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1. Welcome to Doffers Pizzeria Hand tossed pizza, always fresh never frozen ingredients.


2. Online Menu of Doffers Pizzeria Restaurant, Belmont, North Carolina, 28012 - Zmenu Due to Covid-19, restaurant open hours and service may differ

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3. Doffers sometimes also doubled as sweepers, a job that included sweeping up the cotton lint in between the doffing runs, but in larger factories, these were two separate jobs (Hindman, 161)

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4. Boys were most often chosen as Doffers probably because they did not possess the patience of young girls.

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5. Doffers Collective noun- a group renound for consumption of jiggas. "Those guys are such Doffers - they spent all night knocking back jiggas of Chivas " by Long Schl0ng S1lver April 14, 2019


6. Online Menu of Doffers Canteen Restaurant, Cramerton, North Carolina, 28032 - Zmenu Due to Covid-19, restaurant open hours and service may differ

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7. A doffing cylinder, also called doffing roller or commonly just doffer is a component used in textile mills to remove fiber from the main cylinder of a card, on which the fibers have been straightened and aligned. The main cylinder of the card will have one or two Doffers that comb and remove the fiber.

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8. Polyurethane offers higher abrasion resistance, and as such, is the perfect application for polyurethane Doffers for cotton harvesting and processing


9. Simply put, Poly-Tek makes superior polyurethane Doffers


10. Spinners and Doffers, Lancaster Cotton Mills, S.C


11. Definition of Doffers in the dictionary

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12. What does Doffers mean? Information and translations of Doffers in the most comprehensive …

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13. receives about 128,178 unique visitors per day, and it is ranked 35,869 in the world


14. uses Bootstrap, CloudFlare, Font Awesome, Google

15. Some of the Doffers in the Washington Cotton Mills, Fries, Va


16. Media in category "Doffers" The following 59 files are in this category, out of 59 total


17. High speed Doffers for spinning machines


18. The IGH Doffers work for all kind of winders and for all type of yarn, like POY, FDY, BCF, HTY, Carbon fibre, Glass fibres, and others


19. Group of Doffers and sweepers in Cabarrus Mill, Concord, N.C


20. Hine. Doffers, Willingham Cotton Mill, Macon, Georgia


21. Title Doffers in Cherryville Mfg


22. Then, counter-rotating Doffers pull the seed-cotton off of the spindles


23. First, the rubber Doffers wore too quickly


24. Second, the black fragments that wore off the rubber Doffers contaminated the white cotton harvest.


25. "Young Doffers in a Vermont cotton mill, August 1910" The New York Public Library Digital Collections.1905.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does doffer mean?

Definition of doffer. 1a : a small roller usually covered with wire teeth used to strip material from another roller or cylinder on textile machinery especially : a roller on a carding machine. b : a machine or device for doffing bobbins.

What does Doff mean?

The word “doff” means to remove. In a textile mill, machines spin yarn from a large bobbin or spindle. These run out of yarn (often a few times an hour) and a doffer is needed to remove the empty bobbin and replace them with new ones.

How many doffers were in a factory?

Between ten and twelve boys could handle a factory with about ten thousand throstle spindles, depending on the amount of yarn being spun. The doffers were usually the sons of poor people, and were small and skinny. They were sometimes called "The Devil's Own" for the tricks that they would get up to.

What is the history of doffers in Canada?

An 1889 Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Relations of Capital and Labor in Canada recorded a statement by the assistant superintendent of St. Croix Cotton Mills in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. He said the mill employed some young boys around fifteen years old as doffers, but the average doffer was aged thirty.