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1. Dominates synonyms, Dominates pronunciation, Dominates translation, English dictionary definition of Dominates

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2. 10 synonyms of Dominates from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 35 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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4. Dominate: 1 v be in control “Her husband completely Dominates her” Types: overbear overcome possess enter into and control, as of emotions or ideas Type of: act upon , influence , work have and exert influence or effect v be greater in significance than Synonyms: eclipse , overshadow Type of: brood , bulk large , hover , loom hang over, as of

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5. Synonyms for Dominates include controls, rules, directs, governs, subjugates, commands, domineers, influences, masters and tyrannises

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6. The node that Dominates all other nodes in a tree, and is itself dominated by none, is called the root node

Dominates, Dominated

7. In other words, if A Dominates B, and if B Dominates C, then it is necessarily the case that A Dominates C


8. An ‘Old Men’s Club’ Dominates Japan


9. 7 Maryland Dominates Iowa to repeat as tourney champ


10. The shadow university, with its shadow curriculum, Dominates freshman orientation, residential programming, extracurricular student life, the promulgation of codes, and regulations, and the administration of what passes, on our campuses, for justice.


11. China has only 1 percent of the world’s cobalt reserves, but it Dominates in the processing of raw cobalt


12. As public health Dominates public conversation, Brown receives record number of MPH applications


13. Netflix Dominates Golden Globes, Ushering in New Era for Streaming The streaming pioneer cemented its place in streaming history.


14. China Dominates Pentagon chief's first India visit AFP Published March 20, 2021 - Updated March 20, 2021 12:58pm


15. Water Polo Dominates in Win Over SJSU


16. Gophers' heavyweight Gable Steveson Dominates his way to NCAA title Gable Steveson fulfilled his long-held goal of an NCAA championship by defeating Michigan's Mason Parris 8-4

Dominates, Defeating

17. Orange Dominates La Mirada with explosive passing attack QB Daylen Pedroza has a career-high 441 passing yards and 5 TDs as the Panthers dominate the Matadores 40-9

Dominates, Daylen, Dominate

18. Twins’ bullpen Dominates Rays in 2-1 win Despite the Twins’ batting order struggling early for the second instance in as many days, they mustered enough power to score runs in consecutive innings.

Dominates, Despite, Days

19. Around the state leagues: Axed Crow Dominates, Sun's Grand Final heroics


20. Atletico Madrid player ratings: Kante Dominates, Pulisic gets assist; Suarez, Felix struggle The Blues went through to the Champions League quarterfinals with another win over Atleti


21. Garza Dominates, but Ducks rout Iowa to continue Pac-12's perfect run George Bremer

Dominates, Ducks

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DOMINATES [ˈdäməˌnāt]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word dominate mean?

Definition of dominate. transitive verb. 1 : rule, control an empire that dominated the world. 2 : to exert the supreme determining or guiding influence on the ambition that has dominated his life. 3 : to overlook from a superior elevation or command because of superior height or position a hill that dominates the town.

What does the name dominate mean?

to control, rule, or govern (someone or something) to tower above (surroundings, etc); overlook (tr; usually passive) to predominate in (something or someone) Derived forms of dominate

What does being dominated mean to you?

Being dominated is, in a sense, a release of control to another person. It is a state of submission to another persons will. It is not abuse, it is not pain. The thrill a "top" gets out of domination is a sense of control over the "bottom".

What does dominated mean in sentence?

1 Have a commanding influence on; exercise control over. 'the company dominates the market for operating system software'. More example sentences. 'A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world's three most advanced and economically productive regions.'. 'And humans do not attain lasting joy by power grabbing, dominating others, or heaping up public acclaim.'.

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