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1. And while Dovecotes—or pigeonniers as they are known in France—may seem like a romantic architectural accessory to country houses, these structures had pragmatic origins.


2. Dovecotes synonyms, Dovecotes pronunciation, Dovecotes translation, English dictionary definition of Dovecotes

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3. Dovecotes are small openings that encouraged doves or pigeons to nest there so the occupants could catch and eat them and also use their droppings as fertilizer for their farms

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4. Sometimes Dovecotes were separate birdhouses, and other times there were incorporated into the gables of houses.


5. Dovecotes TMO is a company owned by its members, the tenants of the estate and is not-for-profit


6. Our Dovecotes will make a beautiful feature in your garden and provide a home for your wild garden birds as well as a variety of breeds of doves and pigeons

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7. We offer wall mounted traditional Dovecotes, pole mounted Dovecotes and bird houses and if you would like help to choose please feel free to call us.


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9. Dovecotes can be found all over southwest France and date back to the Middle Ages – These buildings (also called pigeonnier or colombiers) housed a family’s pigeons, which were essential for three things – Food (deliciousness), communication (no iPhones in the Middle Ages!), and fertilizer (poop).

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10. Our extensive range of Dovecotes offers a range of birdhouses suitable for a variety of different doves and pigeons including fantails, wood pigeons, turtle doves, collared doves, stock doves, rock doves etc

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11. Furnishing the Old-Fashioned Garden Three Centuries of American Summerhouses, Dovecotes, Privies, Pergolas, Fences & Birdhouses by May Hill DomesticBlissJRC

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12. The Dovecotes are finished with a code 3 lead cap formed over the apex of the roof and crowned with a regal finial


13. DMDovecotes is a small independent business established in 2009


14. We specialise in making handmade quality furniture, garden items and Dovecotes


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16. Dovecotes are specially constructed pigeon houses where pigeons were kept for a variety of purposes, but in the main as a source of food


17. Numerous examples of historic Dovecotes can be found at various sites all over the world, and modern Dovecotes are used to house racing pigeons and other hobby birds.


18. Dovecotes are structures designed to house pigeons or doves

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19. Dovecotes and Pigeons in English Law: Ancient Monuments Society V44, 2000: John McCann An Historical Enquiry into the Design and Use of Dovecotes, Ancient Monuments Society, V35, 1991 John McCann The Dovecotes of Rutland, Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, Volume 50, 2006, John McCann Scottish Dovecotes: G.A.G

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20. Idioms for dovecote flutter the Dovecotes, to cause a stir in a quiet or conservative institution or group:The flamboyant manner of the tourists fluttered the Dovecotes of the sleepy New England town.

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21. Dovecotes have been a feature of the British Read More CLIENT TESTIMONIALS


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23. There are 84 Dovecotes for sale on Etsy, and they cost CA$107.36 on average


24. The most common Dovecotes material is cotton



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26.Dovecotes for the time were a badge of the elite,” says John Verburg, a dovecote devotee and self-styled “Jane Goodall of pigeons.” During the reign of Elizabeth I, a pigeon tower was a

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27. Dovecotes family accommodation in Stanley Tasmania


28. Doves and Dovecotes 100%Brand new and high quality We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.Thank you! Shipping&Handling: All item are shipped from Delivered anywhere in UK via within 2 business days once full payment is settled.

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29. Dovecotes family accommodation in Stanley Tasmania


30. A good book is "Pigeons,Doves and Dovecotes" by Roberts and Galeavailable over Amazonnot expensive

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31. 1 The Dovecotes is a two storey, two bedroom property set on this popular and exclusive retirement complex for the 60yrs plus


32. Traditionally, Dovecotes would not fit on a pole


33. Traditionally Dovecotes would be sizeable structures


34. Apparently Ancient Egypt had examples of fortified Dovecotes


35. Tinos Dovecotes: The island of Tinos is famous for the many intricately designed Dovecotes found here

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37. The european Dovecotes depicted in this book, as well as the interesting writing of the authors, bears homage to the importance of the pigeon as food source and messenger in yesteryears

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DOVECOTES [ˈdəvˌkōt]


  • a shelter with nest holes for domesticated pigeons.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does dovecote mean?

Definition of dovecote 1 : a small compartmented raised house or box for domestic pigeons 2 : a settled or harmonious group or organization

What are some examples of dovecotes?

Examples include Château de Kerjean in Brittany, France, Houchin, France, Bodysgallen Hall in Wales, and Muchalls Castle and Newark Castle in Scotland . The presence of dovecotes is not noted in France before the Roman invasion of Gaul by Caesar.

What does flutter the dovecotes mean?

flutter the dovecotes, to cause a stir in a quiet or conservative institution or group: The flamboyant manner of the tourists fluttered the dovecotes of the sleepy New England town. .

What to do with Dovecotes in Scotland?

Aberdeen, Scotland," 13 Sep. 2017 Dilbeck would take creative liberties with mismatched chimneys, add dovecotes to the roofline, and insert turrets and cupolas discreetly into the facade — an idea that runs counter to contemporary use of turrets.