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See also: Docudrama Documentation Documentary Documents Documented Docuseries Documenting Document Documentarian To Generate

1. 38 synonyms and near synonyms of Docudramas from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus


2. Find another word for Docudramas.


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4. The Top 10 Docudramas of All Time; The Top 20 Docudramas of All Time; The Top 50 Docudramas of All Time; The Top 100 Docudramas of All Time; The Top 250 Docudramas of All Time; The Best Horror Movies Of the 1980s; The Best Science Fiction Movies of 1977; The Best Comedy Movies Of the 2000s; The Most Recently Released Movies; The Most Recently


5. Docudramas are distinct from historical fiction, in which the historical setting is a mere backdrop for a plot involving fictional characters

Docudramas, Distinct

6. Science Docudramas‎ (30 P) Pages in category "Docudramas" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total


7. Chloé Zhao’s authentic, tender Docudramas of the American West


8. This unique collection of period pieces and Docudramas transports us back in time to experience important historical events and personalities that drove them.

Docudramas, Drove

9. While documentaries primarily involve the formation of perceptual beliefs, Docudramas invite us to form nonperceptual beliefs by primarily involving the formation of perceptual imaginings

Documentaries, Docudramas

10. That is why Docudramas are not documentaries.

Docudramas, Documentaries

11. Twelve Best Docudramas Podcasts For 2021


12. Docudramas of litigation is diligent legal analysis and informed decisionmaking throughout the various phases of any project's production

Docudramas, Diligent, Decisionmaking

13. Producing Docudramas The idea for a docudrama may come from a newspaper article,19 magazine story,2' television news report,21 historical event,22 celebrity's

Docudramas, Docudrama

14. ‘The documentary features and Docudramas produced and telecast turned out to be immensely beneficial to the student community.’ ‘During the Science Film Festival, documentaries and Docudramas on scientists and science-related subjects are being screened.’

Documentary, Docudramas, During, Documentaries

15. Docudramas synonyms, Docudramas pronunciation, Docudramas translation, English dictionary definition of Docudramas

Docudramas, Dictionary, Definition

16. Docudramas are different from historical fiction, which uses a historical event as the theme or backdrop of an otherwise fictional tale

Docudramas, Different

17. Docudramas are usually shown Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


18. Docudramas Introduction I have given many statistics about democide on this website and in my Democratic Peace blog

Docudramas, Democide, Democratic

19. Docudrama (plural Docudramas) A type of drama (a film, a television show, or a play) that combines elements of documentary and drama, to some extent showing real events and to some extent using actors performing recreations of documented events

Docudrama, Docudramas, Drama, Documentary, Documented

20. The main accounts of the documentary in contemporary analytic aesthetics have difficulties in dealing with the distinction between documentaries and Docudramas

Documentary, Difficulties, Dealing, Distinction, Documentaries, Docudramas

21. On the one hand, the assertion‐based accounts proposed by Noël Carroll, Trevor Ponech, and Carl Plantinga cannot properly differentiate documentaries from Docudramas.

Differentiate, Documentaries, Docudramas

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23. What are synonyms for Docudramas?


24. Docudramas costumam ter como características: Foco em fatos; Casting de atores

Docudramas, De

25. Produtores de Docudramas buscam por atores parecidos fisicamente com seus personagens históricos

De, Docudramas

26. Nomes reais dos personagens históricos, característica que permite diferenciar Docudramas de ficções.

Dos, Diferenciar, Docudramas, De

27. Docudramas have frequently been the source of litigation disputes

Docudramas, Disputes

28. As documentary films increase in popularity and Docudramas pop up on the small screen, it’s a good time to question the difference between the two

Documentary, Docudramas, Difference

29. Her music for award-winning Docudramas like The Imposter and American Animals, and features like Calibre, showcased her instinctive sense of direction and pace in navigating the suspenseful unveiling of truths

Docudramas, Direction

30. Historical romances and Docudramas • Mixture of imagined events and conclusions based on investigation Historical Truth and True Understanding of the Past • One can debate which of these genres provides the most truthful history • Most would argue that it is scholarly journal articles and books • However, this does not mean that

Docudramas, Debate, Does

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DOCUDRAMAS [ˈdäkyəˌdrämə]

Frequently Asked Questions

What does docudrama mean?

docu· dra· ma

Is docufiction the same as docudrama?

As a portmanteau, docudrama is sometimes confused with docufiction. However, unlike docufiction—which is essentially a documentary filmed in real time, incorporating some fictional elements—docudrama is filmed at a time subsequent to the events portrayed.

What are some examples of docudramas?

Examples of a Docudrama 1 Cathy Come Home (1966) 2 Brian’s Song (1971) 3 Roots (1977) 4 Everybody’s Baby: The Rescue of Jessica McClure (1989) 5 Apollo 13 (1995) 6 A Mighty Heart (2007) More ...

Is docudrama a real life?

Though the word 'drama' stirs up the element of fiction in the minds of viewers, and the word 'documentary' stirs up an image of something that is totally unrelated to drama, a docudrama is actually a dramatic representation of real-life events. It is generally portrayed through films, theater, television, and the radio.

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