adj. At or in the direction of a lower point on a slope. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
29. Upslope and downslope Use in Resistance Welding - David Steinmeier Introduction Upslope represents a controlled increase in the weld current, voltage, or power from a low level (L1) to a high level (L2). Upslope occurs before the Weld Period. downslope represents a controlled decrease in the
30. Is the downslope movement of rock and soil under the direct influence of gravity. Events that initiate downslope movement of rock and soil are called include heavy rains, slopes, removal of These can _and earthquakes. The cycle includes evaporation, the process by which liquid water changes into water vapor (gas), precipitation, and runoff; it
31. Avoiding the use of any type of chemical or biological septic tank additive. Inspecting the mound and downslope areas for odors, wet spots or surfacing sewage periodically. Check your mound system’s inspection pipes regularly to see if there is a liquid level continually greater than 6 inches. This may be an early indication of a problem.
32. Mass movements owing to downslope pull is called. shear stress. the steepest slope that an unconsolidated material can maintain is the material's. angle of repose. an over-steepened slope is. an angle greater than the angle of repose. addition of water to soil on slopes may.
33. The term "mass wasting" refers tot he improper use o Earth materials in a manner that is in conflict with the principles of conversation and environmental stewardship. F. remains intact. In cold climates freezing and thawing contribute to downslope soil movement. T. Landslides that take place underwater are called waterslides. T.
34. Why use downslope? because shutting off amps all at once leaves a crater eye. and sometimes a crack. It all depends on material type and thickness, application, shape of part, etc. but being able to taper off amperage is helpful. 3 tig welding techniques you can do with a torch switch: 1. quick
35. Upslope and downslope are simply the time taken to ramp up to your welding current (upslope) and the time taken to ramp down to either a crater fill or finish welding (downslope). They are usually adjustable and it depends on your preference for how long you want to ramp up and down.
36. Definition of downslope in the D dictionary. Meaning of downslope. What does downslope mean? Information and translations of downslope in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
37. All you have to do is set the upslope knob to 10 and the downslope knob to 10 , the start amps to 1 and the end amps to 1 and now instead of an on/off switch, you have an arc that starts at low amperage, takes several seconds to ramp up to the main amperage, and then when you let off the switch, the amperage decreases slowly before it finally
38. The biggest hurdles boil down to two main factors: the gradient of the slope and whether the lot is upslope or downslope. You can get a rough idea of how challenging a particular site will be to build on by its gradient rating. Less than 10% incline is considered slight and is the easiest to build on, while 11-20% is considered moderate.
39. The Downslope, Stanley Kubrick’s original screenplay written in 1956, is being developed as a feature trilogy with Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Monster’s Ball, World War Z) attached…
40. Synonyms for downslope in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for downslope. 6 synonyms for downslope: declivity, declination, declension, fall, decline, descent. What are synonyms for downslope?

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