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1. In English grammar and morphology, Doublets are two distinct words derived from the same source but by different routes of transmission, such as poison and potion (both from the Latin potio, a drink)

Doublets, Distinct, Derived, Different, Drink

2. Also known as lexical Doublets and etymological twins.


3. Doublets Games A throw of two dice in which the same number of dots appears on the upper face of each

Doublets, Dice, Dots

4. Doublets were long-sleeved, often had standing neckbands and fastened at the centre front usually by means of lacing or buttons


5. Early Doublets were close fitting garments tailored to set off a man’s physique; they nipped in at the waist and had short skirts below.


6. Doublets are not common in Near Eastern prose because there is no Near Eastern prose, in the form of either history-writing or long fiction, prior to these biblical texts


7. In single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) experiments, Doublets are artifactual libraries generated from two cells


8. Doublets are obviously undesirable when the aim is to characterize populations at the single-cell level.


9. Doublet of Doublets Description: A doublet of Doublets (dd) is a pattern of up four lines that results from coupling to two protons (or other spin 1/2 nuclei)

Doublet, Doublets, Description, Dd

10. Doublets in the Bible "Doublet" is the term used to refer to instances in the Bible when the same story is told twice

Doublets, Doublet

11. Use your bible to compare the text of the 20 Doublets listed below


12. › Chill Out › Games & Riddles › Doublets Change only one letter per line to get from the first to the final word


13. Since Doublets are a combination of materials, there are always signs of multiple parts being glued together


14. Doublet exclusion is performed by plotting the height or width against the area for forward scatter or side scatter (Figure 27). Doublets will have double the area and width values of single cells whilst the height is roughly the same

Doublet, Doublets, Double

15. Therefore disproportions between height, width and area can be used to identify Doublets. Fig

Disproportions, Doublets

16. Australian Opal Doublets, Singles and Pairs Case (You Pick) Click for Close Up Pictures, Opal for Jewelry


17. Favorite Add to 6 pc Lot 12x10mm (3436) Siam Unfoiled Cushions Octagons Buff Top Doublets Vintage Glass Stones


18. Definition of Doublets in the dictionary

Definition, Doublets, Definitions, Dictionary

19. Information and translations of Doublets in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Doublets, Dictionary, Definitions

20. Most gem enthusiasts will recognize Doublets and triplets, especially the opal varieties


21. Doublets occurring between distinct cell types can appear as hybrid scRNA-seq profiles, but do not have distinct transcriptomes from individual cell states

Doublets, Distinct, Do

22. We introduce DoubletDecon, an approach that detects Doublets with a combination of deconvolution analyses and …

Doubletdecon, Detects, Doublets, Deconvolution

23. These repeats are sometimes called Doublets


24. However, Doublets are most often found in opal, since high quality precious opal is both very expensive and fragile


25. Our Renaissance Doublets, period jackets, and noblemen vests are made with great quality materials and workmanship that will make them a part of your wardrobe for years to come


26. Highland Band Doublets, Doublets, KILTS, JACKETS & ACCESSORIES FOR PIPE, POLICE & MILITARY BANDS:-Highland Band Doublets, Drummer Doublets : We carry an entire range of Doublets, kilts, jackets, spats, balmorals and other accessories for Highland, Scottish, Irish Pipe bands

Doublets, Drummer

27. Doublets are seemingly identical duplicative narratives of the same event, which source critics believe is one story told by two or three different authors living during different periods of time

Doublets, Duplicative, Different, During

28. Opal Doublets direct from the Opal mines ,we have all shapes and sizes for sale including oval Opal , round pear shape and freeform shape The top of the opal is solid but this natural crystal opal and is glued onto natural ironstone base The glue is very important a s you are bonding two different structures together so two part glue is used and other new technologies make

Doublets, Direct, Different

29. Doublet of Doublets: In NMR spectroscopy, a signal that is split into a doublet, and each line of this doublet split again into a doublet

Doublet, Doublets

30. A doublet of Doublets occurs when J ba > J bc

Doublet, Doublets

31. Opal Doublets are highly regarded as an inexpensive alternative to solid opals which are very expensive in larger sizes


32. What does Doublets mean? Plural form of doublet

Does, Doublets, Doublet

33. ‘Instead of Doublets and Elizabethan ruffs, we should have Gunne Sax frills and parachute pants.’ ‘He makes all the costumes for his models, including the elaborate armor and leather Doublets some of the women in his images sport.’ ‘He reached down and picked him up by his doublet, throwing him into a …

Doublets, Down, Doublet

34. Our Doublets, vests, and coats can be a large part of your Medieval and Renaissance wardrobes


35. A doublet of Doublets (dd) occurs when a hydrogen atom is coupled to two non-equivalent hydrogens.

Doublet, Doublets, Dd

36. These two Doublets, a 6.45 ct greenish yellow oval mixed cut and a 4.17 ct greenish yellow cushion mixed cut, contained a synthetic spinel crown and a synthetic sapphire pavilion


37. Doublets appear to be more effective and tolerable than single-agent therapy for treating elderly advanced NSCLC patients, and therefore could be considered as a treatment option for elderly populations with good physical status.


38. And we call this a doublet of Doublets, or a double doublet

Doublet, Doublets, Double

39. Mark 8: 1–9 is regarded as a doublet of the previous account of the feeding of the multitude.But when small units are repeated it is not always easy to know whether these are Doublets or deliberate repetitions for stylistic effect.

Doublet, Doublets, Deliberate

40. Jackets Doublets and Vests Whether you are dressing in historical, steampunk, or even gothic style, enhance any look with our jackets, Doublets, and vests

Doublets, Dressing

41. Doublets from incomplete dissociation can still be effectively detected provided that they are rare and that the singlet states are well represented in the data

Doublets, Dissociation, Detected, Data

42. Scrublet performs best in identifying Doublets formed between distinct parent

Doublets, Distinct

43. If there’s anything to be learned from legal Doublets, it’s that lawyers should think about what they are writing


44. Das Buch "The Modern Maker: Men's 17th Century Doublets" ist ein sehr umfangreiches Werk zum historisch korrekten Schneidern von Oberteilen des 17

Das, Doublets, Des

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47. These Scottish Doublets for Men are purely Handmade and shows the tradition in true manner.


48. Opal Doublets & Opal Triplets Opal Doublets & triplets are when an Opal has been combined with synthetic material


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DOUBLETS [ˈdəblət]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of doublets?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In etymology, two or more words in the same language are called doublets or etymological twins or twinlings (or possibly triplets, and so forth) when they have different phonological forms but the same etymological root. Often, but not always, the words entered the language through different routes.

How do doublets develop?

Doublets can develop in various ways, according to which route the two forms took from the origin to their current form. Complex, multi-step paths are possible, though in many cases groups of terms follow the same path.

What does the name doublet mean?

Doublet definition, a close-fitting outer garment, with or without sleeves and sometimes having a short skirt, worn by men in the Renaissance. See more.

What does doubleting mean?

Printing. an unintentional repetition in printed matter or proof. doublets, a throw of a pair of dice in which the same number of spots turns up on each die. Jewelry. a counterfeit gem made of two pieces, either of smaller gemstones, inferior stones, or glass. Compare imitation doublet, triplet (def 6).

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