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1. Divisive definition is - creating disunity or dissension

Divisive, Definition, Disunity, Dissension

2. How to use Divisive in a sentence.


3. Divisive: adjective bisected , causing disagreement , causing disassociation , causing disjunction , causing separaaion, cleavable , creating dissension , creating

Divisive, Disagreement, Disassociation, Disjunction, Dissension

4. Divisive definition, forming or expressing division or distribution

Divisive, Definition, Division, Distribution

5. Divisive: 1 adj dissenting (especially dissenting with the majority opinion) Synonyms: dissentious , factious discordant not in agreement or harmony

Divisive, Dissenting, Dissentious, Discordant

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7. Divisive definition: Something that is Divisive causes unfriendliness and argument between people

Divisive, Definition

8. The Divisive person ends distracting the church from the mission of making disciples because time and energy is used up in endless squabbles

Divisive, Distracting, Disciples

9. The Divisive person keeps people from experiencing the joy of unity and fellowship with others in the church


10. What The Divisive Person Needs To Know


11. For Divisive D reorganizations, control means ownership of at least 80% of the total voting stock and at least 80% of the total number of shares of all other classes of stock (Sec


12. Apparently, Titus and the church he served on Crete were beset by Divisive persons, and it may even be that the leaders were uncertain as to how long they should put up with the troublers, which would explain why Paul gives the instructions he does in Titus 3:10–11

Divisive, Does

13. Consequently, pronounce “Divisive” and “divisible” with a short “i” in the second syllable,and “indivisible” with a short “i” in the third syllable

Divisive, Divisible

14. I’m British and can say that from my experience (54 years) the short ‘i’ Divisive is a relatively recent phenomenon in Britain.


15. Another word for Divisive: disruptive, unsettling, alienating, troublesome, controversial Collins English Thesaurus

Divisive, Disruptive

16. The “Divisive concept” portion of the text of the bill reads: (a) One race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex; (b) The state of New Hampshire or the United States is fundamentally racist or sexist; (c) An individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or


17. ‘It is the most Divisive issue in British politics and has been for over a decade.’ ‘The bottom line is that the IFA is content to avoid what it considers to be a Divisive issue.’ ‘They are difficult, Divisive issues, but they can not be avoided any longer.’

Divisive, Decade, Difficult

18. Throughout the election season, the Democratic contenders and mainstream media paired denunciations of white Americans' racism with the claim that Donald Trump was the racially Divisive candidate

Democratic, Denunciations, Donald, Divisive

19. “Dark and Divisive.” Over the weekend, both the New York Times and the Washington Post used those words to describe President Trump’s Friday evening speech at Mount Rushmore

Dark, Divisive, Describe

20. The Times ’s top story on the event used “Divisive” or “division” six times, if you include the headline, a photo caption, and a quote from a spokesperson for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Divisive, Division

21. Antonyms for Divisive include combinative, unifying, combinatorial, combinatory, uncontroversial, noncontroversial, agreeable, uncontentious, accepted and


22. Examples of Divisive in a sentence


23. The Divisive proposal split the committee into two opposing sides


24. 🔊 Since the candidates are attacking each other with such fervor, this political battle is going to result in one of the most Divisive elections ever


25. 🔊 The Civil War was the most Divisive American war because it ripped the country apart


26. “Someone like Rahm Emanuel would be a pretty Divisive pick,” Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told the New York Times


27. One of the major arguments that the right wing uses to condemn campus boycotts of Israel, for example, is the idea that those campaigns are “Divisive,” whereas conservatives want to unite the


28. A Divisive selfishness had emerged in the late 1960s that had begun to dominate the body politic

Divisive, Dominate

29. The migration rights of unmarried partners is a deeply Divisive issue

Deeply, Divisive

30. Glenn Beck admits his Divisive language and outlandish conspiracy …


31. Definition of Divisive in the dictionary

Definition, Divisive, Definitions, Dictionary

32. What does Divisive mean? Information and translations of Divisive in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions

Does, Divisive, Dictionary, Definitions

33. Comparing Divisive to division is confusing the issue

Divisive, Division

34. Those who divide are Divisive, those who decide are decisive, etc

Divide, Divisive, Decide, Decisive

35. It’s no coincidence that introducing politics into a corporation has a Divisive and destabilizing influence, but poor leadership has the same effect, breeding political infighting and discord.

Divisive, Destabilizing, Discord

36. The “Divisive concepts” in the bill are a reference to CRT, which underpins many of these trainings that are often compulsory


37. At an incredibly Divisive point in pop history, Donna Summer managed to create an undeniable across-the-board experience of mass pleasure - after 'Bad Girls,' nobody ever tried claiming disco sucked again

Divisive, Donna, Disco

38. GOP senators facing reelection in 2022 keep mum on McConnell amid Divisive fight with Trump


39. His challengers have highlighted his earlier missteps in combatting the virus, his ongoing corruption trial, and his reliance on Divisive religious and ultra-nationalist allies


40. Divisive, demoralizing bots are winning, so big tech needs to think bigger Facebook and Twitter are stuck playing whack-a-mole against inauthentic accounts

Divisive, Demoralizing

41. Trump's 'dark and Divisive' rhetoric energizes base but risks losing moderate voters

Dark, Divisive

42. Utah governor signs Divisive measure to require porn filters Jeffrey D


43. New Home Office asylum seeker plans condemned as 'Divisive' and 'won't stop illegal crossings' Last year, more than 8,500 people arrived in the UK by crossing the Channel in small boats and the


44. It is a call for secession and it remains Divisive


45. Divisive political speech at work can easily cross over into claims of discrimination (e.g

Divisive, Discrimination

46. The festival remains a Divisive one


47. Divisive, demoralizing bots are winning, so big tech needs to think bigger Victor Benjamin 2 days ago Growing number of states make vaccines more widely available; Navajo Nation reports zero cases

Divisive, Demoralizing, Days

48. The Most Divisive Movies Of The Decade

Divisive, Decade

49. The 2010s have seen a number of Divisive movies, whether it was a film critics loved but audiences hated, vice versa, or a fandom destroying debate.

Divisive, Destroying, Debate

50. Why We Are Addicted to Divisive Politics


51. Divisive Discourse points to America’s news media as one reason for the increase in polarization

Divisive, Discourse

52. Israeli election seen as referendum on Divisive Netanyahu


53. President Donald Trump delivered another deeply Divisive speech to mark Independence Day on Saturday, comparing the US's fight against Nazis and terrorists to his efforts to defeat "the radical

Donald, Delivered, Deeply, Divisive, Day, Defeat

54. The psychology that explains how Trump's Divisive rhetoric won


55. With a following of 15 million and a Divisive style of mockery, grievance and denigrating language, he was a force in reshaping American conservatism.

Divisive, Denigrating

56. The Divisive ones are those who mix the Bible with secular views and refuse to heed the call to return to the clear teachings in the Bible


57. Wasn’t Jesus Divisive? Some have claimed, based on the following passages, that Jesus was Divisive


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