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 · Product Title Office Rubber Anti-slip Wedge Door Stopper Doorstops Average rating: 2.3 out of 5 stars, based on 3 reviews 3 ratings Current Price $8.91 $ …

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5. Identifying value, size and foundry for antique Doorstops


6. Whether you need them for an area of an office building, a school, a business or an industrial environment, Doorstops make it easy to allow people to access spaces without having to constantly open the door.

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7. Most of our Doorstops and door bumpers are available in up to 10 different finish colors including oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished chrome, satin chrome, and polished brass

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8. We also offer a wide selection of decorative traditional designs as well as contemporary stainless steel Doorstops

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 · Floor door stops function similarly as spring Doorstops by acting as a barrier between the door and the wall, just from the floor rather than the baseboard

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10. Doorstops made in Scandinavian Style Design matt oilcloth fabrics

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11. Antique cast iron figures of various breeds of Dogs Doorstops

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12. Rubber Doorstops – symbols of durability By Isabella Emily / August 25, 2020 Rubber Doorstops - symbols of durability! seems overstated, but believe me it isn't!

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13. Simple yet brilliant! One thing to note for wall/skirting mounted Doorstops is the size of projection.


14. Doorstops on eBay come in different shapes or designs, and you may want to choose a model that suits your personal taste or matches the decor of your home

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15. Quirky Doorstops that make a striking addition to your home



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 · Find Doorstops at Staples and shop by desired features and customer ratings.

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17. The Doorstops Established in 2012 by 2 men and a Kevin, The Doorstops were formed in Adrian, MI


18. Novelty Doorstops are not only an extremely useful home accessory but also add some fun to your home interior


19. You'll love our decorative accents, decorative accessories and Doorstops from around the world

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20. Get the best deals on Doorstops Antique Metalware when you shop the largest online selection at

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21. Doorstops are easy to make! See 10 of my own makeshift door stoppers using everyday household items, 7 DIY door stop tutorials from other clever people, …

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22. Doorstops comes in packs of 2; Add To Cart Add To Cart Add To Cart


23. Formally-produced Doorstops trace their history to the 18th century in Europe, becoming widely manufactured in Europe in the early 19th century.By the mid 19th century, manufacturing had primarily moved to the United States


24. At 1stDibs, there are several options of hubley Doorstops available for sale


25. The range of distinct hubley Doorstops — often made from iron and metal — can elevate any home

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26. There are all kinds of hubley Doorstops available, from those produced as long ago as the 19th Century to those made as recently as the 20th Century.


27. Iron Doorstops were introduced in the early 19th century, which ultimately led to the popularity of Hubley door stops

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 · Order Doorstops today! Get essential office supplies fast with free 2-3 day shipping, plus daily deals, coupons and gifts with purchase.

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 · Rubber Anti-slip Wedge Door Stopper Doorstops Protector Color 2pcs - White

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30. I had looked around unsuccessfully for short Doorstops to mount on the baseboards adjacent to several doors

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 · Protect walls from accidental door knob collisions with the Bulldog Hardware Self Adhesive Soft Dome Doorstops

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32. Decorative Doorstops Sturbridge Yankee Workshop features a fun and versatile array of decorative door stops to display in your country home

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33. Doorstops on eBay come in different shapes or designs, and you may want to choose a model that suits your personal taste or matches the decor of your home

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34. Doorstops are simply heavy objects used to hold a door open

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DOORSTOPS [ˈdôrstäp]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does doorstop mean?

Definition of doorstop 1 : a usually rubber-tipped device attached to a wall or floor to prevent damaging contact between an opened door and the wall 2 : a device (such as a wedge or weight) for holding a door open

What is the difference between doorstop and Sandwich?

Sandwich vs Doorstop - What's the difference? is that sandwich is a dish or foodstuff where two or more slices of bread serve as the wrapper or container of some other food while doorstop is any device or object used to halt the motion of a door, as a large or heavy object, a wedge, or some piece of hardware fixed to the floor, door or wall.

What does doorstepped mean?

doorstep noun [ C ] (STEP) › a step in front of an outside door: › UK a very thick piece of bread › [ T often passive ] disapproving If you are doorstepped by journalists, they come to your house and ask you to speak or answer questions, even if you do not want them to:

What is a doorstop in English?

English Language Learners Definition of doorstop : an object that is attached to a wall or the floor to prevent a door from hitting and damaging the wall : something (such as a wedge or weight) that is used to hold a door open

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