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1. Noun the support of the military was bought with a large Donative to a couple of well-placed generals regarded her annual bonus as a just recompense for her job performance and not as some corporate Donative


2. Word Origin for Donative C15: from Latin dōnātīvum donation made to soldiers by a Roman emperor, from dōnāre to present Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © …

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3. Donative synonyms, Donative pronunciation, Donative translation, English dictionary definition of Donative

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4. Donative Sentence Examples He hastened to propitiate the former by a Donative of twice the usual amount, and excused his hasty acceptance of the throne to the senate by alleging the impatient zeal …


5. Donative Relating to the gratuitous transfer of something as in the nature of a gift


6. A Donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another


7. Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


8. Donative intent refers to the conscious desire to make a gift

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9. The following is an example of a caselaw on Donative Intent: To have a valid gift there must be both Donative intent and delivery of the subject matter.

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10. Overview The phrase “Donative intent”refers to an individual’s conscious desire to make a gift, which must be distinguished from gifts given by mistake or under pressure

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11. A conditional Donative promise is a Donative promise where the promisor intends to give a gift to the promisee but only after the promisee fulfills a condition that the promisor sets out


12. Donative (comparative more Donative, superlative most Donative) Being or relating to a donation.

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13. Donative brings to life again those who are spiritually dead Donative charity organization for every children who are living Lorem ipsum dolor consectetur adipiing elit ipsum dolor consecte

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14. Donative - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

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15. Donative definition: a gift or donation Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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16. TenmfoTt) was a kind of Donative, he coming in with - out inftitution and indtl&ion, and that the prcfentable parfonage does not commence till after him, by the words of the ftatute j and that in cafe of a Donative, the pro - motion of the incumbent does not make a ccfiion.

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17. Donative trusts are trusts that establish a gift of a beneficial interest in property for a beneficiary


18. Most of the trusts are Donative trusts


19. Donative trusts are also called gratuitous trust.


20. Donative (don-[schwa]-tiv ordoh-n[schwa]-tiv), adj

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21. Of, relating to, or characterized by a donation (a Donative transfer)

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22. Subject to a donation ( an advowson Donative).

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23. A Donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another.


24. Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


25. Donative Donative adj 1: having the character of a donation [a transfer] 2: of or relating to donation [ intent] [ capacity]

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26. Donative Transfer means any transfer of an Option made for Donative purposes or without the payment or receipt by or on behalf of the Optionee of any cash, property or other consideration.For purposes of this Section 2.13, neither an Optionee’s receipt of or eligibility for a deduction, credit or similar allowance for federal or state income tax or estate tax purposes nor the transferee’s

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27. Definition of Donative in the dictionary

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28. What does Donative mean? Information and translations of Donative in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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29. A Donative trust is the conveyance of property in trust set up as a gift from one person to another.


30. Donative intent is the intent to give something as a gift.


31. (a) A Donative transfer is not subject to Section 21380 if the instrument is reviewed by an independent attorney who counsels the transferor, out of the presence of any heir or proposed beneficiary, about the nature and consequences of the intended transfer, including the effect of the intended transfer on the transferor’s heirs and on any


32. The Florida Supreme Court heard a Family Law case on the distribution of property in a marriage where a prenuptial agreement was in place and a party claimed Donative intent to demand a property interest not granted to them in the prenup.

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33. Central to South Asian Donative epigraphy is the concept of dana (‘gift’ or ‘giving’) to individuals and religious groups, possibly in a symbiotic exchange for ritual or poetic services, or simply just for religious/spiritual merit

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34. Donative promissory relationships by mitigating the risk that the promised gift will be perceived as a carrot to conform to the promisor’s wishes


35. In contrast to the standard doctrinal and philosophical position, this Article thus argues that enforcing a variety of Donative promises—even in

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37. Simple Donative Promise Simple Donative Promise; Simple Donative Promise Definition

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38. Donative - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

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39. Principal Translations: Inglés: Español: Donative n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.: rare (formal donation): donativo nm nombre masculino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente masculino, que lleva los artículos el o un en singular, y los o unos en plural

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40. (7) Whether Donative transfers to care custodians should be invalid if the transferor executes the instrument making the Donative transfer within a given period after the relationship between the donor and the care custodian begins.

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41. Does Donative intent of the transferor in a sale of property need to exist before he can be subject to donor’s tax? Is it an essential requisite of donation? Under the Civil Code, donation is defined as an act of liberality whereby a person disposes gratuitously of a thing or right in favor of another […]

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42. Donative Holiday Cottages, A pair of brand new barn conversions strategically located for accessing the Midlands with scenic views to enjoy from very comfortable accommodation.They are based at Donative


43. Donative Transfer Restrictions - Study L-622


44. Pursuant to AB 2034 (Spitzer), enacted as Chapter 215 of the Statutes of 2006, the Commission conducted a study of the operation and effectiveness of the provisions of the Probate Code restricting Donative transfers to certain classes of individuals


45. Donative – A Donation Based WordPress Theme

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46. Donative promises that have not been relied upon, are not based on a preexisting moral obligation to compensate for a past benefit, and are made between individuals who are in an affective relationship, such as family or friendship, are referred to in this book as simple Donative promises


47.Donative transfer” also seems consistent with the Legislature’s attempt to protect vulnerable members of the public, i.e., under this reading the statute is broader because there is a presumption of fraud and undue influence whenever an individual listed in section 21380


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DONATIVE [ˈdōnədiv, ˈdänədiv]

donative (noun) · donatives (plural noun)

  • a donation, especially one given formally or officially as a largesse.
Synonyms: grant . allowance . endowment . contribution . donation . bursary . gift . present . investment . bestowal . benefaction . allocation . allotment . handout . backing . support . aid . assistance . charity . relief . sponsorship . finance . funding . subvention . alms .

donative (adjective)

  • given as a donation.
  • (of a benefice) given directly, not presentative.